REVIEW: The Best T5 Grow Lights for Indoors

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Every plant needs light to grow. There’s no doubt about it! But when natural sunlight is nowhere to be found, we growers reach for the help of artificial lights. Grow lights are every indoor grow room best buddy. Although with so many options available already, how would you know which one is best? Often, we find ourselves confused about which grow light is perfect for our grow rooms. One thing is for sure though, T5 grow lights are one of the most efficient lights suitable for any type of cultivar.

We cannot agree more with that!

So, we already took the liberty to present to you our top picks for T5 grow lights. We will discuss what each product can offer and why are they good for you. To further add, we also included a  guideline to help you sort out important factors when buying T5 lamps.

Without much said, let’s dive in!

Our Top Picks for The Best T5 Grow Lights

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Overall Top Pick:

Vivosun T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light

First Runner-up:

DuroLux T5 High Output Grow Light

Second Runner-up:

Sunlite T5 Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb

PreviewT5 Grow LightsBest ForAvailability
Vivosun T5 HO Fluorescent Grow LightBest overall performance Check Price
DuroLux T5 High Output Grow LightT5 fluorescent alternative Check Price
Sunlite T5 Linear Fluorescent Light BulbFluorescent bulb only Check Price
Sunleaves Pioneer T5 Fixture w/ VitaLume Fluorescent Grow TubesFor large applications Check Price
Belecome T5 LED Grow Light BarAffordable T5 LED Check Price
ZWD T5 Full-Spectrum Tube LED Grow LightHigh-output T5 LED Check Price

Best T5 Grow Lights in the Market

1. Vivosun T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light

Best T5 Grow Lights in the Market

The Vivosun T5 fluorescent grow light is a high output lamp perfect for indoor gardens. This 4-feet light system comes with 6500K lamps that give a full-daylight appeal. It is the brightest white light your plants can absorb.

Each T5 tube delivers a brightness of up to 5,000 lumens each. If the fixture can cater to 8 bulbs, then that would give you a total of 40,000 lumens per system. 

Vivosun T5 lamps are being housed in a powder-coated casing made from aluminum. This reflective material is well-designed to optimize the intensity and distribution of light. Thus, further enhancing your light output and coverage.

This Vivosun T5 fixture comes with a dual switch feature. This split-type control allows you to switch off half of the lamps while leaving the other half turned on. Thus, giving you more flexibility to manage the usage of your lights as it deems necessary.

How about its installation?

The installation of the grow light fixture is also very versatile. You have the option to hang it in either horizontal or vertical positions. You can also choose to affix it as an overhead or vertical to the ground. It’s a good thing to know as well that hanging cables are already included in the package. 

Furthermore, this grow light system is daisy-chainable. It has a three-head socket that enables you to connect multiple fixtures together. Thus, allowing you to widen your coverage. This feature is especially helpful for accommodating future expansions in your grow space.

Vivosun T5 lamps come with a rated lifespan of up to 20,000 hours under ideal conditions. This timeframe is pretty much the average length for most T5 fluorescent lamps. Although, the company also offers its consumers a 1-year warranty to cover untoward bulb issues. 

Things to concern:

Vivosun is a reputable brand. Then again, there are still instances that customers will receive a defective product. If so, make sure to check the integrity of the item and immediately report problems for warranty.

Magic Lines:

A reliable light system with very good flexibility.


  • Lumens: 5,000 per bulb
  • CCT: 6500K
  • Aluminum reflector hood
  • Daisy-chain function
  • Double-switch feature
  • UL certified
  • Lifespan: 20,000 hours
  • 1-year warranty for bulbs
  • 2-year warranty for the fixture


2. DuroLux T5 High Output Grow Light

DuroLux T5 High Output Grow Light

DuroLux fluorescent T5 lamps are one of the most popular lines of high-output grow lights. The bulb promises to deliver light as bright as up to 20,000 lumens. This T5 has a color temperature of 6500K. This cool white hue assimilates sunlight during high noon.

