A Mars Hydro TS1000 150W Full Spectrum Dimmable LED Grow Light: An In-depth Product Review

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Cultivating plants in an indoor grow tent can be quite a challenge. You do not have the luxury of natural sunlight to energize your plants. But instead, all you can rely upon is the artificial grow light system. Yup, grow lights like the Mars Hydro TS1000 is definitely the next best thing to Mr. Sun. And in this article, we will tell you exactly 15 reasons why it is simply awesome for your plants. So without further ado, here’s our detailed point of view on this product.

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Mars Hydro TS1000 150W

The Mars Hydro TS1000 150W is an LED type of bulb

LED types of bulbs offer plenty more advantages compared to traditional grow lights. For one, LED lights are highly efficient. In this case, the TS1000 bulb has an efficacy rating of PPE 2.3 µmol/j.

Moreover, it can also produce a total light output of PPF 343 µmol/s. PPF is significant as it tells you how many lamps you would likely need within a specific area to achieve the required level of lighting for your plants. With both figures, it makes the TS1000 bulb 50% more photon efficient and it ensures 30% more light return in comparison to old HPS or metal halide light bulbs.

It is equipped with SMD chip technology.

This LED grow light is equipped with 354 units of SMD chips. The SMD or Surface Mounted Diode is engineered to have an individual spectrum on each of its diodes. This gives you the flexibility to provide a more customized set-up for your artificial light system.

It has a sunlike full-spectrum waveband.

The Mars Hydro TS1000 is a full-spectrum LED grow light. Just like the sun, this bulb is designed to produce spectrums encompassing between the 400 up to 700 nanometers waveband. Thus, mimicking that of the natural sunlight. 

With such a broad spectrum, it enables the plant to undergo photosynthesis. As we know, photosynthesis is an essential plant activity. In this process, the plant uses light energy and converts it into chemical energy. 

Because it consists of a wide array of spectrums, this LED bulb makes it a suitable choice for growing plants across all life stages. That said, it is safe to use from cloning to flowering cycles of the plant.

The Mars Hydro TS1000 150W contains additional infrared lights.

Adequate amounts of infrared lights are also being added to the mix. IR lights fall under the 730 to 740 nanometers wavebands. They are much dimmer than the usual red light so their effect on the plant is quite different too.

In horticulture, LED bulbs that contain the IR spectrum are ideal to use on flowering plants. The IR light is used to encourage the production of larger buds. And, larger buds simply means larger and fuller flowers too.

It improves crop quality and increases yield.

Mars Hydro TS1000 150W

The full-spectrum waveband of this grow light allows it to be effective on plants in all growth stages. Plus, the addition of IR light enhances its ability to grow larger and denser buds. Hence, improving the quality of your crop. 

At the same time, it also increases the weight of your harvest. The TS1000 targets to reach a maximum yield of 2.0 grams per watt. That yield goal is 30% higher than what other LED grow lights promise to achieve.

The Mars Hydro TS1000 150W’s LED consumes less energy.

The LED generally consumes much less energy compared to other types of light bulbs. In fact, about 95% of its energy consumption is converted into actual light. That means, only 5% of energy is considered as heat loss or energy waste. 

In the case of the TS1000 model, it consumes only about 150 watts of power. Nevertheless, it has the capacity to outperform and replace a 250-watt HPS light bulb. That gives you about a 40% reduction in the power intake. 

Increases the profitability of your crop.

Good-quality crops, increased production yield, and minimal energy consumption are the perfect formula for profitability. This enables you to maximize your income by increasing your production at a lesser cost. On that account, this makes the TS1000 LED bulb a perfect grow light to use on plants intended for retail or commercial purposes.

The Mars Hydro TS1000 150W is designed with a patented highly-reflective hood shape.

The Mars Hydro TS1000 features a patented hood system. It is made with high-quality aluminum metal. This is an excellent choice of material because it is highly reflective. 

Moreover, the hood is scientifically engineered to maximize the diffusion of light. Thus, creating a good balance in the PAR output. At the same time, it allows the light to cover a good amount of area.

It covers a decent amount of space.

The TS1000 grow light comes with 150 watts of power. This is enough to sustain the light requirements of about 2 to 4 plants. In the vegetative phase, the maximum area of coverage is 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet.

However, the scope will slightly decrease as the plant matures. That is because flowering plants tend to require a closer hanging distance from the light bulb. Thus, 2 feet by 2 feet coverage is more realistic during this growth phase.

The Mars Hydro TS1000 150W has a dimmable light function.

The TS1000 grow light is equipped with an independent dimming button located on the external driver of the device. This function allows you to adjust the light accordingly from 0% up to full 100% light emission. This is perfect for setting the ideal light intensity depending on the time of the day and the plant’s growth stage.

The device can be daisy-chained.

The LED grow lights are compatible to use on a daisy-chain function. This feature allows you to connect up to 20 units of the TS1000 device. You can safely use these sets of grow lights to simultaneously operate. Thus, giving you the flexibility to customize the coverage of your artificial light system.

The daisy chain function is helpful for gardeners who are looking forward to expanding their greenhouses. You don’t need to totally change the grow lights. Rather, you can simply add one after another as the number of your plant increases as well. 

Zero noise to worry about.

The TS1000 grow light is designed to have a fanless system. So, unlike other models, you can expect it to produce no noise at all. Thus, enabling you to confidently operate the device without having to worry about distracting the other room or your neighbors.

LED grow lights have a longer-lasting service life.

LED grow lights are proven and tested to have a lifespan of more than 3 years. That is far more superior compared to the average 6 to 12 months service life of HPS lights. In fact, the TS1000 model is rated to have 50,000 hours of durability. That is long enough to give you excellent value for your money.

It is compliant with safety standards.

The Mars Hydro TS1000 grow light passed and was certified to be compliant with different safety standards. This includes certifications from CR, ETL, RoHS, and UKCA. This only proves and shows that the product is made with excellent quality standards. Thus, you can rest assured of its safety and security.

The Mars Hydro TS1000 150W is backed up with a 5-year service warranty.

The Mars Hydro company is fully confident with the level of craftsmanship and quality they have given to their product. Thus, they have backed up the TS1000 grow light with a 5-year service warranty. This will support and cover the consumer against the faulty performance of the device.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Mars Hydro’s TS1000 LED grow light is one heck of a product. It offers all the necessary features every gardener would likely need in a greenhouse setting. The product is very versatile as it can be used across all plant stages. At the same time, you can safely connect multiple devices simultaneously to expand the coverage. Overall, it has the perfect blend of functionality and quality without compromising or breaking your bank.


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