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In this modern age, we are living in an increasingly connected world of smartphones, internet, micro-computers, and wearable tech. As people, we are on the cusp of 5G connected devices that will revolutionize the way we communicate and travel. But, as gardeners, we might wonder, what kind of new technology is available to us? Is there any plant tech?

Is there anything new that will enhance how beautiful my flowers are, or how great my tomatoes taste? The short answer is no. So what kind of technology is available? There is tech that helps us find new products, simplifies watering and irrigation, enables us to extend our growing seasons, and more!

Growing Plant Tech

The growing cycle for a gardener is one of patience and reward. Each year we plant flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables, and fruit as we wait with baited breath to taste the fruit of our labor.

Self-watering containers | Plant Tech

Are perfect for the forgetful types. If you’re always forgetting to water your plants, these new-age containers utilize built-in water reservoirs at the bottom, thus requiring less frequent watering.

Garden sensors

Garden sensors Plant Tech
Garden sensors

Are solar-powered spikes that keep you connected with your soil quality. Many different gardening sensors come with specialized apps for the phone that can alert you if your soil has inadequate nutrition.

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Similar to the garden sensors, there are also moisture sensors to remind you when your plants need water. These sensors are perfect for keeping you honest with your watering schedule.

Hydroponic systems

Hydroponic systems Plant Tech
Hydroponic systems

Are perfect for indoor gardening. There are excellent self-contained systems available for those living with limited space. What is hydroponics?

It’s the process of going soil-less! Your plants grow in a container with nutrient-rich water and your plants sit on a rock or gravel deposit.

Gardening search engines

Like Garden Savvy is perfect for gardeners looking to find new high-quality products from a variety of sources. We all know the pains of looking for new products online or a particular varietal that is unavailable at your local nursery or Home Depot. By utilizing a search engine like Garden Savvy you can easily browse the internet for the best vegetable seeds, or flower seeds without having to worry about Google or Bing ads clouding what you’re really looking for.

Indoor lighting systems | Plant Tech

Are perfect for extending your growing season.

They are fun and easy to provide your plants with the light needed for photosynthesis indoors. During the cooler months, you can quickly set up a rack with heat and color temperature specific bulbs designed to give your plants the solar nutrients they need. You can easily start your growing season early, then bring your plants outside in the Spring!

Indoor lighting systems
Indoor lighting systems

There is a tremendous amount of growing technology available to us today if you just know where to look. We hope our tips on gardening tech has made you a little bit savvier when it comes to finding tools to enhance your green-thumbed passion!


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