Moreover, the lamp is also paired with a German hammertone reflector. This type of reflector has as much as 95% reflectivity. So, the combination of both T5 lamp and reflector enhances your light output by as much as 30% compared to other systems. 

DuroLux T5 allows you to have a flexible light output. The system itself comes with 4 pieces of 4-feet lamps. These are being controlled by a double switch feature. Thus, this enables you to dim the lights by manipulating the operation of either the inner or outer bulbs.

This grow light system also comes with a daisy chain function. This allows you to connect up to five fixtures in one single wall outlet. Giving you one heck of convenience and much less clutter. Furthermore, it makes the system a perfect choice for larger applications too. 

The kit already consists of the accessories you would need to set up your light system. This includes fluorescent T5 lamps, reflector hood, hanging ropes and chains, and an 8-foot power cord. So, you no longer have to buy a separate kit for installation. 

This grow light is also I.

This is a very useful add on to your system as this enables you to automate its operation. With such, you will have hassle-free light and dark cycles. The timer though is not included in the kit, but it is sure easy to buy one off the shelves.

DuroLux T5 lights are also very safe to operate. It is suitable for use in both wet or damp environments. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the moisture damaging your lights and posing hazards to your grow room. Furthermore, the fixture itself is UL/CUL approved so you can be sure it is of good quality and standards.

Things to concern:

The fluorescent T5 lamp on its own is a very solid and reliable grow light. The only thing that customers complain about this product is its reflector hood. 

It is good at reflecting light but it is not as sturdy as most would want it to be. It is quite understandable though considering that the hood is an aluminum material. So, it is more pliable than regular steel metal.

Magic Lines:

Bright and efficient light at a fair price.


  • Lumens: 20,000
  • CCT: 6500K
  • German hammertone reflector
  • Daisy-chain function
  • Double-switch feature
  • Safe to use on wet/damp environments
  • AAG Stucchi lamp holder
  • Works with timers
  • Not compatible with GFI outlets
  • UL/CUL certified
  • 5-year warranty


3. Sunleaves Pioneer T5 Fixture w/ VitaLume Fluorescent Grow Tubes

Sunleaves Pioneer T5 Fixture w/ VitaLume Fluorescent Grow Tubes

The Sunleaves T5 grow light kit offers high-quality fixtures and high-output fluorescent lamps. The combination provides your cultivars the artificial light it needs to grow indoors.

The kit uses Sunleaves’ VitaLume T5 fluorescent lamps with a 6500K color temperature. This spectrum gives you cool white light like that of natural daylight. This 54-watt bulb can also deliver up to 5,000 lumens per tube. So, if you are using a total of  8 bulbs in one fixture, you’ll generate a brightness equal to 40,000 lumens.

As for the fixture, it is 4-foot housing that will fit up to 8 units of T5 lamps. It is being made from powder-coated steel for a more appeal and robust structure. It also comes with vents to help to keep the temperature low at all times.

Moreover, the housing also has good reflectivity. Thus, it is more capable to provide excellent light dispersion and footprint. With such a feature, it is likely to give you better yields in the end.

Pioneer fixtures come with a built-in 120V receptacle. Through which, it enables you to link it to another fixture. So, it is a perfect solution when you wish to expand your coverage without adding another outlet. 

There are also two ways to install the fixture. You can either choose to hang it in a vertical or in an overhead set-up. The package already includes hanging hardware. So, you need not buy separate kits for installation.

Things to concern:

There are no major drawbacks with this Sunleaves T5 grow light kit. Customers seem pleased with its efficiency at accommodating large applications. 

Magic Line:

Great coverage with low power consumption.


  • Lumens: 5,000 per bulb
  • CCT: 6500K
  • Wattage: 54 watts per bulb
  • Daisy-chain function
  • Built-in 120V receptacle
  • Heavy-duty steel housing
  • Vertical or overhead installation
  • Hanging hardware included
  • Length: 4-feet
  • Available in 4×4, 4×6, & 4×8 lamps
  • 1-year warranty


4. Sunlite T5 Linear Fluorescent Light

Sunlite T5 Linear Fluorescent Light

Sunlite T5 Fluorescent lights are not exactly your typical horticultural grow lights. In fact, it is more often used in buildings and other commercial applications. But, note though that any regular T5 fluorescent lamp can work well for your grow room too. 

