Best 600 Watts LED Grow Light for Growing Cannabis

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There can be no denying how important grow light are to indoor plants. And nowadays, LED lamps are one of the most reliable sources of artificial lighting. They are energy-efficient and much cooler to operate. Regardless if you are a novice or a seasoned grower, a 600-watt lamp is the perfect in-between size. It is not too small but not quite too big to be wasteful. So, if you are planning to grow about 3 to 5 cannabis plants, then this is the right size for you! Here’s a shortlist of the best 600-watt LED grow light in the market.

We will tackle what each of these products can offer. At the same time, we will give you a rundown of important things to consider when buying grow lights.

Let’s begin!

Top picks for the Best 600 Watts LED Grow Light for Growing Cannabis

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Our top pick:

Advanced Platinum Series P600 LED Grow Light

First runner-up:

Honorsen 600 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Second runner-up:

King Plus 600 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

PreviewLED Grow LightsBest ForAvailability
Advanced Platinum Series P600 LED Grow LightBest overall performance Check Price
Honorsen 600 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow LightAlternative to Advanced Platinum LED Check Price
King Plus 600 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow LightWider light coverage Check Price
Viparspectra Latest 600 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow LightValue for money Check Price
Wakyme 600 Watt Full Spectrum Grow LightBudget-friendly Check Price

More Details for The Top 5 Picks for 600 Watt LED Grow Lights

1. Advanced Platinum Series P600 LED Grow Light | Best 600 Watt LED Grow Light

Best 600 Watts LED Grow Lights for Growing Cannabis

Advanced Platinum’s P600 is one of the most popular LED grow lights for growing cannabis. The brand claims to have the highest PAR per watt among the LED lamps in the market. This bulb can deliver a value of 1140 µmol at a height of 24 inches. Or, as much as 1535 µmol if positioned at a 15-inch distance from the plant canopy.

P600 lamps consist of a broader scope of wavelengths with its 12-band light spectrum. This range well includes ultraviolet and infrared lights too. Thus, giving your cultivars a more fine-tuned spectral light output.

The 600-watt LED light can cover a grow space of 5×2 up to a max of 6×4 when considering an 18-inch vertical distance. This lamp promises to give you 100% usable light. Thus, ensuring you can optimize your plant’s photosynthetic responses. 

This full-spectrum grow light also features a dual switch. That means you can shift its settings from vegetative to blooming phase in just a click of a button. Thus, allowing you to provide the light requirements of your plants depending on its stage of growth.

Platinum P600 lamp is also very energy-efficient. It only consumes about 345 watts of power when set-up for the blooming phase. It drops even lower at only 184 watts when used for the vegetative stage of growth. A lamp with this much power is set to replace a conventional 800-watt HPS grow light. 

Things to concern for Advance Platinum | 1st of The Best 600 Watt LED Grow Light

Advanced Platinum P600 is quite an expensive piece of grow light. But, with its good performance and after sales support, you are sure to make the most of what you paid for.

Magic Line:

Premium price for premium quality LED grow light.


  • Full-spectrum
  • 12-band LED spectrum
  • PAR per watt: 1140 up to 1535 µmol
  • Dual-switch
  • Power: 184 watts (Veg), 345 watts (Bloom)
  • Coverage: 5×2 up to 6×4 feet
  • 4x high-speed quiet fan
  • Aluminum cooling heat sink
  • Replaces 800-watt HPS lamp
  • Lifespan: 50,000 up to 100,000 hours
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • 5-year complete warranty


2. Honorsen 600 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light | Best 600 Watt LED Grow Light

Honorsen 600 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

If you are not yet ready to invest in LED grow lights, starting off with Honorsen 600-watt LED is the way to go!

Honorsen is a full-spectrum grow light that is suitable to use across all stages of plant growth. It consists of bulbs with wavelengths ranging from 415 up to 730 nanometers. Plus, a piece of 10,000K LED bulb to add a spectrum of bright cool white to the mix.

This grow light is being designed to support indoor cultivation of fruits, veggies, and ornamentals. It is suitable to use as well for greenhouse farming and growing cannabis plants in tents or rooms. A 600-watt lamp is enough to cover 2×2 up to 3×3 grow spaces.  

Considering its indoor applications, Honorsen made sure to provide an effective cooling system. Its high-thermal conductivity PCB and 2-speed cooling fans aid in regulating the heat. Thus, allowing your grow light system to stay cool and last longer.

Moreover, this grow kit also comes with a double-switch function. So you can choose to use a lighting set-up suitable for either vegetative or flowering stages. This is a very convenient feature for growers as you no longer need to change your grow lights as plants mature. 

This grow kit can also be daisy-chained. Thus, allowing you to expand your coverage by connecting multiple fixtures. It can safely accommodate 3 to 4 units in one single power cord.  

Aside from its affordable price point, this LED also lets you save money from utility costs. This 600-watt lamp only consumes about 120 watts of actual electricity. This is tantamount to that of a 450-watt MH/HPS bulb. So you see, you get more light intensity at a lower electricity consumption. That only means to say, more savings for you too!

