About Us

Last Updated on July 17, 2023 by Gary Stephen

Hey There, Welcome to My Garden Plant. My name is Gary Stephen, but you can call me Gary 🙂

There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing your garden produce great yields. Watching every idle space in your home turn to a magical garden that gives all the produce you need.

It’s refreshing.

And this is what we are passionate about.

In simple words, we want to see everyone transform every space in their home to high yield garden.

Previously, our garden was unproductive. 🙁  All we had was our garden only – nothing more.

But when we visited a friend who was a garden enthusiast, our perspective changed. Together with my wife, we decided to spend more time learning about gardening. We didn’t want to start because we saw our friend successful in it.

And what we discovered was amazing.

Today, we have transformed every part of our home & garden. From the backyard, balcony, to basement, we have planted all manner of plants.

So far, the results have been amazing. Our grow rooms where we plant herbs gives us the best yields, our backyard garden supplies us with all the vegetables we need, and not forgetting our balcony – its where we get our spices from.

So what?

We are here to help you transform your garden. Stay with MyGardenPlant.com & join us on this journey as we share with you all about garden plants and garden care. Together we will explore what we have learned so far, and recommend the best tools and products that will transform your garden.

​If you’ve any other questions or inquiries, you can contact me here or send me an e-mail at [[email protected]]