Best Temperature and Humidity Controller: 5 reviews and buying guides

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You know just like humans, our plants need to feel comfortable as well with their environment. They too do not like it when it is too hot nor too cold. Likewise, they would also feel bothered when the room is too dry and even more so if it’s too humid. So, are you looking for the best temperature and humidity controller? You come to the right place!!

Temperature and humidity both play critical roles in the health and growth of your plants. Thus, every grower must provide the proper apparatus to create a conducive environment. Equipment such as air conditioning, dehumidifiers, and water systems are absolute necessities.

But, the work doesn’t end there. You also need to keep the levels in check all the time. This is the only way you can ensure you have given your plants the most suitable warmth and moisture it needs. 

Sounds laborious and complicated?

I feel you, my friend! Don’t you worry, though, there are several things you can do to make your life wayyyy easier. 

One foolproof solution to your problem is by using temperature and humidity controllers

These simple devices provide the vital information you need to manage your grow room. It gives you a better advantage to achieve the right balance of temperature and humidity. 

And, that’s what we also wish for you to accomplish too!

So, in this article, we listed today’s best environmental controllers for your grow room. Know what each of these products can offer and why are they good for you. Moreover, we also included a few good tips to help you find your perfect controller for your grow space.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Top picks for The Best temperature and humidity controller

Our overall top pick:

AutoPilot APE4100 Eclipse F60 Digital Environment Controller

First runner-up:

Titan Controls Hyperion 1 Wireless Environmental & Lighting Controller

Second runner-up:

Titan Controls Classic Series Saturn 5 Digital Environmental Controller w/ CO₂ Timer

PreviewCFL Grow LightBest ForAvailability
AutoPilot APE4100 Eclipse F60 Digital Environment Controller Value for money Check Price
Titan Controls Hyperion 1 Wireless Environmental & Lighting Controller High-end Check Price
Titan Controls Classic Series Saturn 5 Digital Environmental Controller w/ CO₂ Timer Easy programming Check Price
Inkbird ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller Digital thermometer Check Price
Inkbird IHC-200 Humidity Controller Digital hygrometer Check Price

Other Options for The Best Temperature & Humidity Controller

1. AutoPilot APE4100 Eclipse F60 Digital Temperature and Humidity Controller

Best Temperature & Humidity Controller

AutoPilot Eclipse F60 is an environmental controller manufactured by a reputable brand, Hydrofarm. This digital device allows you to keep track of and manage the temperature and humidity. It is very easy to use with LED lights that indicate active modes and alerts for errors.

Eclipse F60 consists of four outlets. One each for cooling, heating, humidifying/dehumidifying, and for cycle timer. The outlets intended for temperature and humidity are fully-customizable. The built-in data logger programs your preferred daytime and nighttime set points. 

The cycle timer, though, has a separate purpose. This specific outlet caters to equipment that requires repeated on and off functionality. Each cycle will run over the course of a 24-hour period. 

These outlets can work all on their own or in synchronization with each other. Thus, giving you more control over the changes at different times of the day and situation.

To ensure its longevity, these outlets are well-protected with heavy-duty covers. This prevents moisture, dust, and other particles from penetrating inside. 

Eclipse F60 comes with sensitive and intelligent remote probes. This includes sensors to provide you accurate temperature and humidity measurements. It also has a photocell that detects the presence of daylight. You can position these wireless probes as far as 15-feet away from the controller.

Furthermore, the device is being designed to resist electromagnetic interferences or EMI. So, you don’t have to worry about performance disruptions. Or worse, damaging the data.

Things to concern:

Eclipse F60 does not have any significant drawbacks other than its ambiguous documentation. Some reviewers find it a bit difficult to understand the instruction manual provided. Thus, they ended up figuring things out on their own. 

Magic Line:

Reliable and easy to use.


  • 4 outlet control
  • Each outlet can operate alone or in combination
  • Programmable day/night set points
  • Records high/low temperature and humidity levels
  • With photocell
  • LED mode and error indicators
  • With internal battery
  • ETL-listed
  • Limited 2-year warranty


2. Titan Controls Hyperion 1 Wireless Environmental & Lighting Controller

Titan Controls Hyperion 1 Wireless temperature and humidity controller

Titan Controls’ Hyperion 1 is a feature-packed environmental controller. It is wireless so you have the freedom from lengthy and bothersome wirings. This digital device can well cover a grow space even up to 150 feet away.

The main function of this equipment is to keep track of the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. It is around-the-clock monitoring. Thus, giving you accurate readings on both the daytime and nighttime periods. As a grower, this is important to note as changes in the levels may take place at different times of the day.

