7 Best COB LED Grow Light(s) for Indoor Grow Rooms

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As LED grow lights skyrocket its popularity, it has also evolved and expanded its varieties. From traditional panels to spider and UFO fixtures, different styles become more available. But, there’s another innovative design that sparks the interest of many growers nowadays. It is the COB LED lighting! So, which on is the Best COB LED Grow Light?

COB LED grow lights is a shortened term for “Chip on Board” LED. This lighting system uses multiple LEDs wired together onto a single board. This group of minuscule LED bulbs forms a module that functions as an entire unit. 

The COB technology enables you to fit in more LEDs into a small space. Thus, giving you brighter and high-intense lighting in a more compact design. 

High-intensity plus compactness? Now, isn’t that a double treat!

In this article, let us present to you our top 7 picks for the best COB LED grow lights. We will tackle what makes these products good for your grow rooms. Moreover, we have also included a buying guideline to help you sort out how to choose the best COB LED.

So, let’s jump right in!

If you do not have the luxury of time to read the full article, feel free to click directly on our top picks!

Our top pick:

Honorsen 2000W Cree COB LED Grow Light

First runner-up:

BeautyTrees COB LED Grow Light w/ Double Adjustable Knobs

Second runner-up:

PinkBloom 1800W Cree XLamp COB Grow Light

PreviewT5 Grow LightsBest ForAvailability
Honorsen 2000W Cree COB LED Grow LightBest overall performance Check Price
BeautyTrees COB LED Grow Light w/ Double Adjustable Knobs Large coverage Check Price
PinkBloom 1800W Cree XLamp COB Grow Light Flexibility to accommodate expansions Check Price
Prigatus Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Functional features Check Price
YPSM Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light Ease of use Check Price
Aglex 1200W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow LightBudget-friendly Check Price
ZWD 600W Cree CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light Dimming function Check Price

Top 7 Best COB LED Grow Lights

1. Honorsen 2000W Cree COB LED Grow Light

COB LED Grow Lights

Honorsen COB LED is a full-spectrum grow light best suited for use in indoor gardens. Its wide range of spectrum makes it an efficient source of light in all the stages of plant growth. You can use this LED to grow microgreens, veggies, fruits, and ornamental flowers. Thus, a perfect choice for all-around cultivation.

This LED grow light consists of 4 units of Cree COBs with each running at 65 watts. These COB lights can emit a color temperature of either 3500K and 6500K. Thus, giving you a visible light from standard white to a cool daylight appearance. 

Furthermore, the lamp also includes 96 units of regular 10-watt LED bulbs. This covers various wavelengths from 380 up to 780 nanometers. So, it enables you to cater to the germinating, vegetating, and flowering cycles of the plants.

Aside from having Cree COB lights, this device is also powered by a MeanWell driver. This waterproof LED driver supplies your grow light with a stable voltage at all times. Thus, giving you consistent performance and prolonged lifespan.

To ease out the radiated heat from lights, this device comes with an effective cooling system.

Its 3.0 millimeter-thick aluminum plate radiator allows the dissipation of lamp heat. Moreover, it also comes with 4 high-speed cooling fans and 4 large heat sinks. These components enhance the ability of the grow light to maintain a suitable temperature.

Honorsen Cree COB LED can well-cover an 8×8 feet of grow space. Such a size of grow tent or room can accommodate about 20 medium-sized plants. If you wish to have more, you can also attach another fixture to extend the coverage. This daisy-chain function allows you to expand your light footprint minus the extra wirings.

COB LED grow lights are also energy-saving devices. This 2000-watt lamp only consumes about 420 watts in actual power. So, despite delivering good light intensity, you can still expect lower electricity costs.

Things to concern:

Honorsen Cree COB LED is a reliable grow light at an affordable price point. With that, customers don’t seem to have much of an issue with this product.

Magic Line:

Good quality product at a fair price.


