Are Birds Eating All Of Your Crops

How to Prevent Birds from Eating all your Crops

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Crops are a farmer’s livelihood. And when birds come and eat all the crops, this can be devastating for a family living on their farm. But what if we told you that there is something you could do to stop these pesky birds from eating your crops? Would you want to know more? 

This blog post is going to teach you how to protect your crops from hungry birds. Don’t let them steal away your hard work with no punishment in sight. Read on for some helpful tips.

Are Birds Eating All Of Your Crops

A Guide to Protecting your Crops from Birds

Plant crops in the spring not in the summer

If you plant your crops right before summer, then you are going to have trouble with birds and their hungry tummies. Birds like to eat fruit that is ripe off of a vine. If the fruit is ripe when they swoop by, then chances are high that they will be tempted and decide to stop for a tasty meal.  If you plant your crops in spring, then the fruit will be less juicy and won’t be as appealing to the birds.  

Plant some non-edible plants in your garden

If you plant a bunch of flowers in your garden, then chances are high that the birds will want to eat them and not your precious crops. But be sure to put a little bit of birdseed by these flowers so that they get used to eating there first. If they stop coming for that food, then you know that these plants are off-limits.

Harass the birds

An idea that a lot of gardeners use is to harass the birds. The best way to do this is to scare them away with something like a flashlight, or even loud music. These tactics will make the birds think you’re going to come after them if they don’t take off right away, and it may help scare them away for good. 

Use scarecrows and other methods to keep birds away

If you don’t like the idea of planting in spring, then consider using scarecrows to keep birds away. Birds are skittish around strange-looking objects. These small things may look silly and insignificant, but they can definitely be effective if you set them up correctly.

The type of bird that is eating your crops depends on where you live. You may have to experiment with different scarecrows to see what works best for you and your area. 

There are many other methods that will keep birds out of your crops for a long time. One of the most popular is using a laser pointer or laser spotlight. They see these types of lights as a warning and tend to stay away from them when they see them. 

Spraying a repellent will also work wonders if you want to keep birds out of your crops and get more yield per acreage.

Protect your seeds with netting

Seeds are a farmer’s greatest investment. If you plant your crops too early, then birds can easily swoop in and eat all the seeds before they’ve even had a chance to grow. To prevent this from happening, make sure to wrap each seed with plastic or protective netting for them to germinate safely. 

Hang wind chimes on your property to deter birds from nesting there

Birds will think twice when it comes to camping out on your property. If you own a farm, then try hanging wind chimes all over your land. The clanging noise is loud enough to drive away unwanted birds from entering your territory. Don’t ring them in the morning, though; that can scare off nearby wildlife and wake up the neighbors.

Make sure your garden is elevated, so birds can’t land on top of it 

When you create your garden, consider building a slightly raised platform. Birds will not try to enter the area if they don’t think that there is an easy access point into it. 

Cover your plants with netting, cages, or a plastic tarp when they are growing near bird-heavy areas 

If you live in an area that is popular for birds to nest in, then it’s best to take action now before they start. You can place a net over your growing crops to ward off any unwanted visitors that try to eat away at your hard work. Having bird nets and trapping cages ready beforehand will also ensure that the crop doesn’t get any damage by catching the birds before they can start eating.

Install an electric fence around your garden so that it’s not accessible for birds at all times of day 

Bird fencing is a great investment to make if you want to keep animals out. All you have to do is turn on the power and they won’t be able to get near your crops without getting electrocuted in their tracks. The electric fence can also come in handy when other animals or enemies try to invade your lands, like burglars or trespassers.

If you want to prevent any unwanted visitors from coming near your crops, then it’s best to have a fence up just in case they try anything funny. 

fence around your garden

Surround your garden with something tall like a hedge or tree line that will block any potential access for birds

If you don’t own any land that is surrounded by tall grass or trees, then consider planting some yourself. The noise of the chirping and rustling leaves will help keep birds away from your crops. If you plant them around the edge of your garden, then there won’t be any way for birds to get clear access to it.

With all of the information that we have provided, you should be able to decide whether or not birds are eating your crops and what steps you need to take in order to resolve this problem. If there is anything else that you would like for us to cover on this topic, please let us know!. We want our audience members to be as informed about their agricultural needs as possible so they can make an educated decision about how best to manage them. 

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