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6 Best Garden Hose in 2020: Top Rated Reviewed & Buying Guide

We are going to share with you some top rated best garden hose and all those facts you should know about as a new gardener. Your garden hose should last without any significant difficulty for at least 5 to 10 years. But if don’t who know about the quality of hose or buy cheap quality hoses will end up repairing replacing every year. Due to it’s a daily usable gardening product a quality must require if you don’t want to tug, twisting, and patching.

But finding a right quality in right price is really hard one especially if you have no idea what should you look for. Moreover, there are many options out there available for hose, and practically they don’t have any signs to determine the best one. In such this situation users have a temptation to choose the cheapest one and fall into trouble most of the time. To understand things batter, first, we should know about some basic things about the garden hose. Let’s get started.

What is the Garden Hose?

A garden hose is garden tools that you must need for watering your garden plants.The best expandable garden hose should tangle free, flexible and good to survive from external pressures, heat and sharp object. Your gardener hose, hosepipe or simple hose tube is made for watering the garden plants which called irrigation as well. By using the garden hose, you can provide enough water in your garden. So, you can grow potatoes, vegetables, and fruits in your garden very easily.

Many attachments come with gardener hose to easier your irrigation such as sprayer or sprinklers at the end of the hose. These accessories help to spread the flow over a large area with low or huge pressure, as your needs. Furthermore, your best gardener hose should be lightweight, cost effective but a survivor of kinking. Most of the rubber and vinyl combo hose are popular due to their weight and durability.

Top Picks Garden Hoses of 2020

In here we have selected few good quality and futuristic best lightweight garden hose for all type of gardeners. Have a look below.

#1 ALL NEW 2017 Garden Hose 50 Feet Expandable Hose

ALL NEW 2017 Expandable Garden Hose

Our first garden hose review is for All New 2018 Hose. This expandable garden hose is made with durable Latex, brass, PVC and polyester cloth. Latex is good to survive in high pressure, different temperature or any surface. Usually, a regular water hose can bear 43.1 to 87 PSI or 3-6 bars. This is also the normal water pressure in any domestic water line. But the best lightweight garden hose can easily operate with more than 145 PSI or 10 bars.

Even you don’t need this much of pressure for watering, but it’s a great feature to work in economic gardening as well. However, it’s also another powerful side to define a best quality garden hose, the water pressure. Another buying tip, check the maximum water pressure that your hose can operate efficiently.

The dimension of the hose is 3.5" x 3.5" x 13.5, “and it can expand up to 50 feet. It weighs only 1.8 lbs which made it easy to use, hold and store. But not only the weight its expandable length also help the hose store in tiny place, but it also starts out 17 ft and expands to 50 ft with water pressure. But, when the water is out it goes back its position.

Furthermore, this hose includes eight different nozzles to watering your garden plants differently. You can now water plants with shower, flat, soaker, full, and angle, mist, cone, and center way.


  • This hose is very durable and easy to use.
  • Easy to store anywhere in your garden, garage or store room.
  • Food water grade pipe, so safe for drinking too.
  • Consist of solid brass fittings and indestructible metal connectors.
  • Different size and way of nozzles are included.
  • Comes with 12 months of warranty service.


  • The fabric of the hose is a little fridge.
  • Don’t suitable for hot water.
  • Get leaks if not properly maintained.


This hose pipe will bring lushness and life to your garden. Its bright green color and golden, black fittings and accessories really look great together. Overall it’s a great hose is a budget which will make your gardening easier more. It’s good for covering a good amount of area with easy storing and kinking hazard. Here buy this product

#2 NeverKink 8844-100 S eries Pro Garden Hose

NeverKink Pro Garden Hose

Our next garden hose review is for NeverKink 8844-100 Series 4000 Commercial Duty Pro Garden Hose. The hose made of heavy duty power coil which made it more durable and pressure resistance. It comes with 5/8th and ¾ diameter and different length. You can have 50, 75 and 100 ft length of hose pipe from NeverKink. It has the exclusive Reflex Mesh technology which uses a mesh network of reinforcement. It prevents the hose from twisting, kinking or tangling. So when you are using it for watering a great area or take it out of the storage, it will remain tangle-free and ready to work every time.

It consists of lead- free aluminum couplings which make it high leak and crush proof. They use the industrial grade aluminum to secure the joints both light and sturdy. Also, it has Microsheiled inside which prevent the pipe surface growing mold and mildew.

But even with lead-free materials, they are not safe for drink water. You can use them for general gardening, but dot uses it to drink your pet of fill pool where children use to swim.