The only import key here is to make sure you have the right amount of color temperature. This Sunlite lamp comes with a 6500K CCT rating. The spectrum appears as bright daylight that is perfect for plants at the vegetative stage.

Sunlite T5 fluorescent lamps are available in various wattages from 14 watts up to 35 watts. Each has the capacity to deliver high outputs from 1,200 lumens up to 3,100 lumens per bulb. All have a considerable CRI rating of 82 out of 100. As we all know, the higher the CRI, the more accurate is its color rendering too.

This bulb comes with a lifespan of 20,000 hours. That is being based on the standard of 3 hours burning per start. This length is pretty much the expected average lifetime of T5 fluorescent lamps.

The listing is for a set of 40 lamps only. No fixture included yet. Thus, when buying this you have to make sure to secure a fixture that is compatible with a mini bi-pin lamp base.

Things to concern:

As mentioned earlier, Sunlite T5 fluorescent lamps are not mainly designed for horticulture. So, you have to always have to double-check the correct color temperature. That way, you can ensure that your cultivars will absorb the right light spectrum for its stage of growth.

Magic Lines:

Great value for money.


  • Lumens: 1,200 up to 3,100 per bulb
  • CCT: 6500K
  • CRI: 82
  • Miniature bi-pin base (G5)
  • High-output lamps only
  • Fixture not included
  • Available in 14 watts, 21 watts, 28 watts, & 35 watts
  • Lifespan: 20,000
  • Limited warranty


5. Belecome T5 LED Grow Light Bar

Belecome T5 LED Grow Light Bar

T5 grow lights do not just come in fluorescent lamps. There are also some bulbs that are LEDs. These tube-type LED lights have the same 5/8-inch diameter thus it is classified as T5 too. But, the major difference of using LEDs is its energy efficiency. In fact, each lamp consumes only 5 watts of electricity. 

Moreover, LED T5 grow lights have a longer life than your typical fluorescent tubes. Belecome lamps can last about 50,000 hours of use under the right conditions. That is 250% more than the average lifespan of a T5 fluorescent.

Belecome is one of the best selling LED T5 grow lights in Amazon. This full-spectrum bulb emits a good balance of red and blue lights. Thus, rendering its spectral output ideal for both vegetative and flowering stages.

This T5 lamp is available in 2 different lengths.

You have the option to either choose a length of 30 or 60 centimeters. If you wish to further expand your coverage, the bulb features a daisy-chain function too. This allows you to connect multiple lamps with only a single power outlet. 

For extra convenience, the grow light can also be used along with timer control. This add-on accessory is very helpful in giving you a precise on and off light cycle for your plants. Timer controllers come as a separate purchase though.

The Belecome T5 LED lamp is very easy to install. The kit already includes the fixing clips, connectors, single-end cables, and screws. So, you don’t have to worry about anything else when it comes to installation. 

One important thing you should note, though, this grow light uses a US standard plug fitting. Thus, do check if it is compatible with the power sockets in your grow room. Otherwise, you may need to use adaptors instead.

Things to concern:

Belecome T5 LED grow lights are not waterproof. It is being designed for indoor uses only. It does not have any feature that protects the lamp from any untoward water damages.

Magic Line:

Versatile and energy-efficient full-spectrum grow light. 


  • Full-spectrum
  • Wattage: 5 watts
  • Daisy-chain function
  • Upgraded aluminum heat sink
  • US standard fitting
  • Compatible to use with timers
  • Hanging kit included
  • Lifespan: 50,000
  • Available in 30 or 60 centimeters
  • 2-years warranty
  • 30 days satisfaction/return guarantee


6. ZWD T5 Full-Spectrum Tube LED Grow Light

ZWD T5 Full-Spectrum Tube LED Grow Light

If you want to have more T5 grow light options, the ZWD T5 LED is one great alternative. It has very similar features with the Belecome LED but with more extensive coverage.

