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What Is the Size for Garden Hose Fittings?

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A garden hose thread’s size (often shortened to GHT) is a standard 11.5 threads per inch. This standard is nearly universal. Although there may be other designs, it is very rare to find a fitting which does not meet this standard.

There are two different designations; thin and full.

  • ¾ 11.5NHR thread per inch is used for thin-walled couplers, which are formed from a thin material.
  • ¾ 11.5NH threads per inch are used for full-form threads cut from thicker material. They are used with bib cocks and female hose ends.

Its official name is “national hose” or NH and has been a standard all across the US and Canada for many years. It is considered the most effective and ensures tightness and efficiency. This standardization across the board also ensures your fitting can be secured over most taps.

What is the standard size for a garden hose fitting?Hose fitting size

The standard size for a garden hose fitting is usually ¾ inch’ or ⅝ inch. These sizes refer to the inside diameter of your hose, but generally, a garden hose fitting can usually fit over most hoses.

How do you determine your fitting size?How do you determine your fitting size

You can easily check the size by measuring the inside diameter of a fitting.

Lay a tape measure over the mouth of the connector and take the measurement from the inside top to the inside bottom. That total is your fitting size. Do not measure the outside, as that will give you a far higher number.

A basic ¾ inch GHT fitting is quite suitable for a ½ inch, 5/8 inch or ¾ inch hose. They are designed to fit over most hoses, but for optimum efficiency, rather buy a fitting the same size as your hose. The standard sizes for hoses are; ½ inch, 5/8 inch, ¾ inch and one-inch. Before buying a fitting, be sure to check your hose size by measuring it the same way you would measure a fitting.

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Are garden hose threads the same as pipe threads?

No. A garden hose thread has a thread standard-size which is almost universal across the board. Pipe fittings will change drastically between pipe systems. They can range from 8 threads per inch to 27 threads per inch.

So, you cannot, for example, use a female hose thread with a male pipe thread, as the pipe thread has a very specific function in a very specific system.

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What is the best material for a fitting?

Brass is often considered the go-to for any hose fitting. It has durability, much higher water-tightness, and can’t break as easily. Then again, plastic fittings do have their advantages. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, they’re not as expensive and they’re not as difficult to remove. The brass fitters can be quite an ordeal to slot in or remove. 

Can I fix a leaky fitting?Can I fix a leaky fitting

Sure you can! You don’t have to rush out and buy a new fitting every time it starts to leak, sometimes it’s an easy fix.

More often than not a leaky fitting is usually the cause of a bad gasket – it’s the rubber part on the inside of the fitting that seals it off. Sometimes they can become cracked and warped over time lying in the sun or enduring freezing temperatures. 

To remove it, simply use a flat-head screwdriver to pop it out and then insert a new one. The new one should fit in with little effort and stay in position. If it drops out too easily, you might have the wrong size.

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