This rubber made black color weight around 2.5 lbs. The dimension of a 100 don’t ft garden hose from Neverkink is 15 x 5.75 x 15 inches.

The best lightweight garden hose is made for ultra flexible use. You can bend it down 45 degrees. That is why is suitable to use in both home and commercial environments. It's appropriate is with nozzle, sprayer, or sprinklers without any problem. But this garden hose doesn't don't comes with any of these attachments.

Alternative Hose: Stanley FatMax Garden Hose can be alternative hose for your garden.


  • Great for bearing extreme water pressure.
  • Power coil fitting and colors keep the hose tangle or kink-free all time.
  • Keep the safe water from polluted by mold or mildew.
  • Remain flexible down to 45 degrees.
  • Leak free, durable couplings.
  • Looks smart and elegant compare than traditional rubber hoses.


  • The hose doesn't come with any sprayer, sprinkler, etc.
  • Don’t come with any warranty services.
  • Feels little heavy while working for a long time.


Overall its one of the best and hassle-free watering hose that comes into the budget. It’s robust and durable so you can work with it for years without facing any problems. The product is US made that is really worth your time and money. Buy the product from here

#3 Flexzilla Garden Hose

Flexzilla Garden Hose

Here is another flexzilla garden hose that is extremely flexible to use. The Flexzilla Garden Hose is made for any home or commercial applications without and bending, twisting or tear up hassle. You can lay it flat or coils for storage, but it will back to its plane exterior without any line or memory of bending. This hose that we are reviewing here is 5/8 inches in diameter and 50 ft long. You will find some other options with three ft, 35 ft or 100 ft length of garden hose from Flexzilla. They are very durable and come in affordable budget range.

This watering hose is engineered with a flexible hybrid polymer material. This material is very lightweight and flexible to use. It can bend down around 45 degrees very easily. So you can maneuver it around trees, bushes, or any other obstructer's.

You can use this weather no matter what weather you live in. You can use it both cold or hot weather without facing damage and any other leakage problem. It can survive less than 150 PSI at 70 degrees F max. Moreover, it has different bend restrictors to reduce wear and tear. It’s durable aluminum fittings assure any leakage causing corrosion. All its ¾ and 11 ½ GHT Male and flame accessories of both ends last for years and stay new that is was at the beginning.


  • Very lightweight easy to use and coil.
  • Take fewer places for storage.
  • Comes with lots of different length and diameter.
  • This hose is made of food grade materials, so is safe for drinking water.
  • Very cheap in price.


  • The hose doesn't come with any sprayer or sprinkler; you have to buy them separately.
  • The color of the hose fades over time.
  • This garden hose also comes with one year of warranty but only for parts.


This Flexzilla garden hose has light green color and deep green attachments that look beautiful and alive. If will bring a happy and a fun touch to your garden and make watering easier. If you are looking for any hose for your home garden in the budget, then this one will be perfect to choose specially for the beginners. Buy it from here

#4 VicTsing 50ft Strongest Expandable Garden Hose

flexzilla garden hose

Here is another affordable hose for gardening. The VicTsing 50ft Strongest Expandable Garden Hose is perfect for any home or commercial use. This hose a withstand high to low almost any temperature and pressure. That is why you can use in Arizona’s coldest weather or the hottest weather in Florida. According to its manufacturer instruction this hose is right to use below -5 degree or up to 98 degree Celsius.

This hose is normally 17 ft long and can be expanded not more than 50 ft. But while we try it with full water pressure the length of the hose was short which should expand in 50 ft. So if you need anything below 5o ft, this hose will work for you best. Besides, retract down on its original shape once the hose is empty, and that was very fast. It’s made of double layer natural latex core, brass, and fiber. All the attachments are made of brass and plastic. They are very sturdy and never leaked of cracking due to water pressure.

One of the greatest features of this hose is it has shut off valve that will save you from endless trips to your faucet. This built- in brass valve is very sturdy and easy to on/off. It’s located on at the end of the hose. This hose is overall lightweight, 2.4 lbs. Also, it comes with a storage bag. So if you don’t need to use it often or need to take with you anywhere very quickly.


  • Tight metal brass couplings which are pressure resistance and leakage free.
  • Comes with a storage bag makes easier carry with you anywhere.
  • Built-in shot of the brass valve to on/off the water flow.
  • Comes with 12 months of warranty service.
  • Suitable to use with any sprayer or nozzle.


  • The hose diameter seems narrow even when fully expanded.
  • It shrinks down or says not fully expandable in 50 ft.
  • The fiber of the hose comes apart if it drags on concrete.


