REVIEW: the 7 Best LED Grow Lights

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LED grow lights…

I am pretty sure you already have heard a thing or two about this technology. It is not entirely new. But, it is gaining consistent popularity in the industry of horticulture nowadays.

If you are on the verge of changing your grow light system or just replacing old LED lights, you came to the right page!

In this article, we will discuss today’s best LED grow light bulbs in the market. We’ll give you a preview of what each can offer and why is it good for you. Moreover, we will also include some valuable tips to help you find the right LED for your needs.

Without much ado, let’s dive in!

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Top Picks for The Best LED Grow Lights

Overall top pick:

Advanced Platinum Series P600 12 Band LED Grow Light

First Runner-up:

Viparspectra Timer Control Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

Second Runner-up:

Phlizon Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light w/ Thermometer & Humidity Monitor

PreviewCFL Grow LightBest ForAvailability
Advanced Platinum Series P600 12 Band LED Grow Light Overall performance Check Price
Viparspectra Timer Control Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light Convenient features Check Price
Phlizon Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light w/ Thermometer & Humidity Monitor Value for money Check Price
Mars Hydro TS 600W Sunlike Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light Sunlike spectral output Check Price
G8LED 600W Bloom Only Grow Light Flowering stage Check Price
Haus Bright E27 Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb Straightforward applications Check Price
Garpsen 4 Head Sunlike Full Spectrum LED Grow Light w/ Timer & Lighting ModeVersatility Check Price

Best LED Grow Light Bulbs in the Market

1. Advanced Platinum Series P600 12 Band LED Grow Light

Best LED Grow Light Bulbs

The Advanced Platinum Series is one of the most popular full-spectrum LED grow lights today. It claims to have the two to three times higher PAR per watt among the leading LED brands. 

This LED has a 12-band spectral output. That means, it combines 12 different color wavelengths to blend perfectly together. This provides your plants with a wide range of UVs and IRs. Thus, rendering the light 100% usable for your cultivars.

The double switch feature is another advantage of this product. With this, you can outright choose whether to use a vegging or blooming settings. As a result, it can well cater to the specific needs of your plants during these stages of growth. 

The P600 is an energy-efficient LED. This light targets to replace an 800-watt HPS bulb while consuming only 345 watts of actual power. Moreover, this can cover a grow space of up to 6ft x 4ft at 18-inch height. This makes it an excellent choice for large or commercial applications. 

Powerful as it may be, you don’t have to worry though with heat. The grow light kit comes with an upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks. This is effective in mitigating the heat radiated by the lamp in the growing area. Moreover, it also a 4x high-speed fan that promises to deliver a sound as quiet as a whisper.

To top it all off, the company ensures to provide its consumers with the utmost satisfaction. The P600 grow light comes with a 5-warranty with a 90-day return policy. 

Things to Concern:

With its quality and features, P600 is not the cheapest LED. You can expect it to sell more onto the higher price range. But if budget permits, this grow light is quite a good investment for your indoor garden.

Magic Lines:

Premium quality for premium light output.


  • 600 watts
  • 12-band spectrum
  • Double-switch feature
  • Vegging settings uses 184 watts
  • Flowering settings uses 345 watts 
  • 4x high-speed quiet fan
  • Comes with aluminum cooling heat sink
  • Auto-switching 110/220V LED drivers 
  • 200 pcs 3W LED bulbs
  • US-made LED
  • Lifespan 100,000 hours
  • 5-year warranty
  • 90-day satisfaction/return guarantee


2. Viparspectra Timer Control Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Viparspectra Timer Control Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

Viparspectra TC600 is a full-spectrum LED grow light. It is being designed to give you an excellent PAR output and coverage at the same time. It has a 600-watt output that is comparable to that of a 400-watt HPS or MH. Although, this LED bulb is more energy-efficient as it only consumes about 260 watts in actual.

With regards to coverage, a TC600 can cover a 3×3 grow area at a 28-inch hanging height. This space is enough for your cultivars during the vegetative stage. For the blooming phase, though, you may need to lower the light to intensify the focus. In this case, the coverage lessens a bit at 2.5×2.5 in a 20-inch distance.

