5 Vegetable Garden Ideas for Your Tiny House

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Kitchen garden or growing vegetables in the house is a new trend now. Not only it can add beauty to your house but it can help you to get your necessary vegetable fresh and handy. You can plan this beautiful garden in a small lawn, a small window, and balcony. A vegetable garden is easy to grow and even the children of your home can take interest to grow the vegetable garden. It requires the same care and the same effort as any other garden. Do you have any Vegetable Garden Ideas for your house?

The soil should be well-nourished and well-turned over and you also need to make sure that it should have good drainage. Exactly how you feed the soil will depend on what you actually. Good compost and good manure are what you need. You can research a little bit to get the best idea for creating a beautiful vegetable garden in your tiny home. You can buy the containers or can use the DIY methods to have the garden.

5 Vegetable Garden Ideas for Your Tiny HouseGarden Ideas for Tiny House

You can use the Trellis Frames

If you have a large wall in your house you can use the Trellis. These are just the wooden frames that you can buy from different shops or online or you can go for the DIY process to make the Trellis Frames. You can easily grow these plants outside of your small house but it will never damage the wall. You can choose the vegetables that you want for this place. Climbing vines of green foliage can make your hanging vegetable garden a beautiful place to enjoy. You can make the trellis as per your necessary size and design.

Vertical vegetable garden ideas                             

If you don’t have much more floor space in your house, you can use the walls of your house to create a vertical kitchen garden. It is easier to hang the pallets outside your home or even at the window of your kitchen. In this vertical garden, you can grow different herbs or small vegetables like mint, lemongrass, tomato, carrot etc. this can turn to your little herb garden. There are few plants that grow much better in the vertical spaces. But when you grow the vegetables, you need to research better about the soil, plants that you can grow etc. You can beautify your patios or decks with this idea. For a vertical garden, you can use large containers; wooden boxes etc to create a beautiful vertical garden in your tiny home.

Iron staircases

If you have a small window or balcony, you can customize the iron staircases or iron plant stands. There are many stands that can accommodate more than one plant. You can buy this type of staircases or stands easily or even can customize as per the small place of your home. You can grow different herbs like coriander, mint, carrot, capsicum etc there. This is a space-saving garden idea for your small idea. They are not only handy but these stands look very unique and classy. You can use plastic or clay pot to row different vegetables.



If you want to go for the traditional methods for your tiny house, you can use the containers. If your home has a small porch pr steps, it is good to put the vegetable plants in the containers. Containers are easy to use and the steps are also very easier to grow plants in a container. This type of garden or plants is easy to move if you are moving from one place to another.

If you are using the pots, check for the drainage holes in their bottom. Because the plants can die if you water it more or the roots get waterlogged. Moreover, if you are planning for the containers, first select the right soil, right fertilizer etc to grow the plants properly. And then, if you have large walls with different hooks in your tiny house, you can use the hanging containers for vegetable growing. This is the most inexpensive idea that you can use. You can utilize the vertical place better with these hooks.

If you are not ready to buy the pots, you can use the plastic bottles to make your DIY hanging containers. Color them to give them a more creative look. These hanging pots are easy to get.

Start the compost

This is the most eco-friendly way to grow vegetables in your tiny house. You can reduce your waste amount also with the process every week. Purchase a large-sized bin from your nearest gardening store and use it to make your vegetable garden. You can also add some other things like fruit or vegetable scraps, newspapers, tea bags, eggshells, lint, coffee grounds etc that you waste out each and every day. This can save your space and can help you to get rid of the wastes easily.

DIY Vegetable Garden Ideas

DIY Garden Ideas for Tiny House

You can line up some baskets with the moss and fill it with good quality potting soil and fertilizer. You can grow strawberries or such type of plants there easily. For the small vegetable garden, you can choose the window that gets 6 hours of sunlight every day. Don’t fertilize it over but keep them properly watered to get the best of the result. In your window garden, you can grow the herbs and salad leaves also because they require the shallow box only on the brighter windowsills.

You can also grow radishes, growing rocker, tomatoes, runner beans etc in this place. If you have ice cream tubs, you can make the lettuce beds there too with a hole in the bottom. When you have small space and you want to save your money you can use the wine creates, reuse buckets or wicker buckets to make your planter boxes for window or small balcony. To grow tomato plants, you can use the bamboo shoots.

These unique ideas are best for small houses with little space. You can choose the right one according to the place you have in your house or what you want to grow in your small place.

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