This hose is also good for washing your car, bots or flushing the salt through the engine's lower unit. The brass fittings are really sturdy to hold a lot of water pressure if needed. If you can maintain it properly, the VicTsing will last for years. Here to buy it now

#5 Camco 22853 Premium Drinking Water Hose

best expandable garden hose

Here is another affordable garden hose with food grade quality. The Camco 22853 Premium Drinking Water Hose is suitable for watering your plant and don’t contain any harmful chemical. It’s BPA, lead, and phthalate free and doesn't leave any plastic taste in your drinking water.

The gardening hose is twenty percent thicker than standard drinking water hoses. Also, its UV stabilized for longer and stable lifespan. So you can use it for a long time without any difficulty. The Camco bring the different length of water hoses in affordable price range. You will get 10 ft, 25 ft and 35 ft garden hoses with same quality and performance.

This drinking water hose is made for watering plants and other additional works. Its new tough interior and exterior are good camping, RVing, gardening, washing your car or boat as well. Besides, is more pressure resistance so that it won’t burst or leaks usually like the other garden hoses.

The diameter, dimension, and weight of the hose are respectively 5/8, 15 x 15 x 4.4 inches and 6 lbs. Seeing on this measurement we can say, it can withstand heavy water flows, but the weight of the hose is bit height. Due to its nickels plated brass fittings and the metal coils etc., the weight is increased. It may slow your work a bit but don’t make your job stopped.

These brass fittings are not like your other cheap hose fittings. They are maximum corrosion resistance with strain-free relief. It's added durability, and prevents leakage.


  • This hose is 100% drinking water safe.
  • Comes with heavy duty nickel plated brass machined fittings.
  • 20% thicker than your regular garden hose.
  • Good for withstanding in heavy water flow.
  • Nice and sturdy design and color.


  • The hose is massive around 6 pounds.
  • It doesn't come with any guaranty or warranty service.
  • No sprayer or sprinklers included with the garden hose.


This is one of the beautiful and heavy-duty portable hose that has machine end fittings and food grad materials. Even with low price, it has the quality to beat any expensive hoses. Check out it from here

#6 Gilmour Flexogen Super Duty Hose

Gilmour Flexogen Heavy Duty Hose

Those who are seeking of heavy duty hose for the watering can check the Gilmour Flexogen Super Duty Hose. This hose can bear around 500 PSI pressure and also durable in any tough conditions. Its patented tri-extrusion construction gives it more strength to survive in high water pressure, heat, cold or forms any external damages. Moreover, its glossy cover resists dirt-collecting abrasions or speeding any corrosion or micro biotical object.

It’s made of durable plastic, metal, and heavy duty polyester. It's double polyester cord reinforcement and high burst strength construction are built to last through years of frequent use.

This watering hose is also kink resistant. Its protective spring helps the pipe to resist any curl, twisting or tangling at the faucet. Beside the layer outside the hose gives it an extra kink resistance that you never find anywhere else. The layer around the hose is made of foam and nylon knit. This wrap combo makes it easy to hold, use and roll as well. It also increases the performance power of this garden gear to use in different weather. So, no matter what part of the world you live in, you can use Gilmour Flexogen comfortably without any problem.

This hose is ½ inches in diameter and 50 ft long. They offer some other length as well, but this size is better for covering your home garden or rooftop garden. Its weight is more than 5 pounds which bit heavy but ok to work with.


  • The hose has the highs pressure tolerance.
  • It’s made of quality material, and the attachments are quite well.
  • This watering hose also comes with a lifetime of warranty.
  • It is very flexible and easy to use.
  • Easy to store in your lawn, garden, deck or driveway.


  • It is so heavy due to the metal construction and attachments.
  • Don’t come with any attachments like a sprayer, sprinklers of valves for water control.
  • The weight of the hose is bit heavy.


This premium duty hose has everything you are looking for in an ideal garden hose. Its quality and durability assure you the best performance as long as you use it. It’s one of the bets watering hose that has a balance of price, quality, and service. Buy it from here

Types of Garden Hoses for Lawn Care

To understand things better, you have to know about the garden hose type. There are almost five different types of gardening hose available in the market. Let’s see what they are.

Light Duty Hoses

Light duty or lightweight garden hoses are made from vinyl or mesh of reinforcing mesh. These hoses come with plastic fittings and with thinner diameters. These hoses are very cheap in price so gardeners who want hoses in the budget can try this. Also if you are not using your hose in a daily basis, have lower water pressure, don’t use any sprayer and don’t need anything so long (more than 50 ft) can use this light duty hoses.

