Best Grow Tents In 2023: Top Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Grow Tents In 2023: Top Reviews & Buying Guide

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LAST UPDATED: 17 / 4 / 2022

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How To Find The Best Grow Tent in 2022

Grow tents let you grow 50% faster and larger than the natural plants using soil. You will have never to worry about pests and other unexpected elements for your plants.

Growing tents make it easy with lightproof, durable design, and material. It can control the humidity and temperature of the plants. Choosing the right growing tents seems a complex work as some options are available. Here, the article is about to help you to choose the best one that can suit your plants.

    Do you have great intentions to grow plants and herbs but can’t afford a garden and soil because you are a renter, or live in a small place? Do you find yourself moving or changing home most of the time? The Best Grow Tent in 2022 is the solution for all your anxiety. So, you can grow plants in the hydroponic system by using growing tents.

    What Is Grow Tent?

    What Is Grow Tent

    You need to control the climate and lighting when you like to grow plants in any place where it is safe. So, grow tent is the answer to this. When it is an ideal indoor growing space for all your exotic and seasonal plants. It has soft sides, it is light in weight, and it can also carry them with ease. Rather, it is much like a grow box for all your indoor plants.

    If you want to start indoor plants, you will need a grow tent. Isn’t it fascinating, when you can grow those exotic kinds of plants all year round? But you must choose a perfect one for your indoor gardening.


    Important Benefits Of The Grow Tent: Step To Step

    Important Benefits Of The Grow Tent Step To Step

    Grow tent is the ultimate solution for growing plants without soil and a garden. You can now grow plants even in your bedroom or balcony. The benefits you can avail from grow tents are:


    A grow tent is cost-effective, and versatile, and it revolutionizes your personal indoor growing. Hence, the user gets an ideal environment for their various plants. Given that light, humidifier, fan, and air conditioner are present to the enclosed space.

    Year-round fruits

    Say, for outdoor gardening the types of plants you like to grow depends on the weather condition. For instance, if you wish your tomatoes to thrive, you need a warm environment. Tomatoes don’t grow well in cold weather when its elements are intense. But, the controlled environment depends only on how you can adjust it to grow tomatoes.

    Less Energy

    Imperfect inner surface of a grow tent which acts as a reflector, collects light rays from above. Then it delivers to the different areas below the canopy foliage. You may call this process a diffuse reflection. So, it can use light with more efficiency. Hence, it means saving in energy expenditure. As a result, you will get happier plants.

    Light control

    In an outdoor environment, light is a major issue for plants. For instance, some plants will thrive in a low-light environment. But along the equator area may scorch the same plants. In the low-light environment plants which need light may become dwarfed. Hence, we can overcome these issues when we grow our plant in a grow tent. A grower can control how little light should reach the plant and when to apply that light using a grow tent.

    Top Picks Best Grow Tent Reviews

    Our reviews choose our top pick and budget pick. Hence, the individual review below might be worthwhile when you compare them all. Let us start to have a look at the top-rated grow tents below.




    Product Description

    The Mars Hydro 3×3 grow tent is a small yet fully functional hydroponic tent. Despite the size, this tent is built with premium quality materials and design. 

    To begin with, it has a 3-layer body construction. The outermost is made with 1680D oxford cloth canvas. This type of fabric is dense enough to prevent light from penetrating into the tent. 

    The middle layer is lined with a waterproof sheet to inhibit moisture from crossing the barrier. Then, the innermost is a highly-reflective Mylar sheet. It is designed with a diamond pattern to further enhance lighting efficiency. 

    To give the tent a stable structure, it utilizes a good set of heavy-duty steel poles. Each of the corners is then linked using the tool-free 3-way metal connectors. Thus, making the installation faster, easier, and less hassle.

    When it comes to portals, this small grow tent model is equipped with one large door opening. It has durable SBS zipper closures that are double-stitched to ensure optimum light protection. The design also comes with an observation window.  This allows you to peek through the inside and monitor without having to open the entire door. Thus, minimizing the disruption in the grow environment. 

