4 of the Most Expensive Flowers in the World and 2 Priceless Ones

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We often blanch at the price of a flower at the nursery. Flowers can be expensive, if we’re not careful about what we buy, we can easily drain our wallets. But there are flowers in the world so elaborate, beautiful, and exotic, that buying one will go beyond your on-hand wallet and will most likely break the bank.

The price of a flower is measured by its rarity, cultivation process, and sometimes by the amount of money it took to make it. There are some spectacular man-made flowers. In a science lab in Carolina, they are creating flowers from nano polymers, which can change shape. Throughout history, mankind has tampered with genetics to alter and revive and create some seriously amazing, and not so amazing, creatures.

Like the killer bee. 

In this article, we’re going to look at some that were created. Some that have been there for thousands of years. And all of the flowers that are too expensive to fathom. But which we all want now that we can’t have them. Because that is usually how it goes.

4 of the most expensive flowers in the world

1. $200, 000: The Shenzhen Nongke Orchids are the most expensive flowers

most expensive flowers in the world
source: https://wallsdesk.com/

Starting off, we have an orchid. Is anyone surprised? Orchids are notorious for being expensive flowers. But if you got a shock when checking out available orchids at the nursery, you might have a full-blown heart attack for this one. This particular orchid was made by scientists in China. It took eight years to cultivate and was sold at auction for a whopping $200 000. What’s more, they are very difficult to cultivate. So even if they were available to the public, their price tag would still be up there.

This particular orchid is absolutely beautiful. With a lime-green petal and a beautiful purple center, it’s almost too good to be true. The plant was bought anonymously, so all we have of it are some pictures we can find and ogle online. 

2. $850 per pound: The Saffron Crocus

The Saffron Crocus

Although most flowers are bought for their beauty and exotic flair, some are bought for what you can get out of them, like in the case of the Saffron Crocus. Despite being readily available at flower shops, and really not expensive at all, the Saffron is cultivated specifically to make Saffron powder. The Saffron Crocus has tiny orange sprouts coming up from its petals which can be dried and ground down to make the spice. On average you will need 80 000 saffron to make 500 grams of saffron spice. Talk about a high-class spice, very few people can afford it. But the spice is, apparently, great over paella and risottos, turning bland grains into something truly delicious.

It can also make vanilla taste amazing according to some, although is vanilla really a flavor? Perhaps it’s not a bad idea to get some of this spice.

3. Costed 5 million dollars to breed: The Juliet Roses used to be the most expensive flowers

The Juliet Rose expensive flowers

Valentine’s day just got a whole lot more expensive. For 15 years, rose breeder David Austin struggled to breed this unique rose and it cost him 5 million dollars to finally make his rose dream a reality.

Thankfully, you won’t pay 5 million dollars a stem, but they can get pricey, sometimes around 30 dollars per flower. But they are completely worth it. Probably one of the most beautiful roses in the world, the Juliet boasts a hybrid mix of white petals and a warm apricot center, making it perfect for elaborate weddings or an apology gift for when you forgot that pesky Valentine’s Day. Go big or go home, as they say. But overall, the Juliet Roses are beautiful, and we’re all grateful that Mr. Austin spent so long perfecting this little bloom of delight.

4. $5000: Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid expensive flowers

Another Orchid, surprise, surprise. The Kinabalu Orchid grows only on a remote farm in Malaysia, making it one of the rarest orchid species in the world. Going at 5000 dollars for a single stem, it really is the most glorious gift you can give to a gardener. Or perhaps the most stressful. Like all orchids, the Kinabalu is the exact same finicky bloom you will get with any orchid, it will droop for nothing, complain about its surroundings frequently, and will die without warning. Although certainly an elaborate gift, if not taken care of, it might turn into a tragic one.

The small orchid is also called the Rothschild’s slipper orchid, most likely for the price tag. Those who have seen the orchid claim it smells absolutely divine. 

2 Priceless Flowers – This is not about expensive or not anymore

1. Priceless – The Semper Augustus

The Semper Augustus

During the 17th century, tulips were all the rage, to the point that a single tulip could cost more than your house! They were the must-have flower for all occasions, and their popularity only boomed as time went on. But one, in particular, stood above the rest, the Semper Augustus. A beautiful, yet broken tulip, which was a novelty and a rarity and sought after like mad. The bloom was pure white, with broken red streaks down the petals. It was certainly a rare beauty, as at one point (according to the stories), there were only 12 in the whole world. And, that is surprisingly a good thing. 

The tulip was actually quite sick. It has contracted the dreaded ‘tulip breaking virus’ which weakened the bulb and often ended in the premature death of the flower – and death of the species. It’s still seen today in many tulip species. Besides, it can create some beautiful color combinations. But it makes it more difficult to cultivate as it retards the plant somewhat. This did not stop men and women alike from trying to attain the beautiful bulb any way they could. Sadly, the unique species died out and are today an extinct species of Tulips.

All we have are painted pictures of the tulip. And from what we can see, it’s understandable why people were going crazy for the bulb. Beyond its rarity, it really was exquisitely beautiful.

2. Priceless – Kadupul flower

Kadupul flower

Most of you probably knew this flower would be on the list! And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then please read on and be in awe of this wonderful flower.

Hailing from Sri Lanka, the Kadupul flower (also known as the Queen of the Night) is so rare that it only lives for a few hours between midnight and dawn. It is pure white, with wide petals, and a certain softness to it. 

It’s extremely delicate. Although many have tried, the flower cannot survive long once it has been removed from the ground. It simply perishes. It is too delicate to travel, and as a result, has become one of the most sought-after flowers by exotic botanists. The people of Sri Lanka believe that the flower blooms so that the Nagas may come down from the heavens to take the flowers up to Buddha in his palace in the celestial plains. They are a sacred symbol to the people. So just as well that it cannot be removed. The track record of humans has never been good when it comes to something rare and precious.

So although it does not have a price, it is easy to understand why this particular flower takes the first spot. How do you price something so precious? When do people rarely see it in their lifetime? You really can’t put a price on such a treasure. 

In conclusion about The Most Expensive Flowers in the World

It’s always a bit of a shock when you read up on the prices people are willing to pay for a silly flower. I mean how much can a flower really be worth?

For some, it’s more worth than anything they can imagine. 

Flowers are a source of beauty, inspiration, and serenity. Bringing any flower into your home is a joy, and although it asks for a little more attention than say a painting, it’s a decoration that brings more life than anything else possibly can. 

You certainly don’t need an exorbitant price tag on your daisies to make them special, but it sure is interesting to see how much people are willing to pay to have that ‘exotic beauty in their home. It sure as heck gives you some bragging rights, that’s for sure. 

Just be sure you will still have a house to put the flower in after you’ve paid the nursery. 

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