  • Full-spectrum
  • 65 watts Cree COB LED x 4 units
  • 10 watts LED (Red, Blue, Cool White, & IR) x 96 units
  • Power draw: 420 watts
  • Replaces 1800-watt HPS
  • Area coverage: 8×8
  • Waterproof MeanWell LED driver
  • Daisy-chain function (up to 2 units)
  • 3.0 mm aluminum radiator plate
  • 4 high-speed cooling fans
  • 4 large heat sinks
  • Lifespan: 50,000
  • 30 days satisfaction/return guarantee
  • 3 years warranty


2. BeautyTrees COB LED Grow Light w/ Double Adjustable Knobs

BeautyTrees COB LED Grow Light w/ Double Adjustable Knobs

BeautyTrees COB LED is a full-spectrum grow light perfect for any indoor garden. This lamp covers a good range of wavelengths from 400 up to 780 nanometers. A perfect choice as supplemental lighting from vegetative to blooming stages.

The grow light consists of a 10-watt double chip LED bulb. Thus, giving you twice as much brightness than regular LEDs. Moreover, this lamp is also integrated with the COB LED in the middle. Thus, further enhancing the uniformity and luminosity of the light.

Each LED has its own resistor. That means, it can independently work on its own. So, when one breaks down, it will not affect the functioning of the rest of the LEDs. 

The main highlight of this grow light is its double veg/bloom knob control. This allows you to fine-tune the light’s brightness from 0% up to 100%. So it gives you better control over the needs of your plants on different growth cycles.

This 1100-watt COB LED can deliver a light footprint to as much as 2 square meters. Making it suitable for use in medium to large applications. Despite the expansive coverage, this lamp remains to be very energy-efficient. On average, it only consumes about 110 watts per hour of use

BeautyTrees COB LED also comes with a cooling system to keep the heat at a minimum. It has quiet fans to help sweep the radiated heat out into the ventilation holes. Keeping it cool allows you to create a conducive environment for your cultivars. Moreover, it also helps to improve the longevity of your device.

Things to concern:

BeautyTrees COB LED delivers a decent result considering its cheap price point. Although, some customers feel that it doesn’t cover much grow area in actual. They find it more suitable to use in a 0.5 to 1-meter square grow space instead of a 2-meter square.

Magic Line:

Decent light output for such a cheap price.


  • Full-spectrum
  • Integrated Cree COB LED 
  • 10 watts LED
  • Power draw: 110 watts/hour
  • Veg/Bloom knob control
  • Area coverage: 2 square meters
  • Quiet cooling fans
  • With cooling vents
  • Hanging cords included
  • Lifespan: 50,000


3. PinkBloom 1800W Cree XLamp COB Grow Light

PinkBloom 1800W Cree XLamp COB Grow Light

PinkBloom’s Cree XLamp is a full spectrum COB LED grow light system. It is specifically designed for use in an enclosed indoor garden. Thus, it is perfect for growing cultivars in grow rooms, tents, and greenhouses.

The main selling point of this grow light is its CXA2530 LED chip. This Cree-type of LED is best known for producing efficient and high-intensity lighting. Moreover, CREE LEDs tend to emit uniform lighting. So, you will get to have a better light distribution throughout your grow space. 

Being a full-spectrum lamp, it is capable of delivering a wide range of wavelengths. From 380 to 780 nanometers, this grow light got you covered. This makes this lamp a suitable choice to use across all stages of plant growth.

This 1800-watt Cree COB lamp is also ideal for both small and large applications. It has a daisy-chain function that allows you to connect up to 10 units of the same device. So, you can scale up your coverage accordingly as the number of cultivars in your grow space increases too.

Things to concern:

PinkBloom Cree XLamp COB LED is not a water-resistant grow light. Thus, you have to be very careful in keeping it safe from moisture. 

Magic Line:

Very versatile with promising features.


  • Full-spectrum
  • 6 units x 300 watts Cree XLamp COB LED
  • Aluminum material
  • Daisy-chain function
  • 2 units quiet cooling fan
  • CE and FCC certifications
  • Includes electric hygrometer
  • Hanging kit and adjustable rope included
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Available in 600W, 1200W, and 1800W
  • 30 days satisfaction/return guarantee
  • 3 years warranty


4. Prigatus Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Prigatus Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Prigatus LED is a high-quality grow light with tons of amazing functional features. For a start, this lamp comes in a full spectrum of wavelengths to cover all types of plants at any given stage. It is also equipped with IR and UV lights to further boosts its nutritional support to cultivars

The device is being composed of 4 units of 150-watt COB LEDs and 91 units of regular 5-watt LED bulbs. Thus, giving you a good average power of about 1000 watts. This is enough to cover a 4×4 grow area during the blooming phase. Although, you can stretch it up to 5×4 when growing plants at the vegetative stage.