    Air circulation is also well-considered. This model is equipped with multiple slots of double-cinching duct ports to ensure proper placements of fans. Aside from that, ventilation ports are also provided to encourage the good exchange of air. Not to worry though, these ports are lined with mesh screens and cloth to still maintain a light-proof room as needed.

    To hang the ancillary equipment, a set of two strong load-bearing hanging bars is included. Each metal bar has a capacity to carry a weight of up to 110 pounds. Other functional yet equally important features include a removable floor tray, equipment belts, and a handy dandy tool bag. 

    • Diamond-pattern mylar interior
    • Has 3-layer light proof and waterproof construction
    • Has an observation window for monitoring
    • Encourage organization with tool bags
    • Can support up to 110 pounds
    • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee policy
    • The zippers are quite delicate 
    • There are excess fabrics along the zipper track
    • Seam Lines have the tendency to produce light leaks

    The Mars Hydro 3×3 grow tent is a reliable grow tent for small-sized hydroponics. It is made with superior materials and design that can well-serve their purpose and last you a good while. It gives a decent performance and good value for your money.


    Product Description

    Reflectivity is one of the major keys to optimize the growing environment in grow tents. In this case, the Opulent System’s grow tent is fully lined with 98% highly reflective mylar. On the exterior, it is constructed with double-stitched black canvas. This will ensure that external light will not be able to penetrate the tent.

    The opening of the tent is reinforced with an SBS zipper with black backing liner. This will further help to make sure that no light nor moisture can seep through between the zipper line.

    To monitor the status of your plants, worry no more as the tent is designed to have an observation window. Through this, you can easily peek through the progress of your cultivars without having to constantly open the entire tent. Hence, minimizing the risk of disturbing the controlled environment within.

    The Opulent System grow tent is built with heavy-duty metal poles. Sturdiness is important as this will serve as the main frame. Also, it should be able to carry the weight of the lighting kit, fan, reflector, and other accessories. On this note, its poles are made to handle and evenly distribute up to 110 pounds of weight.

    These metal poles are simple and hassle-free to assemble. The instruction manual included in the set will guide you through the installation. No other tools required.

    The tent also do come with a removable waterproof floor tray. This will help catch the debris and excess water dripping from the pots. Every now and then, you can wash the tray and reuse it as often as you need to keep the flooring of the grow tent clean.

    • Highly-reflective mylar interior
    • Easy-to-clean observation window
    • The metal poles can hold as much as 110 pounds
    • Includes a storage bag for organization
      Worry-free 18 months warranty
    • Friendly aftersales customer service
    • Available in different sizes
    • Instruction in the manual are limited
    • The zipper easily gets jammed
    • Tendency to still have pinhole light leaks along the seams in the zippers

    This Opulent System grow tent is simply one of the best tents in the market today. With almost two thousand positive feedback on Amazon, you know that this product is legit. It offers excellent quality and good value for your money. Plus, it is relatively easy to assemble even the inexperienced can manage to set it up in just a few minutes.


    Product Description

    The Topolite hydroponic tent is designed to be easy to use yet a reliable one for growing any kind of flower or crop. It is constructed with 96% reflective mylar interiors. This material comes with a diamond pattern that further enhances its reflectivity.

    As for the exterior cover, the grow tent is made with heavy-duty 600D oxford fabric. This material is decently dense to prevent light from entering the tent. Moreover, it also comes with large industrial-grade external zippers with backing. This makes it easier to zip up without worrying about light leaks.

    The frame of the grow tent is held up by 16mm metal rods with white paint coating. Such diameter is sturdy enough to bear the weight of the structure and necessary accessories. Furthermore, the corners are reinforced with plastic connectors to ensure stable fitting.

    To promote good air ventilation, the tent is designed with a rectangular mesh screen vent. It also comes with duct ports that can duly fit the fan and filter outputs. It is dual-cinched to ensure that they will properly fit and seal the devices.

    • Highly reflective diamond mylar material
    • 600D lightproof oxford fabric exterior
    • 16mm diameter metal poles
    • Multiple vents to promote ventilation
    • Affordable price point
    • No observation window
    • Zippers are quite delicate
    • The metal poles are not sturdy enough to support heavier structures

    The TopoLight hydroponic grow tent is an excellent option for beginners. It is straightforward to install, and the size is perfect for growing 2-4 plants. You can already get a decent quality grow tent with a cheap price point that can do the job well.


