Meditation Garden Ideas: How To Create A Relaxing Escape

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Meditation garden doesn’t only look good. But they also have various advantages. In this article, we will discuss some ideas to create a relaxing garden as an escape space for you!

Meditation Garden Ideas: How To Create A Relaxing Escape

Meditation gardens don’t only look good. but they also have various advantages. They give people a space to think, dream and contemplate their position in life. Practicing mindfulness meditation for 6 to 9 months helps reduce anxiety by more than 60%. Even the American Psychology Association verifies that mindfulness meditation reduces depression by almost 12% . Designed by the Japanese around the 14th century, the meditation gardens feature the six aesthetic principles: asymmetry, simplicity, vulnerability, subtlety, mystery, and stillness. The Zen gardens contain stones, water, plants, bridges, and ornaments to represent these features. But placing all these elements in a space isn’t enough; they need to be in harmony. This post is dedicated to meditation garden ideas that can help create a relaxing escape.

A Simple Color Palette

People who have limited space can efficiently make their space appear larger by using a limited palette of colors. Meditation gardens with a simple color palette usually focus on two colors that complement each other. Purple and yellow or red and green, orange and blue are some color combinations that bring the best in a meditation garden. Moreover, to soften the geometric shapes in patios, lawns, or pathways, homeowners should keep a light hand on the plants.

A Shady Retreat

Shady meditation gardens create a relaxing atmosphere that is especially effective around patios and decks. People usually plant low-maintenance trees like abelias and pin oaks to add texture to the space. There are also some ideas worth exploring from professionals; for instance, some of GardenPatch’s modern edging ideas include bordering the path with low maintenance plants like boxwood, hostas, day lilies, and yellow alyssum. Darker wood tones in paving, decking, and tree trunks contrast beautifully with the green. A pavement covered by trees on both sides leading to a cozy sitting area is a staple of such gardens. Garden meditation or mindful meditation helps reduce stress and improves peace of mind.

Enclosed Meditation Garden

People who need a private retreat from their tangled thoughts can efficiently use lattices or fences to enclose their meditation gardens. Lattice covering makes small spaces feel spacious while leaving the margin of being densely packed with plants. Air and light can pass through the lattice perforations without compromising on privacy. Plants around the lattice walls will provide additional screening. Designers can use gray and terracotta-colored ornaments to blend the wood tones and grey hardscaping.

A Functional Meditation Garden

A meditation garden that functions as a dining area is sure to give people the peace they crave for. Placing large stones and short trees in the center adds a soothing natural element to the location. Creating a partition between the patio furniture and the ‘meditation’ element with plants while connecting them with stepping stones gives the area an aesthetic look. Even if only a few plants are planted, there is enough garden area to soften and chill the pavers’ appearance. Homeowners might use raised beds to create a similar space on an existing patio.

Meditation gardens are more than just green spaces. These gardens are intended to give you a beautiful and safe location to relax and unwind while spending some much-needed time in the company of nature. The best part is that one doesn’t need any prior experience with meditation. Just roaming around or enjoying a cup of tea in the garden is enough to improve emotional control and cardiovascular health. These physiological and psychological benefits that meditating gardens bring along are enough motivation to create a relaxing space using our meditation garden ideas.

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