How to Start a Vegetable Garden Today

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Do you have a front yard or back yard blank space? I bet many of you do. You can use that empty space. And the best way you can do is to start a vegetable garden. You can have fresh vegetables for your salad and other food items anytime. Gardening is an art. When you start doing it, you will understand how creative you are.

In this fast-moving world, people forget to have quality time with their children. Through gardening, they can get back that long lost time. Furthermore, gardening will save you money. You can get groceries from your own garden. And the vegetables will be fresh.

The process to start a vegetable garden (Step by step)

Gardening is easy if you keep some important factors in mind. You can plant any vegetables. Typically, we plant but we stop caring for the plant. Some of the most important factors to start a garden we get to discuss below.

Start with small

If you are a beginner, it is a wise choice to start small. Garden Planting requires time. If you give more time then you will have better results. Starting a big garden overnight might be an amazing thought. But you will face many unimaginable problems. You may end up not giving proper care to all the plants. If you want to be productive then you should work slow.

Vegetable Garden

Where and how you should plant

Sunlight and shade both are important for plantation. You should look for a place where you can get a combination of both. At least the sun should be visible for six hours in that spot. If the vegetable plants receive plenty of sunlight then the taste of them will be great. Six hours is the least time for growing. If you can maximize this, then you will have better quality vegetables. It is not mandatory to grow in full sunlight. You can always have a part where there is shade.soil

The soil of the spot must compliment the vegetable garden you are planning to grow. If the soil is soft, then the plants’ roots can go through the soil easily. Vegetable needs nutrients to grow. If you put compost in the soil to enrich it, they will grow healthy. This Ringer 3050 Compost Plus is one of the best-sellers to start making compost. It is important that you have a proper drainage system. This will help the plants to absorb water that is necessary for them.

Ringer 3050 Compost PlusSome vegetable needs more space to grow and some do not. There are chances that the plants that take up more space may create shelter for smaller plants. This will block the sunlight. If the smaller ones do not receive sunlight then they produce bad quality vegetables. Or they may die even. If the plants are too close to each other, they may drain each other’s resources. These resources are sunlight, water, and many others. In the process of eating each other’s resources, the plants will become malnutrition.

seedsIt is important that you buy seeds that are of amazing quality. This may cost a little. But you will be happy with the end results. Say for, you bought seeds that are of low quality. They might not react with the soil properly. This may lead to wastage of seed bought and other items invested in it. Also, you might have given your precious time. And in return you received nothing.

Size of the plot

For beginners, the best size for growing a vegetable garden is 16 feet by 10 feet. In this size, you can grow any type of vegetable plants. If you want to take complete benefit of the sun then trying creating rows from north to south. Rows will help to get more space. Create a few of them and you and your family are good to go for a month.

How To Start A Vegetable Garden

When to plant

You should know which vegetable grows in which season. If you plant something that is out of season, it will not grow. You should have a clear idea about the vegetable. And when is the best time for them to grow?

Some important factors to start a vegetable garden

  • There are roaming plants. They may cover other plants with their vines. These should be planted on the edge of the garden. So that they do not affect others.
  • There are climbing plants that need to be taken care of. They may shade other plants. But, there are plants that need shade. So, it is best to plant them close together.
  • Some plants need good weather conditions for growing. They have problems dealing with dry weather.
  • Some plants cannot grow alone. You should place them near others.

Harvesting and then continuing the same process

As soon as the vegetables are big and ripe. You should start harvesting them. After the harvesting is complete, you would not want to keep the space empty. Try growing new vegetables. This process should continue. This is as long as you want.

How To Start A Vegetable Garden

Tips for a good vegetable garden

  • You can confuse pests. The process is by mixing the plant you want to grow. If you concentrate planting a single vegetable in one area, this will welcome the insects. The insects will not understand the combinations and will get lost among the plants if you mix.
  • If you want to control pest infestation then you should consider planting some flowers. There are some flowers that lure good insects. These insects eat other insects. So, this way you may control it naturally.
  • Say for, you are planting both tall and short plants. Try growing them in such a way that the tall ones will provide enough shelter for the short ones.
Final Words

In the end, I would say starting a vegetable garden is simple. You need to follow some techniques which will help you to grow quality vegetables. By now you have understood what are the important factors for a garden filled with fresh vegetables. Now you have the knowledge to use the empty space on your back or front yard. So, what are you waiting for? Start planting and teach your children to plant too. Eat green and live healthily. Learn how to make Vegetable Garden Layout easy.


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