    Product Description

    The CoolGrows hydroponic grow tent is made with 95% mylar film.  This enhances the lighting effect of grow light set-ups. Plus, it is waterproof and tear-proof. As for the exterior, it is constructed with 600D oxford fabric. It is double-stitched so rest assured it will last you a good while.

    But, the best advantage of CoolGrows tent is that they are using PVC-free materials. PVC is a known carcinogenic. This grow tent instead uses a substitute called PEVA. The polyethylene vinyl acetate, or PEVA in short, is a non-chlorinated vinyl material. It is less toxic hence a safer and healthier choice for humans.

    This tent also features an easy-access door. Its heavy-duty zippers zip and unzip without a hitch. Not to mention, it is also lined with a light proof backing. This helps to keep external light from poking through the tent.

    Moreover, this tent also comes with an observation window. This feature enables you to view the inside without having to open the entire door. On that note, you lessen the chances of disturbing the controlled set-up within.

    To give the tent the structure, it uses powder-coated heavy-duty steel. This extra finish on the surface of the metal gives it extra protection against moisture and corrosion. Thus, maintaining the frame in good condition for much longer.

    • PVC-free
    • Steel framing is powder-coated
    • With observation window for easy viewing
    • With removable and waterproof floor tray
    • The dual ventilation sock secure a tight seal around the ducting and cords
    • Tool-free assembly
    • Metals poles have a tendency to get bent easily
    • There are reports that light leaks occur along the seams and between the zippers
    • The floor tray is not as waterproof as it should be

    CoolGrows tent offers its consumers a healthier and more eco-friendly grow tent. Some parts are made from PEVA which is a less toxic substitute for the typical PVC that most hydroponic tents use. Despite the switch in the material, this grow tent is still at par in terms of functionality and value for money.


    Product Description

    This GreenHouser tent is another eco-friendly choice for an indoor grow tent. Its interior is fully lined with a highly reflective mylar film. It comes in a diamond pattern that can enhance the reflectivity of the grow lights up to 96%.

    The good stuff comes in the middle lining. Rather than the typical PVC, this tent uses PEVA as well. This type of plastic is less likely to cause cancer yet equally efficient as the toxic PVC material.

    As for the exterior lining, it is constructed with 600D oxford fabric. The density and the darkness of its color enable it to be lightproof. All these layers of material are merged together with double stitchings. This makes the fusion durable and at the same time minimizes light leaks.

    At the bottom part of the tent, you can find a few rectangular vents. It is lined with a mesh screen to allow ambient air to freely get in and release the hot humid air out of the tent. Moreover, there are also additional vents allocated for the fan and the filter outputs.

    To give the tent its structure, it is held up by sturdy metal rods with a diameter of 16mm. The poles are also finished with white paint. This coating protects it against wear and tear and rusts too. So despite the level of moisture within the tent, you can assure that the rods will not corrode easily. These metal poles are attached together using custom-fitted plastic connectors.

    The good thing about the GreenHouser grow tents is that it is available in various sizes. You can choose from as small as 24×24 inches up to as big as 60×32 inches. So, you can always find one to fit your space.

    • Highly reflective diamond mylar
    • PVC-free PEVA middle lining
    • 16mm white powder-coated metal frame
    • Includes removable waterproof floor tray
    • Includes nylon belts to fasten the filter system in place
    • Noticeable light leaks along the stitchings
    • Plastic connectors may crack when forced against the poles
    • Zippers have the tendency to get derailed when not guided properly

    The GreenHouser grow tent is a great choice if you are looking for an eco-friendly hydroponic tent at an affordable price point. It offers good basic features you would likely need in an indoor growing environment. Plus, it is available in different sizes too.


    Product Description

    Of course, hydroponic gardening wouldn’t be complete without considering buying from Vivosun. It is a household name that produces great quality gardening tools. And yes, this grow tent is no exemption.

