How to Tell If a Zucchini Has Gone Bad

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No one wants to eat a bad Zucchini! So, to help you out in your culinary exploits, here are a few ways to spot a bad one:

  • It has lifeless and dull skin. A good Zucchini will have a glossiness to the skin, a bad one will be dull.
  • A few rotten spots are visible. A dead giveaway, don’t eat zucchini if it has rotten spots on it.
  • The skin will be wrinkled
  • If you cut into it, the inside will be stringy and possibly filled-up with large seeds

How to Tell If a Zucchini Has Gone BadZucchini gone bad

But sometimes a Zucchini can still be saved. If it has dark spots on it, but the skin still looks glossy, just cut out the spots and use the rest of the Zucchini. If only one side of the vegetable is wrinkly, and the rest is still good, once again just remove the bad parts and just use the rest.

Always harvest your Zucchini right before they are fully mature. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting a tougher zucchini with little flavor. They are usually harvested at around 35 days. But rather keep an eye just to be sure, some can ripen faster and n when they reach 6 – 8 inches in size, they are usually ready to be eaten.

Also, if you do have a Zucchini that is a little over-ripe, consider cooking it. There are some amazing Zucchini recipes out there!

To prevent your Zucchini from going bad make sure to keep them refrigerated. They can last up to two weeks if stored correctly. If you want to keep it fresh for longer, you can also freeze it.

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