One outstanding feature of Prigatus LED is its 3-channel dimming control. It has a designated knob that allows you to adjust the brightness of the COB LED lamps. Moreover, it also has a separate knob to switch over to veg or bloom light settings. All these control functions give you a better edge at adjusting the light as you deem necessary. 

This Prigatus grow light also comes with a spherical 60-degree secondary optical lens. This functionality enables your device to deliver a more even light intensity. Thus, lowering the risk of creating hotspots. That said, you also avoid the consequence of burning your plants from intense and uneven heat.

To further help manage any heat issues, the device comes with 4 units of internal cooling fans. It also has heat sinks and air vents to aid in dissipating the heat out of the fixture. Maintaining the coolness is beneficial in enhancing the performance of your grow lights. Furthermore, it also helps to make the device last longer.

Things to concern:

Consumers were quite pleased with the performance of the Prigatus COB LED grow light. It is not exactly cheap but most find it worthy because of the durability of its construction. Most importantly, it delivers true brightness that plants seem to love.

Magic Lines:

A durable and highly-intense grow light system.


  • Full-spectrum
  • 4 units x 150 watts COB LED
  • 91 units x 5 watts regular LED
  • Replaces Cree 3590 spectrum
  • Power draw: 600W
  • 3-channel adjustable switch
  • Coverage: 4×4 up to 5×4
  • 4 units cooling fan
  • Heat sinks
  • Hanging kit included
  • 30 days satisfaction/return guarantee
  • 3 years warranty


5. YPSM Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light

YPSM Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light

YPSM grow light is a full-spectrum lamp ideal for use in indoor grow settings. This 300-watt light system offers light wavelengths from 380 up to 780 nanometers. Thus, delivering an efficient sunlike spectral output.

This COB LED grow light comes with a color temperature of either 3500K or 5000K. The 3500K is your standard white light. This mimics that of an early sunrise. This spectrum has a good amount of red light thus perfect for the flowering phase. 

Meanwhile, the 5000K color temperature has an appearance of daylight. It actually resembles that of a noon-day sun. This spectrum contains more of the blue lights so it is much suitable to use during the vegetative stage.

YPSM grow light is being equipped with an advanced COB LED technology. This allows you to optimize the efficiency of your light better than an ordinary LED. COB LED makes it possible to deliver an even, high-intense, and usable lighting.

So, you have better chances of producing bigger and healthier yields.

YPSM grow light is also such a power-saving device. This 300-watt lamp only consumes 120 watts of actual electricity. Thus, giving you more brightness without exhausting too much energy and money.

To prevent thermal issues, the grow light comes with a competitive cooling system. This includes 2 units of high-speed fans and thick aluminum heat sinks. Both work hand in hand to disperse heat and keep the grow light run cool even with continuous use. 

Another great advantage is that the cooling fans are also very quiet. It only tends to produce about 30 decibels of noise. That just sounds like whispering. So, you can ensure that you won’t be bothering your closeby neighbors. Moreso, create unwanted attention from outsiders. 

Furthermore, this COB grow light is also very easy to use. It is simple to set up and you don’t even have to worry about hanging brackets as they are already included in the kit. It is super fuss-free that it would only take about a minute to install.

Things to concern:

YPSM COB LED grow light is quite a bit of an investment. It does not come cheap so may have to shell out a few hundred bucks to enjoy its benefits.

Magic Line:

Simple but serious light power.


  • Full-spectrum
  • 2 units x 150 watts COB LED
  • Flux: 12,500 lumens
  • Power draw: 120 watts
  • 2 units high-speed fans
  • Aluminum heat sink
  • Hanging brackets included
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Available in 3500K and 5000K
  • 30 days satisfaction/return guarantee
  • 3 years warranty


6. Aglex 1200W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light

Aglex 1200W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light

The Aglex grow light is a full-spectrum LED lamp with UV and IR lights that are perfect for use in indoor gardens. The system comes with COB and double chip LEDs that are sure to provide high-intense lighting. Thus, giving you better chances at increasing your yield at a much lesser time. 

