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Learn How to Efficiently Cool a Grow Room

By Gary Stephen / March 23, 2020

Various environmental circumstances have a significant effect on the growth of plants. As we all know, some of these factors are lighting, hydration, air purity, humidity, and many others. Having a grow tent or room is one solution to breed cultivars under curated conditions. Temperature is one element bearing a major impact on the conduciveness of […]


A Grow Room Setup: Step By Step Guide

By Gary Stephen / March 12, 2020

If you are willing to grow marijuana indoors then the best way to do is to get started with a grow room setup. Growing indoors is the best way to reduce the cost. Some may think that all the equipment you need would cost hundreds of dollars. But this is not true. You can always […]


Tips for Growing Strawberry in Hanging Strawberry Planter

By Gary Stephen / January 1, 2020

  If you want to grow strawberries but do not have enough space, you can grow them by hanging strawberry planter. It also looks beautiful. You can move the planter without any hamper of your strawberry plants during the hot or cold weather to keep your plant well. It is a simple way to grow some […]

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