Aside from temperature, humidity, and CO2, the device can also control the lighting. This fully-functional feature is made possible through the use of trigger cordsets. Actions included herein are high-temperature shut-offs and a 15-minute cool down with preset. This automated intervention protects your cultivars from getting damaged due to extreme temps.

Extech 445713 also allows you to control the lighting schedules. You can either choose a 12-hour or 18-hour lighting cycle. Better yet, you can also opt to customize your preferred light and dark cycles. Thus, giving you more edge at experimenting with what would best suit your cultivars.

One distinct feature this controller offers is its unique odometer. This device will tell when it is about time to change your grow light bulb. Moreover, it also alerts you with diagnostic codes to inform you of the unusual changes. Having this makes the equipment much effortless to maintain.

This controller is very easy and convenient to use. The kit comes with a separate remote LCD screen that shows you real-time data. If any abnormalities occur, you can directly navigate the adjustments through this remote. 

Things to concern:

Extech 445713 is a high-end thermometer and hygrometer. Because of its top-of-the-line features, the price point is likely expected to be expensive too.

Magic Line:

Premium price for premium features.


  • Wireless up to 150 feet
  • Temperature: 45F to 85F
  • Humidity: 20% to 90%
  • CO2: 500 PPM to 2500 PPM
  • Lighting control: 12-hours, 18-hours, or custom schedule
  • High-temperature shutdown 
  • Bulb odometer
  • Remote control LCD screen
  • Features diagnostic codes
  • 3-year warranty 


3. Titan Controls Classic Series Saturn 5 Digital Environmental Controller w/ CO₂ Timer

Titan Controls Classic Series Saturn 5 Digital Environmental Controller w/ CO₂ Timer temperature and humidity controller

Titan Controls Saturn 5 is among the most popular in the classic series. It is a digital environmental controller that keeps accurate monitoring of your grow room temperature and humidity. Moreover, it is also equipped with a short cycle timer for boosting carbon dioxide levels.

To capture the readings, Saturn 5 makes use of a 15-feet remote sensor. That distance is good enough to give you a considerable amount of coverage in your grow space. 

Of course, the ambient temperature during the morning often changes at nighttime. So, this device offers you the capability to set different levels for AM and PM. Thus, giving you better control throughout the day. 

Aside from that, you can also set the minimum and maximum levels of temperature and humidity. Identifying your specific desired range helps to set the boundaries for your device to keep track of.

Saturn 5 comes with an LCD display for clear viewing of data. Furthermore, it also has color-coded push buttons to make it easier to navigate. To add to its exteriors, the head unit is being enclosed with a plastic covering. This protects its internal components against dust, rust, and even moisture. 

Things to concern:

The only drawback with Saturn 5 is its occasional glitches with the sensor. And so, there were several customers that have reported inconsistencies with the temperature readings. 

Magic Lines:

Classic and reliable.


  • Digital thermometer & Hygrometer
  • With CO₂ short-cycle timer
  • Day/Night temperature setting
  • 15-feet remote sensor
  • LCD display
  • Color-coded push button
  • Min/Max data logging
  • Plastic enclosure
  • 2-year warranty


4. Inkbird ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller

Inkbird ITC-308 Digital temperature controller

Inkbird is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Its ITC-308 model is being made to especially keep accurate recordings of the temperature solely. It has a plug-and-play design which makes it super easy to use.

The main feature of this controller is its dual-relay output. Meaning, you can connect the device on both heating and cooling equipment. This will then enable you to immediately enact either way the room becomes too hot or too cold.

Inkbird ITC-308 has a temperature calibration that ensures the most accurate readings. You can also set separate differential values. That way, you can predetermine your desired min and max temperature range. 

Given the preset values, your device is being equipped with a temperature alarm. This will notify you when it detects that the reading is going beyond your preferred levels. The controller will also buzz when it detects abnormalities in its sensors. With such a feature, you can immediately check and correct untoward problems. 

The controller has a double LCD screen. This will display the current temperature measurement and as well as the preset values. The device also supports readings in both centigrade and Fahrenheit units. So, you have the option to choose whichever suits you best. 

For safety, the device comes with a compressor delay for better refrigeration control. Thus, ensuring that the interval of your refrigeration cycle will not be too quick. Moreover, it also prevents your equipment from becoming overworked.

Things to concern:

One of the most common complaints you get from the users of this product is its durability issues. Some of them find the controller not as robust as they expect it to be. 

Magic Line:

Easy to use and reliable temperature controller.