The main highlight of the Viparspectra TC series is its built-in timer control feature. With this, you can automate the specific working time frame of the light. Aside from turning on/off, you can also control the brightness of the lamp. Its dimmable bulb can be set to suit a vegetative or blooming stage.

To further add convenience, the kit comes with a remote controller. This gives you the freedom to manipulate the settings even at a distance. Or, if you like to keep it simple, you can also manually operate the device using the designated knobs.

To address heat concerns, the TC600 comes with high-speed fans to promote air circulation. Moreover, it also has an aluminum cooling heat sink to further dissipate heat. Both of these work hand in hand to maintain a conducive temperature within the growing area. Apart from that, it also promotes the longevity of the equipment. 

Things to Concern:

Viparspectra TC600 LED is not built to be waterproof. Thus, it will not adapt well to the environmental conditions outside. It is more apt to use this grow light for indoor purposes only.

Magic Line:

Very convenient to use.


  • 600 watts
  • Full-spectrum
  • Built-in timer control 
  • 3 lighting modes
  • 10 dimmable options
  • With remote controller
  • With fire-resistant reflector design
  • 3-year local warranty
  • 30-day satisfaction/return guarantee


3. Phlizon Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light w/ Thermometer & Humidity Monitor

Phlizon Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light w

Phlizon’s newest 600W LED grow light is a full-spectrum grow light perfect for indoors. It contains a wide range of blue, red, UV, and IR lights that supports the health and development of the plants. These diodes are suitable to use throughout the growth stages.

This bulb aims to replace a 100-watt HPS but with more advantages. LEDs generate low heat and consume less electricity than HPS and MH lights. This makes LEDs a more cost-efficient and energy-saving option for growers. 

Phlizon 600W has a built-in double switch feature. This gives you the convenience to change settings between vegging and flowering phases. This bulb also has good coverage of up to 2×2 grow space at a height of 24 inches. If you wish to cover more, it has a daisy-chain function to allow the connection of more lamps in a single power cord.

Phlizon values safety over aesthetics. Unlike other light systems, it does not make use of reflectors. Yes, reflectors enhance the light intensity and distribution, but it poses hazards too. That is because the material of the reflector is not heat-resistant. Thus, it has a higher risk of melting and the potential to cause a fire. 

Furthermore, this grow light comes with a double cooling fan. This helps to dissipate the heat radiated from the lamp. Keeping it as cool as possible aids in prolonging the lifespan of the LED. As a bonus, the kit also comes with a temperature and humidity monitor to keep track of the levels. 

Things to Concern: 

Several customers reported that the LED was not as bright as they expect it to be. With that, make sure that the size of the LED is enough to cover your designated grow area. Also, check the hanging height of the lamp. It should not be too close nor too far away from the canopy of the plants. 

Magic Lines: 

Affordable and versatile.


  • 600 watts
  • Full-spectrum
  • Suitable for all growth stages
  • 100 watts true output
  • Coverage: 2×2 (Veg stage), 1.5×1.5 (Bloom stage)
  • 60 pcs x 10W LED
  • Double-chip
  • Double cooling fan
  • Do use reflectors
  • 2-year warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


4. Mars Hydro TS 600W Sunlike Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Mars Hydro TS 600W Sunlike Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

Mars Hydro TS is a full-spectrum grow light that offers you the closest ray of sunshine you can get indoors. Its sun-like spectral output includes 3000K, 5000K, 660nm IR, and 760nm Red lights. All these give provides your cultivars the right amount of light it needs from seed to flower. 

The TS 600W model consists of 225 pcs of high-quality LEDs. Sounds much but actually it is only consuming about 100 watts of true output. This energy-saving light can cover a growing area of up to 2×2.

This driverless LED technology delivers up to 591 µmol/m2/s of PAR/lumen output. An efficiency this rate makes it possible for growers to maximize their yield

TS600W is a fan-less system. So, you can ensure a noise-free operation all the time. To manage the heat, it is being equipped with an effective cooling heat sink instead. This heat sink is being made from aluminum. The high-reflectivity of this material enhances light intensity by up to 20%. This gives you more light and energy but with a much lesser risk of scorching your cultivars.

