Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits: You Love Gardening but Don’t Have Enough Space Outdoors?

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For most urban dwellers, space can be quite a challenge. But let me tell you, urban gardening is totally doable! All you need is some herb garden kits and you are all set to create your mini garden right inside your home. The herb garden kit is the perfect solution for gardeners with limited space and time. But which one are the Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits?

These kits primarily consists of a mini grow house or a basic planter along with some seeds. The kit is specifically curated to provide the most conducive environment for your herbs. Thus, ensuring you get a healthy crop despite the limitations.

In this article, we have delightfully gathered the best indoor herb garden kits in the market. We will tell you why they are awesome and what makes them worth it for a spot or two in your household.

If you are quite in a rush, please feel free to check out our top picks below.

                                5 Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits

1. Best Overall Herb Garden Indoor: AeroGarden Harvest Hydroponic Garden Kit


  • Soilless growing system.
  • Includes seed pods (Genovese and Thai basils, dill, thyme, mint, and curly parsley).
  • Can grow up to 6 plants at once.
  • Extendable lamp arm up to 12 inches in height.
  • Automatic on/off lighting.
  • Simplified control panel.
  • 20 watts of electricity consumption.

AeroGarden Harvest features an automated LED lighting system. This full-spectrum grow light is capable of stimulating photosynthesis to promote vigorous growth. Moreover, this enables you to freely grow fresh herbs at any time of the year. Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits

Apart from that, it also comes with a built-in LCD control panel. This smart detail notifies growers when it is about time to give water or plant food to your crop. Hence, ensuring you won’t ever have to miss out on nourishing your herbs.

AeroGarden Harvest though is quite a hefty investment. Nonetheless, it is energy-efficient consuming only 20 watts of electricity. So, there is still a means for you to save money in the long run.


2. Best for Eco-friendliness Herb Garden Indoor: Eco-grower Smart Garden Hydroponic Garden System


  • Soilless growing system.
  • Frame made from natural bamboo.
  • Can fit up to 8 plants.
  • 9-inch vertical grow space.
  • 3 smart growth modes (Standard, Appreciation, & Growing modes)
  • Touchscreen control panel.
  • 30-watt LED lighting system.

Eco-grower smart garden kit highlights its use of an eco-friendly bamboo frame. This natural material is non-toxic and resistant to corrosion compared to the usual MDF board. Thus, a better choice for growing edible herbs in your kitchen. Ecoogrower Smart Garden Hydroponic Garden System

This hydroponic system features 3 smart growth modes. So, you have a better edge to provide the specific needs of your crops. These settings can be easily customized through its touchscreen control panel. 

The kit is not only sustainable but energy-efficient too. It has a 30-watt LED lighting system that enhances the effectiveness of photosynthesis. As a result, it produces bigger yields at a faster pace and with lesser energy expense.


3. Best Space-Saver Herb Garden Indoor: Mr. Stacky 5-Tier Stackable Vertical Garden


  • Frame made from polypropylene plastic.
  • Food-grade.
  • Patented flow-through design.
  • Stackable up to 5 tiers.
  • Can fit up to 20 plants.

Mr. Stacky’s stackable planters allow you to assemble up to 5 tiers of multi-hole pots. Each tier can accommodate 4 plants. So, that gives you the flexibility to plant up to 20 herbs without occupying too much ground space. 

Mr. Stacky 5-Tier Stackable Vertical Garden 

Moreover, its patented flow-through design also helps you save on water. When you water from the top tier, the excess will just flow out of the drain hole and drip onto the next tier and so on. At the bottom, a drain saucer is available to collect the leftover water. 

The planter is also made from food-grade polypropylene material. Thus, it is totally safe to use with edible plants such as herbs. Even more, this type of plastic is lightweight but with good tensile strength. So, you can expect it to withstand the weight from stacking up the tiers.

4. Best for Big Harvest Herb Garden Indoor: AeroGarden Bounty Basic Hydroponic Herb Garden


  • Soilless growing system.
  • Includes seed pods
  • Can grow up to 9 plants at once.
  • Extendable lamp arm up to 24 inches in height.
  • Automatic on/off lighting.
  • High-screen control panel.
  • 30 watts of electricity consumption.

If you wish to grow bigger herbs and salad greens too, then AeroGarden Bounty is the best choice for you. This hydroponic system offers similar features to the AeroGarden Harvest model. But, with significantly more vertical grow space. AeroGarden Bounty Basic Hydroponic Herb Garden

The AeroGarden Bounty features an adjustable lamp arm that can be fully extended up to 24 inches. That is about twice the height allowance from the AeroGarden Harvest model.

Aside from vertical space, it also allows accommodation of 3 more pods, giving you a total of 9 pods already. And so, the kit contains more herb pods too. This includes 2 Genovese basils, Thai basil, Italian parsley, curly parsley, thyme, dill, chives, and mint.


5. Best Multi-Function Herb Garden Indoor: Huamuyu Hydroponic Garden with Fish Tank


  • Combination of hydroponic system and fish tank.
  • Ideal to use with non-toxic herbs.
  • Self-cleaning system.
  • Automatic siphon oxygen design.

The Huamuyu garden is the ultimate solution for any space-limited homes. This system merges the hydroponic function with a fish tank. So you can amazingly grow herbs indoor and pet your fish all at the same time. 

Huamuyu Hydroponic Garden with Fish Tank

The combination creates a perfect symbiotic ecosystem. The microbes contained within decomposes the fish’ excrement. This waste then becomes a good source of nutrients for the crops. As the plants absorb this dirty water, it also helps to filter it to give the fishes a cleaner environment.

Because of the system’s self-cleaning actions, the tank requires 50% fewer cleanings than the regular fish tanks. Not only it is multi-functional, but it is water-efficient and less hassle to maintain as well.

Other Best Kits Worth Looking Into

  1. Mom’s Tree 6 Herbs Window Garden Seed Started Kit Best for Beginners
  2. iDOO Hydroponics Herb Garden Starter Kit – Best Value
  3. AeroGarden Harvest Elite – Best High-End Design
  4. Nature’s Grace Ceramic Mason Jar Herb Garden Planter KitBest for Gifting
  5. Newkits 6-Pocket Vertical Wall Garden Planter Best for Vertical Wall

Wrapping Up

You see, gardening is always possible, even if you have quite a small home. All you need is to have some creativity and high -quality garden kits. With that, you can surely grow your own herbs without compromising too much space. 

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