Heavy Duty Hoses

Heavy duty or regular hose which widely use in gardening is mostly made or rubber or rubber composite. These hoses are sturdy and wide enough to increase the flow or maintain heavy pressure. Heavy duty hoses come with metal or plastic sprayer or sprinklers and mostly are over 50 ft. Heavy duty hoses are expensive then lightweight hoses, but they do have some affordable options too.

Flat Hoses

Flat hoses are same as fireman’s hose. It’s fully round when water is running through it, and flatten when it’s empty. These hoses are generally easy to roll so take less space to store. But you will need a hose reel to store them properly. The good news is some flat hose are with hose reel, but they are bit costly. These hoses are made with vinyl too, so the puncture and kink is come with them easily. They have a lower burst pressure, so it takes the time to water the garden. If you have storage issues and you are going to use it in a straight line, then you might consider to having this.

Soaker Hoses

Soaker hoses are typically used for large garden or field for irrigation. These are mostly made of recycled plastics and rubber and have leaky walls. So, when the water is on, thousands of tiny holes of the hoses sprinkle water and wet the soil. The hoses are directly laid on the ground or buried under the surface. Soaker hoses are good to use in flower/fruit or vegetable gardens where you need to watering plant in the schedule. They need a good amount of water pressure to run and sprinkling water.

Drinking Water Safe Hoses

Garden hoses are made of different type of plasticize materials which are not effective on plants but unsafe for health. So if you are using a hose to fill a pool where children swim or play or your pet drink from the hose you might consider having drinking water safe hoses.

They are approved by FDA, nontoxic and doesn't leach toxic chemicals. Another good side about this hoses is they run cold water most of the time. Due to they do not have the heavy metal on it,

Expandable hose

The garden hose is very light and can expand 2 to 3 times longer than its total length. Most of the expandable hoses are comes with bright colors, half inches diameter in size and provides adequate water flow compare than another garden hose. Over the time this hose tend to stop contracting properly which makes them store easily. Also while expanding the hose they shrink and decrease the water pressure. If you can mange something important like, not letting them stay in the sun for a long time, etc. a expandable hose will last with its full form for a long time. Also treat them gently and used for hand watering except hooked up to a sprayer or sprinkler.

Factors To Choose The Garden Hose

Consider the best gardening hose or buying the perfect garden hose is a demand on many elements like the size, material, what/which you are going to use them and more. So, see some important factors before choosing your garden hose.

Hose Length

The hose mostly comes in 10 to 100 ft lengths. So before buying get the idea of you maximum distances of use the hose for your garden. But don’t get unnecessarily extended hoses. Thus they will make you spend the extra money and take more space to storage. Besides, long hoses need heavy pressure to provide a right amount of water pressure. So if need to cover your balcony or small rooftop garden using a 25 ft hose is best. For urban years take the 50 ft length. You can add some extra length later by joining to extend the length if needed.

Diameter and water flow

There is a direct connection of diameter and water flow. So the bigger the can carry more water but supply less flow of water. Inner diameter comes in ¾, 5/8 and ½ inches. With 5/8 width you will get a good water flow and pressure that easy to handle. That is why, most of the gardeners like this one. Half inches hoses are good for 50 ft or less garden hose. They are suitable for a light task like watering the hanging basket, flower pots. But they don’t have enough pressure t wash your car.

Hose material

We have already taken about the hose materials while discussing the types of hoses. So for the most durable and long lasting hose, you can buy rubber hose or rubber composite hose. They are good for using in heat, sun and can leave them on an uneven surface. Also, they are useful for carrying hot waters. So you can use them for fill pull, washing cars or anything with gardening. But rubbers hose are expensive and bulky. Next material vinyl is lightweight but less durable. But they are useful for the light task if you maintain them properly.

Couplings, Washers, and Collars

For durable and leak-resistant coupling, select cast brass couplings and washer use rubber washers. Plastic washers are break easily. Collars are an addition option for a garden hose, but it’s reducing kinking or splitting close to the spigot.

Final Thought

There are many garden tools that you need for gardening. A garden hose is not for only occasional use. You need to use in daily basis once or twice a day. So, this daily gear has to be tough enough survive in any condition. If you go to buy water hose without knowing much chances are getting the cheapest less durable watering pipe will go in your shopping cart. And you will be found the same store, same selecting searching for another hose after few months.

So, before going to shopping research more about the product, gather all the necessary info and determine what qualities your need or looking for. Hopefully, you get all the necessary info from the best garden hose reviews. So, pick the most suitable one and bring home the best lightweight garden hose for your garden.

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