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How to Plant Peppermint Seeds

By Gary Stephen / May 3, 2020

Peppermint is the hybrid of Spearmint and Watermint. Those two hybridize through cross-pollination. You’ll mostly find it growing in ditches, open field pastures, or near drainage culverts. Most of the peppermint grown there is steam-distilled to create an essential oil. It is even used in various flavoring and cosmetic products. It’s also supplied to the […]


Vegetable Garden Layout and Ways To Improve

By Gary Stephen / April 28, 2020

If you want to start growing vegetables, the first thing is to think about is the vegetable garden layout. To fully use the space you have, you need to create a basic design of the vegetable arrangements. Sketching the layout is mandatory. It will help you to correct the mistakes that may turn the whole […]


How to Manage Light Interruptions During the Flowering Cycle

By Gary Stephen / April 28, 2020

  Every grower knows how crucial light is to the growth and development of any cultivar. Recognizing that light is your plant’s food, we must nourish them in order for it to grow at its healthiest. Thus, giving you the highest quality of produce and yield in the end. We may sometimes encounter harsh circumstances. […]


Vegetable Garden Plants And Tips For Improving Their Growth

By Gary Stephen / April 25, 2020

There are many varieties of vegetable garden plants. You may wonder what to plant and what not to. It is simple. Plant those vegetables that you eat. It is important to pay good attention to the contents of the seed packets. As there are so many varieties of a single vegetable. If you see, you […]


Effective Ways to Increase Humidity in the Grow Room

By Gary Stephen / April 22, 2020

Every grower must know that humidity is vital in every plant’s growth. As cultivars lose moisture, it draws in the humidity from the surrounding air for replenishment. So what happens now if the air in the grow room is too dry to provide the plants its much-needed moisture? Some people use humidifiers to resolve such a dilemma. […]


Best Cooling Solutions to Manage High Temperature in the Grow Room

By Gary Stephen / April 19, 2020

Temperature is one of the major and critical factors affecting the cultivar’s health in an indoor grow environment. Depending on its stage of development, the recommended range varies. Prolonged exposure to unregulated temperatures can turn out to be a disaster. Or worse, it might end up killing your plants. This is not an uncommon problem by […]

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