The Mars Hydro grow lights are also accredited with ETL and CE certifications. Its compliance with the standards guarantees the safety of the product. Moreover, the company also provides a 3-year warranty to ensure consistency of quality.

Things to Concern:

It is no question that Mars Hydro TS600W grow light produces great results. But, several customers though question its durability. Some find it less sturdy and don’t seem to last a very long time.  

Magic Lines:

Bright sunlike-light for indoor gardens.


  • 600 watts
  • Full-spectrum
  • Comes with 3000K, 5000K, 660nm IR, & 760nm RED
  • Suitable for all growth stages
  • 100 watts true output
  • Coverage: 2×2 (Veg stage), 1.5×1.5 (Bloom stage)
  • PAR/lumen output: 591 µmol/m2/s
  • Fanless system
  • Comes with reflective aluminum heat sink
  • Driverless
  • Water-resistant
  • ETL & CE certifications
  • 3-year warranty


5. G8LED 600W Bloom Only Grow Lights

G8LED 600W Bloom Only Grow Light

G8LED is an award-winning brand of LED grow lights. Its 600W grow light is a full-spectrum LED with a higher proportion of red spectral output. Thus, this model is being designed to cater to the flowering needs of your cultivars. 

The main function of this LED lamp is to facilitate the healthy growth of your blooming cultivars. This light targets to increase the trichrome formation. Furthermore, it also enhances the bud’s aroma and its potency. Thus, giving you a more fragrant and fine tasting yield.

This LED is enriched with more red diodes. So, the bulb in itself is already a flower booster. And also because of its target-specific spectrum, it will not benefit plants under the vegetative phase of growth. 

This 600W light can deliver a PAR value of up to 1,152 µmol/m2/s at an 18-inch vertical distance from the canopy. This is equal to an 800 to 1000 HPS light bulb but more efficient though. This LED consumes only 360 watts of actual power. That is far lower than your typical HPS or MH light. 

A 600-watt LED light can cover a 5×4 area or 12-square footage. Within this growing space, it can accommodate 6 to 10 blooming plants. The light can then penetrate into the canopy as far down as 5 feet or 152 centimeters. 

Things to Concern: 

G8LED 600W Bloom Only LED grow light is quite expensive. Considering that it is not a versatile piece of equipment. You can only make use of it during the flowering phase. But on other stages, you need to switch to another type of full-spectrum LED to suit your plant’s needs.

Magic Lines: 

Great for producing high-quality flowers.


  • 600 watts
  • Suitable for flowering stage only
  • 360 watts actual output
  • PAR/lumen output: 1,152 µmol/m2/s 
  • Replaces 800-1,000 watts HPS
  • Coverage: 5×4 grow space
  • No ballast
  • Includes hanging wires
  • ETL & CE certifications 
  • 2-year warranty


6. Haus Bright E27 Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulbs

Haus Bright E27 Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb

Haus Bright E27 is a full-spectrum LED grow light excellent for use in your indoor garden. This is a 100-watt lamp with a pure white color temperature. 

E27 is suitable to use in most types of indoor crops. This includes ornamental plants, cannabis, fruits, and vegetables. This grow light can cater to these plants from seed to harvest. That means this lamp is applicable across all stages of growth. Thus, sparing you the hassle and the extra expense from switching to some other grow lights.

This LED is also an energy-efficient grow light. It produces 100W of light output but draws out a minimal amount of only 20 watts in actual power. This gives the growers more light but at a far lower electricity consumption than others.

Haus Bright E27 grow lights are very easy to use. It is a screw-type bulb that fits most standard light sockets. A protective lens is also provided to add protection to your bulb. Thus, preventing it from getting exposed to potential damages.

Furthermore, this grow light is being designed with the utmost safety in mind. It has a feature that keeps track of the temperature to prevent overheating. This gives its users peace of mind from accidental explosions due to extreme heat.

Things to Concern:

Haus Bright E27 grow light is a non-dimmable grow light. Thus, you cannot adjust the light power according to your preference.

Magic Line:

Affordable and straightforward result.