  • Plug and play design
  • Dual-relay output
  • Heating/Cooling differential function
  • Supports Centigrade and Fahrenheit units
  • Dual LCD display window
  • Temperature calibration
  • Compressor delay protection
  • High/Low temperature alarm
  • Sensor fault alarm
  • 1-year warranty


5. Inkbird IHC-200 Humidity Controller

Inkbird IHC-200 humidity controller

Another great product from Inkbird is its IHC-200 humidity controller. This product is perfect if you wish to keep track of your grow room’s humidity level alone. It is also very easy to use with its plug and play design.

Like ITC-308, this humidity controller has a dual-relay output. With such, the device can shift between a humidification or dehumidification mode. So, the controller will automatically switch to either mode as the need arises. 

To keep the humidity levels as accurate as possible, you can set your own preferred values. This allows you to establish the specific humidity level you wish to maintain. Moreover, you can also set predetermined differential values. These refer to the least and the maximal range allowable for your space.

IHC-200 is being equipped with alarms too. When the current measurement exceeds the preset values, an alarm will go off to alert you. It will also detect faulty sensors. If this occurs, it will create a buzzing sound to notify you of the existing error.

This controller also comes with two screens. This will show the current humidity reading and your preset value. Displaying both makes it easier for you to read and compare the levels. 

Things to concern:

Consumers of this product seem to have the same issues with Inkbird ITC-308. The IHC-200 model is not as durable and does not last as long as one hopes it would. 

Magic Line:

Easy to use and accurate humidity controller.


  • Plug and play design
  • Dual-relay output
  • High/Low differential function
  • Dual LCD display window
  • Humidity calibration
  • Humidifier delay protection
  • High/Low temperature alarm
  • Sensor fault alarm
  • 1-year warranty


Tips to Consider When Buying Temperature & Humidity Controller

  • Accuracy 

What good is a device if it doesn’t give you accuracy?

The #1 priority when buying controllers is its capability to give you the correct results. That is because the actions of your controller depends on its measurements. And so, it can have a significant impact on the well-being of your cultivars.

For example, if it detects low temperature levels, it will then trigger the heater to turn on. If the device took a false reading, then you are subjecting your plants to unnecessary heat. As a consequence, it increases the risk of burning your plants.

So, how can you tell if the controller is accurate or not?

There is no such thing as perfect. But every manufacturer has to declare the margin of error of their products. In general, the smaller the number, the closer its reading accuracy should be. So as much as possible, opt for a margin of error that is ±1°C for temperature and a ±1-2% for humidity.

  • Ease of Use | Tips to Buy Temperature and Humidity Controller

The main reason why we resort to buying this kind of device is because of the hope that it will make our lives easier. It takes out the hassle of figuring out the how-to’s, whats, and whys. So when buying controllers, you would want it to be as fuss-free as possible.

A controller should be something that is easy to operate. You can read on the manual or watch instructional videos to help you get started. But other than that, it should not be too complicated to navigate.

  • Accessibility

Whether on tabletop or wall-mounted, choose what is convenient for you to work with. Some manufacturers include the mounting kits while others do not. So, keep this in mind.

The size and weight of the equipment are also major factors to consider. But it would be an advantage for you to get a lightweight and compact controller. This makes it more effortless to maneuver around, reposition, or keep in storage. 

  • Display | Tips to Buy Temperature and Humidity Controller

The display screen of your device is like your window to the machine’s brain. It shows you the pertinent data you need to assess the status of your grow room. Thus, the more efficient the display is, the more beneficial it would be as well for you. 

A well-lit screen with big readable fonts is an ideal feature to have. Moreover, make sure that the display doesn’t fog or accumulate moisture. All these allow for better viewing of the information in the display even from afar.

  • Alarm

It is an added bonus if you have a controller with alarm features. Not only will this alert you if the levels become too high or too low, but it will also notify the presence of errors. In that way, you can take immediate action against the problem. The earlier you know, the more likely you can mitigate the impact on your plants.

  • Budget | Tips to Buy Temperature and Humidity Controller

Temperature and humidity are vital to every grow space. Thus, it is worthy to treat this device as an investment piece. Depending on the availability of your funds, there are plenty of options available. From simple yet cheap controllers to the more complex and high-end. Always make sure though to get the one that gives you the most value for your money.

Wrapping-up About Temperature and Humidity Controller

There you go! Those are our top 5 temperature and humidity controllers. These products are being made by some of the leading brands in the industry. So, you can assure that you can rely on their quality and efficiency.

These environmental controllers can bring total breeze to every grower. It lets you measure the levels and at the same time automate a response depending on what your grow room needs. It’s like having a smart little helper!

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