    The 30x18x36 hydroponic tent is great for growing a small indoor garden. It is lined with diamond mylar film with a 98% reflectivity rate. This is backed by a non-toxic polyethylene lining that promises 100% light proofing. So, not only is it safe for you, but for your growing cultivars too.

    To top it all off, the exterior is constructed with a high-density 600D oxford canvas. This three-layer tent is joined together by double stitchings and a heavy-duty SBS zipper.

    Monitoring is also crucial when it comes to indoor gardening. Hence, an observation window is a perfect solution for this. It allows you to peek through the inside of the tent without having to constantly open the door.

    The frame of the tent is built with light green painted metal poles. It is very easy to assemble. Simply fit, connect, and it will lock in place with no tools required.

    • 98% high-reflective diamond mylar film
    • Uses non-toxic PE lining
    • With a wide easy-access door
    • With observation window
    • Includes removable waterproof tray, tool bag, and carbon filter ties
    • Excellent customer service
    • Velcro tapes do not seal tightly
    • Missed stitchings
    • A few of the customers reported receiving incomplete parts

    Vivosun is a well-trusted brand when it comes to hydroponics. It is a quality grow tent that fits right into your budget. Thus, this reliable equipment is a good one to invest in especially if you just started gardening.


    Product Description

    This grow tent from JT Jupetory is one of those with incredibly large zippered doors. It is unlike the usual tent designs where the opening is on a single side only. Rather, this hydroponic tent covers about two sides of the tent giving you wider access to the inside. This is also perfect if you are a big-boned fella.

    If the large zippered door isn’t enough, this grow tent also comes with a rectangular ventilation port. This velcro window is lined with a mesh screen to help the air circulate properly. Fresh goes in and hot humid air out.

    As usual, the interior of the tent is lined with 98% reflective mylar film. The exterior, on the other hand, is made with extra thick 600D oxford fabric. Such material is waterproof and tearproof. Hence, giving the tent the durability it needs to protect the cultivars from unstable temperature and lighting.

    The frame of the grow tent is made with powder-coated iron steel. These metal tubings are about 16mm in diameter and can carry a load up to 88 pounds. Moreover, the base of the poles are reinforced with rubber feet to avoid it from slipping and help maintain stability too.

    • 98% reflective mylar film
    • Large zippered doors
    • With built-in mesh screen ventilation port
    • Powder-coated iron steel poles
    • Minor inconsistencies in the fitting of the poles
    • Light leaks around the zipper
    • Sticky zippers

    The JT Jupetory grow tent has an awesome design. Finally, a zippered door that is as wide as it can be. Your indoor garden might be small, but it doesn’t have to be difficult to access by any means.


    Product Description

    This grow tent features reflective diamond mylar interiors. It has an incredibly superior reflectivity rating of as much as 99%. This ensures maximum optimization of grow lights. Thus, consequently giving you fast growing and healthier plants.

    The mylar film is backed with an extra thick 600D canvas. Both materials are double-stitched together to create a durable, waterproof, and tear-proof housing for the cultivars. It also comes with large heavy-duty zippers to provide full access to the tent.

    The grow tent is designed to have an observation window as well. This allows you to view the insides without opening the main door. This feature is a great advantage as it enables monitoring without compromising the controlled setup.

    The frame of the tent is constructed with rust-resistant iron material. Aside from that, the same tubular metal is also used as hanging bars. It can handle a weight up to 90 pounds. This is strong enough to carry the load of the lighting kit.

    The frame is super easy to set up. No tools required at all. To connect, the pole is equipped with metal push-locks that effectively keep the attachment secured.

    Another good thing about the GrowTent Garden hydroponic tent is that it is backed up by 2 years worry-free guarantee. This only shows how committed the company is to delivering quality service to its consumers.

    • 99% diamond mylar film
    • Rust-resistant iron frame
    • Up to 90-pound weight capacity
    • With observation window and ventilation ports
    • Worry-free 2 years warranty
    • Some customers reports inconsistencies in the actual tent dimension
    • The zipper does not glide smoothly
    • A few complaints regarding missing parts

    The GrowTent Garden hydroponic tent is a basic yet decent grow tent. It can serve its purpose well without breaking your budget.


