The Elk In The Woods

Last Updated on April 13, 2022 by Gary Stephen

Seeing a majestic Elk in the woods isn’t an everyday thing for a local London gardener like me. 

For me it was actually the first time seeing an Elk, even though I have lived close to the forest for years, I wasn’t expecting to see the Elk in the Woods while eating my early morning breakfast! 

What areas is it possible to see one?

Elks are at home in the mountains, forests and forests edge.

These areas provide plenty of leaves, grasses and bark for the herd to feed on. 

They tend to migrate as the season’s change. 

During Summer, Elk herds will migrate to higher ground and to lower ground in the Winter. 

When is the best time to spot Elk?

If you want to up your chances of seeing a majestic Elk, there are certain times of the day and even the year that you should try. 

The morning and evening

Elk like to graze first thing in the morning and late in the evening. 

So, waking up or even staying out later than usual is recommended if you want to catch a glimpse of an Elk. 

Mating season 

This is also a great time to observe Elk during the mating season in September and October. 

Also, during the Fall you will have a better chance of spotting a bull Elk at a forest edge getting ready to do battle for the right to mate. 


During the Winter months, Elk herds like to find shelter and warmth in forests. 

These evergreen trees not only provide a good shelter for Elk but also provide nourishment during these lean times. 

Spring and Summer

During these seasons, there will be plenty more grass and food for the Elk. 

As a result, more Elk will migrate to the meadows to feed on the freshly grown grass.

How to attract an Elk to your garden

If you are having trouble spotting Elk in your nearby woodland, you can always bring the Elk to you. 

There are plenty of plants that you can grow to attract more Elk to your garden and even create a healthy Elk community. 

Here are the plants you can grow: 

Aspen Trees

Bear Grass

Big Leaf Maple





False Solomon’s Seal




Red Alder




Trailing Blackberry

Using a wood own myself, its always great when we take down a tree or two, since it keeps us warm for the winter. I’ve got a solid log-splitter that takes care of the hard work or splitting up the wood so it fits in the fireplace easily.

Other ways to attract Elk 

There are other ways to attract elk to your area. 

One of the most recommended ways to attract Elk is to use mineral blocks. 

Mineral salts are a favorite for Elk. They have been known to often munch on mineralized soil and salt-bearing waters. 

Elk will regularly gather at the nearest salt lick to have a nibble. 

Before you go out and buy a mineral block, there are some things that you need to know. 

If you’re planning on using a mineral block to attract Elk, you should consider placing it in a leak-proof container. 

Without the container, the mineral will leak into the ground. 

The minerals in the soil will cause animals to dig and dig to get to it, even after the block has been taken away. 

What are good places to see an Elk in the US?

According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, roughly one million elk currently live in the US. 

This is only 10% of what the Elk population was before Europeans settled in North America. 

Today, their range is only across 24 states and 7 provinces. 

In Colorado, there are more than 250 000 Elk, which makes it the largest herd in the US. 

While Oregon has the fifth-largest population of Elk with a herd of 125 000 Elk.