How Long Can a Pole Saw Be?: Perfect Size for Pole Saw

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The average length for an electric pole saw ranges around 7-15 feet, the manual pole saws are much taller and can reach a whopping 26 feet in length.

Who makes the longest pole saw?

The longest pole saw currently on the market is the Silky HAYAUCHI 179-39 with a 26-foot reach. It is made from aluminium, making it easy to handle with a nice firm rubber grip. However, the taller a pole saw is, the more difficult it is to handle. It is certainly convenient to be able to reach the high limbs, but if you can’t actually saw, it’s not going to mean much.

Pole Saw Lengh: Manual vs ElectricPole Saw Lengh

The biggest difference between the manual and electric pole saws, apart from driving your neighbours crazy at 6 in the morning, is reach. Manual pole saws are very long and as such, they’re often a go-to for first-time buyers. They’re not as expensive as your gas-powered machines and not as heavy. Ranging between a full length of 7-26 feet, it can reach some serious branches in your garden.

The electric pole saw [2] ranges between 7-15 feet, they’re not as long, but their biggest pro is they make pole sawing easy. Most gardeners will opt for ease and leave the length.

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How can I make my pole saw longer?How can I make my pole saw longer

The safest way to lengthen your pole saw is rather buying one that can already be adjusted. Adjustable pole saws are quite common and come in a variety of sizes and types. They are mostly manual, but their reach can be quite impressive, like the Milliard 6-16 ft Extendable Pole Saw.

To extend the length for an electrical, you can use PVC piping. Split the handle and saw of the pole saw and then extend the wires up the length of the pipe. After securing the saw and handle at both ends, you can then use it the same way one would use a pole saw. These types of DIY can be dangerous, especially with chainsaws, so rather use a manual pole saw if you really want to get more reach.

However, the best way to reach a tall branch is rather to use a pocket chainsaw, which you can check out here.

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