    Product Description

    If a nearly perfect reflectivity ain’t enough, then this Melonfarm grow tent is the best choice for you. Its mylar interior offers not 96, 98, nor 99, but a 100% reflectivity. This guarantees you effective utilization of the lighting. The more efficient it is, the better chances for you to grow healthier plants and save up on electricity cost too.

    The tent is made up of two more layers. A waterproof PVC plastic lining in the middle. And, a 600D canvas on the exterior. Together, these three layers are joined together by double-stitchings to create a fool-proof tent. Not only does this block the light, but it also prevents unwanted odor from leaching out.

    This hydroponic tent comes with a large opening that is reinforced with an SBS zipper. The double-slit linear zipper is made for heavy-duty uses. And so, it promises to deliver a smooth and tight closure of the door. To mitigate chances of disturbance, you can also opt to monitor the progress via the easy-view window.

    The frame and the hanging bars of the tent are made with 16mm powder-coated metal tubings. The finishing adds protection against rust and corrosion. The snap-in design allows you to secure the connection of the poles hassle-free. The metal bar can carry a load as heavy as 110 pounds.

    To keep things organized inside the tent, you can use the storage bag to stow away tools and other gardening stuff. Plus, you will never go wrong with the assembly. The package includes an instructional pamphlet to keep you guided with the setup.

    • 100% reflective mylar interior
    • Powder-coated metal poles and hanging bar
    • Snap-in lock pole connectors
    • Can carry up to 110 pounds
    • Includes storage bags, filter straps, and removable tray
    • Confusing instructions on the pamphlet
    • Velcro on the window is not as sticky as it should be
    • Tendency to have light leaks

    The MelonFarm grow tent is a very promising hydroponic tent. The 100% reflectivity of the mylar film is a big factor to consider. With an Amazon rating of 4.5 out of 5, it seems to have lived up well to its claims.


    Product Description

    This hydroponic grow tent from Vivosun features an innovative 2-in-1 chamber design. The tent can be divided into two to three separate sections. Thus, giving you the flexibility to cater to different plant stages all in the same grow tent.

    The main chamber can be used for plants at the flowering stages. On the other side, this can be divided into two tiers. The upper section is great for propagating plants. Meanwhile, the bottom part can be used for vegetating plants.

    By having partitions, you can program the environmental settings at different levels. Hence, providing the cultivars the proper lighting, temperature, and humidity it needs to grow accordingly.

    This 2-in-1 grow tent design offers not only versatility but is also a great opportunity to save space and money too. You don’t need to buy multiple tents. Just this one and you are all set from seedling to harvest.

    • 98% reflective mylar
    • 100% lightproof polyethylene mid-lining
    • 600D oxford canvas
    • SBS zippers
    • With vent holes for fan and filter outputs
    • Includes floor tray, tool bag, and nylon filter belts
    • No observation window
    • Confusing assembly instructions
    • Tendency to have pinhole light leaks in the zipper areas

    The Vivosun 2-in-1 is a great solution for a compact and space-saving grow tent. But because you are basically integrating different sections into one, this might give you far more limited space for each. Nevertheless, its multi-chamber design allows you to be flexible in terms of your strategies in plant growing and budgeting too.


    Product Description

    The Topogrow 2-in-1 grow tent is very similar to the Vivosun 2-in-1 hydroponic tent. It also features a multi-chamber design that enables you to grow plants at different life stages. Each compartment can be utilized for either propagation, vegetation, or flowering phases.

    The structure of this tent is constructed with waterproof and tear-proof materials. The innermost lining is made of diamond mylar film with 96% reflectivity. Meanwhile, the exterior is a high-density 600D oxford canvas. Both linings are fused together by double stitchings to enhance durability.

    Because of the division in space, more ventilation ports are added to the design. This allows you to provide separate ducting for each section. Thus,making it possible to maintain the right amount of light, humidity, and temperature for various plant stages.