This grow light system belongs to Aglex’s COB reflector series. With that, the COB technology is being integrated with high-precision 90-degree angle lenses. This design makes it possible to render 98% of the light usable by the cultivars. That means, optimal light efficiency and fewer energy wastes.

Aglex COB LED is also equipped with a double-switch feature. This allows you to automatically adjust the light settings into veg or bloom mode in a single click of a button. This convenient feature is perfect for catering to plants at different growth stages.

Moreover, this grow light also offers great flexibility. In general, a single unit of Aglex COB LED can cover a grow area of up to 4×4.  But with its daisy chain function, it enables you to maximize and expand your coverage. You can add up to 3 units of the same model to double or triple the light footprint. 

This Aglex grow light comes with large aluminum heat sinks and cooling fans too. These components help to disperse heat and maintain a suitable temperature. Doing so is vital in upkeeping the integrity and longevity of the device.

Things to concern:

Some customers find Aglex COB LED grow light not as durable and long-lasting as it claims to be. In few instances, the bulbs burnt out way quicker than its expected lifetime.

Magic Line:

Great results at a great price point.


  • Full-spectrum
  • PAR value: 765 µmol
  • Flux: 38,966 lumens
  • Power draw: 210 watts
  • Core coverage: 3×4
  • Max coverage: 3.5×4.5
  • High-speed fan
  • Aluminum heat sink
  • Hanging hook kit included
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • 3 years warranty


7. ZWD 600W Cree CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light

ZWD 600W Cree CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light

ZWD Cree COB LED is a full spectrum grow light that offers wavelengths from 380 to 780 nanometers. Thus, giving your plants artificial lighting that is as close as the natural sunlight. Given the wide array of spectrums, it makes it a suitable option to use on all types of plants at any given growth stage. 

The system itself consists of 6 units of 100W COB LEDs with a 3500K color temperature. This spectral output appears as a neutral white similar to that of an after sunrise atmosphere. This spectrum consists of a good balance of blue and yellow lights that are beneficial for the plant’s growth.

ZWD COB LED also has a dimming function. It enables you to regulate the intensity of the light from 1% up to its full 100% brightness. This feature gives you better control over the light/dark cycles of your plants.

The CXB3590 COB LED model can easily replace traditional HPS/HID LEDs, and other grow lights. This 600W lamp can effectively speed up the plant’s growth in a much shorter time frame. Thus, allowing you to increase your yield and save up on energy costs. 

Things to concern:

ZWD Cree COB LED grow light is ideal for indoor uses only. It is not waterproof. Thus, you won’t get any protection from moisture  or any form of wetness with this device.

Magic Line:

Powerful COB LED with dimming functionality.


  • Full-spectrum
  • 6 units x 100 watts Cree COB LED
  • Flux: 72,000 lumens
  • Color temperature: 35000K
  • Power draw: 500-530 watts
  • Dimmable
  • Hanging kit included
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours


Things to consider if you want to buy the best COB LED grow light

  • Grow space size

When shopping for any type of grow light, the primary basis should be the size of the grow area. This will determine how much wattage you would likely need for your space. This is very important to take into account as it will have a direct impact on your cultivars. 

  • Color temperature

Yes, cultivars need light. But, it’s not as simple as that. Plants have certain responses on different light wavelengths. For example, blue lights tend to support growth. Meanwhile, the red lights stimulate flowering and fruiting. So, your choice of COB LED should also depend on the certain growth stage and requirements of your plants.

  • Price point

COB LED grow lights do not come cheap. They tend to be much pricier compared to regular LED lamps. There may be some products that offer very low pricing. But these are most often made from inferior quality materials. Thus, they are more likely to give off lesser light intensity as well. 

  • LED chip

In these layers of semiconductors is where all the action happens. The LED chip plays a vital role in the flow of protons and electrons. Thus, the greater the quality the LED chip is, the more efficient your light output will be. 

Wrapping Up About The Best COB LED Grow Light

COB LED grow lights are bound to take your gardening experience a notch higher than using ordinary LED lamps. This type of grow light gives you the convenience of compactness. Although, don’t let its size fool you. They are power-packed lamps that deliver uniform and high-intense lighting. Thus, speeding up plant growth that results in producing more yield at a lesser energy expense. 

The 7 COB LED products we presented herein are some of the best selling items on Amazon. They offer great quality performance at various levels of versatility.

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