How Long Do Spider Plants Live: Care Tips to Make it Live Longer

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Let us get it straight to the point! How Long Do Spider Plants Live?

Spider plants can live for a veryyy long time. How long? About 20 years, or more if provided with the right growing conditions.

For sure it got you thinking, would mine really last that long? That I cannot answer, my friend! It is a case-to-case basis you know.

But, one thing is for sure – Chlorophytum comosum a.k.a spider plants are very hardy plants! So tough that they almost always thrive more when they are left alone with some degree of neglect. Well, that is pretty true at least in my experience.

Although, there is no absolute guarantee that our spider plants will live strong for more than two decades. There are ways, however, we can do right here, right now to help it achieve optimum health day by day. 

In this article, we will share with you tips on how to care for spider plants. Moreover, we will also include links to the best products you can use for growing spider plants.

What makes spider plants live longer?

The spider plant in itself comes with tubular white stems called rhizomes. These thick roots have the ability to store water. Thus, it becomes somewhat like a reservoir of moisture. This is very helpful for times when the environment gets too dry or you simply forgot to water them.

Moreover, spider plants also produce pups or plantlets. Eventually, these pups fall off the mother plant. When it does, you can use it to propagate a new spider plant.  How Long Do Spider Plants Live

Alternatively, you can also leave it as is in the soil. In time, it will start to take root and become a new plant on its own. It may not necessarily extend the life of the parent plant itself. But somehow, it contributes to the continuity of the plant’s life cycle.

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Tips to make spider plants live longer

Tip #1: Find the right spot

In general, the spider plant prefers moderate to bright filtered lighting. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is highly discouraged. Too intense lighting can cause burn spots and browning at the tips of the leaves.

When grown indoors, you can safely place the pot in the south, east, or west-facing windows. If you feel that your location ain’t receiving enough sunlight, you can opt to use artificial lighting instead. 

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Grow lights are your best bet to supplementing the lighting needs of your spider plants. Just make sure to find the right bulb type, intensity, and color temperature.

Our top picks for grow lights:

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Tip #2: Use a well-draining potting soil mix

Since the fleshy roots of the spider plant hold moisture on its own, it makes it more prone to overwatering. Thus, it is essential to use a soil mix that promotes aeration and encourages the removal of excess water. An all-purpose well-draining potting soil mix would suffice for this requirement. Black Gold All-Purpose Potting Soil Mix with Control How Long Do Spider Plants Live

Our top picks for potting soil mixes:

Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix

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Tip #3: Always choose a container with drain holes

In relation to drainage, it is also equally important to choose a container with at least one drain hole. The physical hole at the bottom of the pot allows you to let the extra water flow out freely. Otherwise, this excess moisture will settle at the base and saturate the soil. This can consequently cause various problems such as root rottingTerracotta Pots with Drainage Hole & Saucers

Our top picks for containers:

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Tip #4: Water well

Just because the rhizomes of the spider plant hold water, doesn’t mean it needs less watering. Like any other plant, they deserve to be watered well too. Yes, it should be thorough but not to the point that it turns the soil soggy

Good watering is essential to keep the soil evenly moist. Moreover, this also helps to flush out the excess minerals that had built up over time. To minimize the likelihood of overwatering, it is ideal to allow the soil to dry between watering. 

If you are still quite unsure whether to water or not, you can always use a soil moisture meter. This will take you out of the guessing game and tell you exactly the current moisture levels.  Mosthink 3-in-1 Soil Moisture Meter

Our top picks for soil moisture meters:

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Tip #5: Mist your plant regularly

Spider plants are tropical plants. So, it is natural for them to enjoy a little bit more humidity just like in the rainforest. As hardy as they are though, spider plants can tolerate low humidity environments too. Yes, it can adapt and survive but it will not likely thrive.

The lack of humidity can cause the tips of the leaves to turn brown. To prevent this from happening, it would help to mist your plant with plain water on a regular basis. You can use a fine mist garden spray to have better control over the amount your spritz into your plant. Jinle Plastic Plant Mister How Long Do Spider Plants Live

Our top picks for garden misters:

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Wrapping Up about How Long Do Spider Plants Live

There is no doubt spider plants can live a long time. With proper care and attention, they can even last for more than 2 decades. The tips we provided herein covers the foundation of a healthy growing plant. Simply follow and practice them by heart. And, surely your spider plants will flourish for many many years. 

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