Reinventing the Barn Shed for Modern Living 

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The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to refresh the look and function of your space. If you have an underused barn shed or a farm one, it’s an ideal spot to focus on first.

Reinventing the Barn Shed for Modern Living 

It’s located outside your living area, so it’s easy to redecorate, remodel or even replace it without affecting your day-to-day living. You can remodel the barn shed while retaining its purpose as a storage space, or you can reinvent it to create an entirely new area.

But before you do anything, you need to plan this project meticulously. That way, you can keep it within the budget and complete it without sacrificing too many weekends. Here are some tips on how to reinvent your barn shed for modern living:

Assess the structure of your barn shed

Before you think of the design or decor, check the structure first. See if it’s still in good shape and doesn’t require costly repairs. Otherwise, it’d be better to take the structure down and get a new custom one instead.

The first thing you should evaluate is the foundation. Some barns have shifted over time, affecting the foundation and overall integrity of the structure. Look for standing water around or within the foundation to see possible water damage and mould growth. After that, focus your attention on the other areas, especially those parts that have endured harsh weather conditions, like the roof and gutters.  

[Alt text: An old barn shed that needs to be inspected before renovation..]

If you aren’t sure what to look for, consider hiring professionals to inspect your barn shed. They can advise you whether it can still be renovated and which parts can still be repaired. After that, you’ll be in a better position to decide what to do next.

Keep the rustic charm but incorporate new materials

Whether you want to retain the original purpose of your farm shed or completely turn it into a whole new space, you can keep its rustic charm. That’s a good move, especially if your barn still has solid architecture. You can then repair and repaint the sidings and restore the rustic windows, doors and other old yet charming details. 

If you need authentic materials for proper restoration, check the nearest flea markets, antique shops and architectural salvage shops. You might find the exact material that you’re looking for. If that isn’t viable, consider using new materials with period charm. That way, you can still preserve the look of your old barn.

You can also incorporate contemporary materials to suit your modern lifestyle. Think of industrial drop lights or sleek storage shelves to house your woodworking or garden tools. Such materials and fixtures can create a good balance against the vintage charm of your old farm shed—and make the space more interesting. 

Rearrange and redecorate to spruce up your barn shed

Just because you decide to keep your farm or barn-style shed as storage doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into a home office or cozy hangout area, too. 

Modern living is all about open-floor layouts and multi-function items, after all. Go and rearrange the tools and sections inside. Store the large gardening equipment neatly to create more floor spaces. Hang a pegboard in one of the walls to keep the smaller tools hung up. Do that aesthetically, and you can turn the pegboard into a visually stunning accent wall. While you’re at it, add multi-purpose furniture pieces. How about a long dining table that can double as a crafts table or office desk?

[Alt text: Fairy lights installed outside a barn-style shed.]

For decors, pick items that can serve another purpose, too. For instance, go for coloured boxes and tins to store trinkets while adding vibrance and personality to the space. If you want to turn your barn shed into a party area for your family, a creative and rustic wine rack and fairy lights are the perfect accessories.

Get a custom-designed steel barn shed kit

Does the old existing barn shed in your backyard no longer have a solid structure? Do you think it’s not practical to repair it and turn it into the multi-purpose space you have in mind? Consider getting a custom-designed steel barn shed kit instead. 

When it comes to building a tough barn shed, nothing can beat the Australian steel. But let’s admit it can be hard to get the exact steel shed you want—without paying a fortune. This is where Designer Sheds steps in. Experienced in manufacturing farm sheds for Victoria and Tasmania residents, our team is ready to create a barn shed for you. It can have the exact measurement, frames, gutters and roller doors you want. And we do that at a cost that’s not higher than the stock-standard barn shed.

Plus, it’ll arrive at your place in kit form. All you have to do is hire a local builder to erect your new barn shed. Then, start decorating it to suit your modern lifestyle.

Contact Designer Sheds today

[Alt text: A custom-designed steel barn shed manufactured by Designer Sheds.] 

When it comes to reinventing the barn shed, Designer Sheds knows a thing or two. It’s good to take the repair-renovate-reuse route. But if you ever reach a dead end with that plan, you can always come to us for a new custom-designed barn shed.

Tell us your vision for your project. Request a FREE shed design and quote today. 

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