Agri-fab Lawn Sweepers Review

If you are looking for a high-end lawn sweeper, then read once agri-fab lawn sweepers review. It is perfect in size, and the operation is effortless. One will love it after buying because of it has an easy to use dump lever. Further, the best part of this garden cleaning tool is it is collapsible. One can store quickly after use. Not only this it performs well on steeper terrain too.

So if you’re in need of a giant sweeper for a large yard, don't forget to try it.

Agri-fab Lawn Sweepers Reviews

For Whom The Product Designed For

Agri-fab lawn sweepers  is one of the best lawn sweeper which is specially designed for those who are looking for an ideal solution for keeping their lawn cleaned from unwanted dry leaves and debris. All of we know though fall is the gorgeous season of the year during this time the leaves become dry and fall down. 

These colorful dry leaves might look amazing on the ground but too many leaves make your lawn dirty and you probably not like to have them. To get rid of those unwanted debris must read agri-fab lawn sweepers review. It will save your time as well as energy and reduce the hassle of buying additional expensive tools to keep your yard neat and clean.

Agri-fab Lawn Sweepers Specifications

  • Sweeper Weight: 92 Pounds.
  • Sweeper Width: 44 inches.
  • Dimensions: 52 x 78 x 55 in.
  • Tear Proof: Yes.
  • Tow or Push Style: Tow-style.
  • Hopper Size: 25-Cubic feet capacity bag.
  • Wheels: 12" x 3" Semi-pneumatic wheels
  • Batteries Required: No.
  • Assembly: Some assembly required.

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Features & Benefits of Agri-fab Lawn Sweepers

It's not easy to buy a lawn sweeper because lots of variation exists. Different models are there when you intend to buy a new one; you have to choose one according to own your requirement. They have varieties of size, price, features and so on. Remembering the fact we have added here some prominent features of this lawn sweeper so that you can identify why this model is better than others.

Huge Hoppers

As you know this is a tow style lawn sweepers so it can hold a larger amount of debris at a time. You will get a more efficient sweeping process with this machine. So those who have large yard Agri-fab is a great option. Do you know what size hopper it has? In particular, it has a mesh back 25 cu. Ft. “flow thru” hopper that reduces half of your trouble. The 25 cubic feet of space is enough to hold a huge amount of debris, so you don't require to empty often the machine.

One Hand Empty Feature

One of the prominent features of this sweeper is its one hand empty feature. Most of the users gave it highest rate because of this feature. It allows you adjust the brush height settings. So from now, you can easily pick up the debris no matter how close or far away the debris is, it is just on point to catch them.

Easy Bag Removal

The sweeper has a very innovative design. One doesn't require any technical knowledge to use it; bag removal is accessible here. You don't need to get off the tractor, just do it by only lifting the handle from your seat. Besides this, the built-in gauge is excellent to measure the depth for precise cleaning in a single pass.

Agri-fab Lawn Sweepers Review
Durable Brushes Cover

The thing made it different than others is its 44 inches tough and long lasting brushes cover. With its help, you can clean leaves, pine cones and grass clippings of your lawn. Owners appreciated a lot of this feature. In this similar price, many renowned companies are there who forgot to add an easy to use high adjustment facility. But this brand gave priority to optimum sweeping performance, and it requires no tool to assemble.

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Easy Storage

Another great thing storing the machine is easy. When you need not use it, you can fold the hopper and the tongue. So anyone would like to have this compact size sweeper. If required it has also option to add a dethatcher. By adding this, you can get more thorough sweeping. Apart from detailed instructions, it has everything you could expect from a high-end lawn sleeper. Rather its easy to assemble, no extra tools required to set it up on your own.


  • Attractive design and feels sturdy.
  • Foldable option to save storage space.
  • Ability to sweep a large area.
  • Excellent one hand emptying feature.
  • Great settings for brush height.


  • Reported as the bag is lightweight.

Alternatives/Similar Products

Some similar kinds of lawn sweepers are also available in the market. If you want to see some other models in this budget, you can try the following ones.

1. Yardwise 23630-YW Sweep It 21-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper

The Yardwise 23630-YW Sweep is another reliable lawn sweeper. In this addition, Yardwise 23630-YW Sweep It 21-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper gives a wonderful performance of picking up twigs, leaves, and debris from the yard. Having a lightweight design, it allows for easy storage hanging option.

2. Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper

Ohio sweeper has some useful features; it has a hitch pin, five position hitch adjustment and sealed ball bearings on its brush axle. So it can sweep more efficiently.

3. Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper

It is light enough to hang for storage. Moreover, Agri-Fab 45-0218 26 is now one of the best sellers on Amazon, most of the users gave it good rate for its high sweeping performance and durability.

Agri-fab Lawn Sweepers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How well does it work with pine needles?

Answer: It works great with pine needles both long and short.

Question: Does it have teeth on the wheel or are the teeth plastic?

Answer: Yes, don't go too fast and avoid sharp turns at high speed.

Question: Will this unit pick up lawn clippings on a thick bluegrass/ryegrass lawn?

Answer: Yes, its hungry for all of that plus pine cones.

Question: Does it mow and sweep in the offset position at the same time? Does it pull straight?

Answer: Yes, it works great, and it does pull straight.

Final Thought

Before order, give a read to the agri-fab lawn sweepers review. Then you will get to know why it is essential to buy. For most of the reviewers, the price is just on point for its incredible performance. However, it is different than others because it requires no frequent unloading. Preferably the bag can contain a significant amount of debris at a time. You may try it.

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