    • 96% reflective diamond mylar interior
    • 600D oxford canvas exterior
    • 16mm white powder-coated metal rods
    • Ventilation ports for fan and filter systems
    • Built-in screen mesh for ventilation
    • Includes floor tray, nylon filters belts, and assembly manual
    • Materials tend to be more lightweight than expected
    • Zipper is not long lasting
    • Inconsistencies in actual dimension

    The TopoGrow 2-in-1 grow tent is another multi-function hydroponic grow tent. The division in the frame itself enables you to simultaneously grow cultivars at different growth phases. Hence, allows you to save on space, time, and budget.

    Different Types Of Grow Tent For Indoor Plant

    You can find a lot of options for sizes and types of growing tents for your garden. Three basic categories will allow you to select your perfect choice.

    1. Small


    Small Size Grow Tent without Accessories:

    Small Size Grow Tent With Accessories:

    2. Medium


    Medium Size Grow Tent without Accessories:

    Medium Size Grow Tent With Accessories:

    3. Large


    Large Size Grow Tent without Accessories:

    Large Size Grow Tent with Light & Accessories

    It might be the sellers who think once you opted to pick the large size, you already know what you need. As a result, a large grow tent with an excellent assortment of accessories is not available on the market. You may also learn more about grow tents for indoor gardening & grow gardens at Todays’s Gardener.

    Factors To Think For Choosing A Grow Tent

    Factors To Think For Choosing A Grow Tent

    In most cases we notice they all look alike at first glance when we go for shopping a grow tent. In general, the outer side is black and inside is reflective silver, with a zippered door. Thousands of growing tents are available for various reasons. Here is a list of factors that you can consider to buy the best tents for your plants. Check out these features when it will make the complete grow tent package:

    1. Thickness and Reflection of light

    The 600D thickness of outer fabric for a grow tent is the best. This thickness can hold up well under daily use. The inner liner should reflect at least 90% of light. The only exception when you grow plants that need little light.

    2. Lightproof with double stitch

    Lightproof tents can protect light to can go out and bugs can get in and harm your plants. You should inspect the possible leaks for light out as it the way to get enter the insects into the tents. Double or triple stitched tents seam on the roof and around the zipper to avoid easy tearing.

    3. Fire resistant

    You should go for fire and mildew resistant fabric. The fabric material should not produce toxic fumes. You must consider a sturdy frame when it supports the weight of the lights and ventilation system as well. And of course, you may need to hang anything from it.

    4. Size and Fabric Strength & Density

    Size ranges from as small as 2×2 feet when it goes up to 10×10 or larger. So, get the size that suits best to your need. Density is measured in denier (D). How rip-resistant it is that’s what D speaks. Pests cannot escape in the air or lose less light when the fabric has better strength and density. It also limits the chances of any tears in the fabric. Finally, it has an effect on your yields and quality harvest.

    5. Sturdy Frame

    A metal frame, particularly steel, will provide your greater durability. While locking, the snapping mechanism is a bonus. Mylar-lined with diamond pattern is preferable when it has high reflective walls. So it helps get the most out of the grow lights.

    6. Zipper quality and Ventilation

    The zipper must be of the best quality when it ensures light integrity. Furthermore, it survives the constant usage opening and closing. A well-placed cord port is a good option to avoid protruding extension cables. When you need to vent out the hot air, there must be at least a ventilating point in your tent.

    Since we made an all-out effort to help you select the right product for you. Trust that our reviews will help you discover the grow tent without any fuss. As a result, it will meet your specific growing needs. But, please get in touch if you have further queries about grow tent.

    Final Thoughts

    The grow tent is very important for a gardener who wants to grow indoor plants. It’s fascinating for any gardener to have full control over the growth and cultivation of crops and corn under a quality grow tent. But, finding a perfect growing tent under the right budget and price-quality ratio is a hard nut to crack.

    We can confirm that through this entire review, you have already found the shortlist of the best grow tent reviews. The rest is up to your budget and quality requirements. Besides, to be more précised with your targeted grow tent, you can take help from our buying guide. Our expert reviews and market analysis is capable enough to take you to your right fit of the product. Happy gardening!