ZWD T5 is a full-spectrum grow light system with 96 units of LEDs. It not only consists of red and blue lights, but it also has warm and white lights. This gives you well-diverse wavelengths to accommodate all stages of plant growth.

This T5 LED is at a length of 29 centimeters and comes with a polycarbonate outer shell. This type of material is highly-transparent and it helps to improve light transmission. Pairing it with a high-output LED lamp enables you to deliver as much as 98% absorbable light to your plants. 

Aside from optimizing the light output, ZWD T5 LEDs are also energy-efficient. Each lamp consumes only about 5 watts of power or a total of 15 watts for using 3 lamps all at once. That is impressively low compared to your typical T5 fluorescent lamp consumption.

The kit already contains 3 units of T5 LED tubes. These lamps are linkable using the included connecting cables. Finally, you can attach it to its standard EU/US power cord. This comes with a power switch button for convenient on/off control.

Things to concern:

The same with Belecome T5 LED, ZWD lamps are also not waterproof. Thus, they are best used for indoor applications only.

Magic Line:

Diverse LED lights for better penetration and impact.


  • Full-spectrum
  • LED (Red x60, Blue x12, Warm white x 12, & White x12) 
  • Wattage: 5 watts per tube
  • Daisy-chain function
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Aluminum fixture
  • Hanging kit included 
  • EU/US standard fitting


Things to consider when purchasing for the Best T5 LED grow lights

  • Grow Room Size

Before buying any grow light, you must first know the exact dimensions of your room or tent. This will help you determine how much T5 lamps you would likely need to cover the grow area.

Smaller areas like closets or tiny tents might get away with a single set of T5 lamps. For larger applications, though, you would tend to use more than 1 lamp. 

That said, it would be helpful to look for fixtures with a daisy-chain function. This will allow you to connect multiple lamps in just one outlet. It gives you more convenience and less clutter.

  • Stage of Growth

Of course, you also have to consider the current stage of growth of your crops. As you might already know, different phases require different light spectrums. 

For the vegetative stage, a wavelength between the range of 400 to 500 nanometers is ideal. This cool blue spectrum supports chlorophyll production. Thus, giving you healthier stems and bushier foliage. The color temperature of this light is within 5000K to 6500K.

For the flowering stage, a light with a wavelength of 600 to 700 nanometer is more apt to use. The strong red light stimulates the plants to produce flowers and fruits. The color temperature for this phase is between 3500K to 4500K CCT rating.

  • Grow Light Setup

T5 lamps can be either used as a full-on system or as supplemental lighting only. If you already have existing grow lights, T5 lamps can act as additional support. Bulbs with specific color temperatures reinforce your spectral light outputs. Do not forget, though, to recalculate your total wattages. Supplemental lighting means adding more energy consumption.

  • Manufacturer & Product Warranty

It is always best to stick with brands that have a long-standing reputation for quality.  This somehow ensures that you will get excellent performance out of their products. Thus, giving you the most value for your money.

Furthermore, established brands tend to give more weight to their customer’s satisfaction. So, they are likely to offer you better warranty conditions.  This assures you that the product’s quality is being maintained within standards.  

  • Cost

There is a wide array of T5 grow lights available in the market today. Price points vary depending on the specific features, model, and brand. So, decide how much money you are willing to shell out for this grow light system.

Remember though that grow lights are vital components for indoor farming. Thus, it would be wise to invest in high-quality T5 lamps from the start. Often, these premium lights are likely to give you greater results and longevity.

Wrapping Up:

T5 lamps are one of the most reliable types of grow lights in the market today. They deliver high-outputs that are much cooler to run and more energy-efficient. Thus, making them perfect for growing plants and friendlier to your budget too.

The products we included herein are among the most favored and sought-after T5 lamps. We have sorted them out for you to give you better choices. Furthermore, make use of our guidelines to help you decide wisely.

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