  • 100 watts
  • Suitable for all growth stages
  • 20 watts actual output
  • Brightness: 1,200 lumens
  • PPF: 140 µmol/s
  • Fits standard size screw-type light socket
  • 3-year warranty


7. Garpsen 4 Head Sunlike Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lights w/ Timer & Lighting Mode

Garpsen 4 Head Sunlike Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light w

Garpsen is a full-spectrum LED that offers your plants a light resembling that of the natural sun. This lamp though contains a little bit more 660nm red lights. Thus, further enhancing its ability to produce healthier flower and bigger yield.

The main feature of this lamp is its 4-head adjustable gooseneck. This gives you plenty of flexibility as it allows for a 360 rotation. Moreover, it also provides more plant coverage. Each head can have about 24 to 27 inches of a light footprint. It may vary though depending on the height.

Its solid clamp feature is another thing that adds versatility to this lamp. To affix its position, all you need to do is to clip it onto a stable structure. It has an anti-slip grip so you don’t have to worry about it sliding off.

The LED light itself also offers great options. You can choose between three lighting modes. You can either set it into warm white, white & red light or a mixture of all for a full-spectrum output. Moreover, the lighting can also be dimmable. You can adjust the brightness from 10% up to 100%. Thus, giving you better control over how intense you wish your light to be. 

Garpsen LED also comes with a circular memory timer. This allows for automatic turning on or shutting off of your light. That way, you no longer have to manually do this all the time. You can choose to set the intervals between 3, 9, or 12 hours. And so, not only will this be convenient on your part, but it will also help to regulate the temperature in the area.

Things to Concern:

Garpsen LED is ideal for indoor use only. It is not waterproof so it is least likely suitable for outdoor applications. 

Magic Line:

Versatile and practical. 


  • 40 watts
  • Full-spectrum
  • 40 pcs 3000K LED (Warm White)
  • 28 pcs 5000K LED (White)
  • 12 pcs 660nm LED (Red)
  • 3 lighting modes
  • 10 dimmable options
  • Auto on/off 
  • Timer setting 3, 9, or 12-hours
  • 360-degree flexible gooseneck
  • Sturdy clamp
  • FCC, CE, & RoHS certifications
  • 1-year warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


Things to consider before buying LED grow lights

  • Size of LED Grow Lights

Size is the number one priority you should consider. The effectiveness of your LED grow light depends on this factor. The LED should be able to provide a light footprint that can well cover the plants in the grow area. 

  • Features

Some people think that the more feature-pack the grow kit, the better product it is for them. At some point yes because it offers you a great amount of convenience. If you have extra requirements, then having more features will make your life much easier.

But even though the features add more value to your LED light, not all may be necessary for your needs. So, if you are like others who rather prefer to keep it simple, then go for grow lights with basic features only.  

Remember, the more features it has, the pricier it can get too.

  • Ease of use & Installation

Come on! Who wouldn’t want things to be easy? 

Of course, the easier it is to use the LED grow kit, the less hassle it will be on your part. Especially, if you have plans to expand your growing area in the future. Then, it would be a great idea to go for LED lights that are lightweight and simple to install and uninstall.

  • Ballast of LED Grow Light Bulbs

LED bulbs can either come with or without ballasts. If given a choice, it is best to choose a ballast-less or an AC-direct LED. That is because these types are more cost-efficient and sustainable to use. 

  • Warranty of the LED Grow Lights

The warranty says a lot about how committed the brand is when it comes to customer satisfaction. When buying LED grow lights, do not just scan how long the warranty period is. Rather, try to read through the warranty conditions as well. 

Most companies include repair services and/or replacement. Moreover, also check the reviews from previous customers about its after sales services. You want to make sure that the company stays true to its promises.

Wrapping Up:

Choosing for the right LED grow light is confusing enough. Moreso, when you are being faced with a wide array of options. With this article, we hope that we have sorted out for you the top LED products to choose from. Not only are they the bestselling items, but they are also made by reputable brands. Thus, you can ensure you get quality performance and value for money.

But, if you are consider different choices like HPS grow lights, we have you covered!

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