Things to concern:

Honersen LED grow light fans seem to work well. But, it isn’t exactly a quiet one. If a noisy fan concerns you, then this might not be a total fit for your requirements.

Magic Line:

Decent quality at a much affordable price point.


  • Full-spectrum
  • Dual-switch
  • Actual power: 120 watts
  • Coverage: 2×2 up to 3×3 feet
  • 2x high-speed fan
  • Aluminum cooling heat sink
  • Daisy-chainable
  • Includes hanging kit 
  • Includes thermometer & humidity monitor
  • Replaces 450-watt MH/HPS lamp
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 2-year warranty


3. King Plus 600 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light | Best 600 Watt LED Grow Light

King Plus 600 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The King Plus lamp is another high-performing LED grow light in the market today. With over 2,000 positive reviews in Amazon, this sure is one product worthy to give a shot!

This is a full spectrum bulb ideal for use with indoor cultivars in any growth stage. It consists of a wide range of light wavelengths from 380 up to 780 nanometers. Furthermore, it also has UV and IR lights to give the most natural rays of sunlight.

Other advantageous features of King Plus 600 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

One great feature of King Plus is its double-switch function. This allows you to tune-in your settings to either veg or bloom. Veg lighting gives you more blue and white wavelengths perfect for seedling growth. Meanwhile, the bloom setting stimulates flowering and fruiting by giving more red lights. You can also opt to turn both switches on for a more balanced full-spectrum light.

King Plus lamps ensure to embody an energy-saving technology. It uses high-tech double-chip LEDs to deliver low-powered but intensely bright lights. This bulb is equal to that of a traditional 250-watt HPS but only consumes 125 watts of electricity. Thus, enabling you to save up on your utility costs.

This lamp also comes with an advanced cooling system. Although LEDs run much cooler, it is still vital to promote proper ventilation. Thus, the lamp is being provided with upgraded aluminum radiators. This will help to maintain the bulb temperature between 50°F to 60°F. Keeping temps low lessens the risk of burning your plants. Furthermore, it also increases the likelihood of extending the lifetime of your bulbs. 

Aside from that, the grow light also has high-speed fans to promote the dissipation of hot air. It is good to note too that these fans are very quiet to run. This is important especially for those growers who wish to keep their grow rooms low-key. Too loud noises tend to attract unwanted attention from outsiders.

Things to concern:

King Plus LED grow lights are prone to have defects. Some consumers reported receipt of faulty products right off the box. Thus, it is important to check your orders and immediately report untoward issues.

Magic Line:

Efficient light performance with wide coverage.


  • Full-spectrum
  • 60pcs 10-watt LED
  • Dual-chip 
  • Double-switch
  • Actual power: 125 watts
  • Coverage: 3.5×3.5 up to 4×4 feet
  • High-speed fan
  • Aluminum heat sink
  • Replaces 250-watt HPS lamp
  • Lifespan: 100,000 hours
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • 3-year warranty


4. Viparspectra Latest 600 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light | Best 600 Watt LED Grow Light

Viparspectra Latest 600 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Viparspectra is another favorite brand among growers. Its 600-watt LED comes in full-spectrum of light. Thus, perfect to use in any stage of plant growth. 

This grow light comes with double channels. So, you can switch between veg and bloom light settings. Veg settings have more of the blue and white LED lights. This is spectral outputs are perfect for germinating seedlings. Meanwhile, the red wavelengths of light are more prominent in the bloom settings. This spectrum is vital for stimulating the flowering and fruiting of plants.

Moreover, you can further maximize the effect by switching both the veg and bloom settings together. The combination of these light spectrums is perfect for enhancing growth performance. This is suitable to use throughout the plant’s stages of development.

Viparscpectra grow light also helps you save energy too. This 600-watt lamp consumes about 245 watts in actual power. It is equal to that of a traditional 400-watt HPS or MH lamps. Being energy-efficient also means it is friendlier to your pocket as well.  

An effective cooling system is also one of the main points of this product. It features high-speed cooling fans and a built-in aluminum heat sink that dissipates heat. Thus, maintaining conducive temperatures at all times. Furthermore, the proper regulation also helps to prolong the lifespan of the LED. 

The 600-watt Viparspectra lamp can cover a flowering grow space of 2.5 x 2.5 with a 22-inch distance. For vegetative plants, though, the footprint can extend to 3×3 at a height of 32 inches. If you wish to further expand your coverage, the kit is also linkable. So, you can add up to 2 more fixtures in just one power outlet.

Things to concern:

Viparspectra 600-watt LED is an excellent grow light in many aspects. But, one thing though that customers disliked is that the lamp burns out too fast. In some cases, the bulb did not last as close to its intended lifetime of 100,000 hours.

Magic Line:

A great product with good value for money.


  • Full-spectrum
  • Double-switch
  • Actual power: 245 watts
  • Coverage: 2.5×2.5 up to 3×3 feet
  • High-speed fan
  • Aluminum heat sink
  • Daisy-chain function
  • Replaces 400-watt MH/HPS lamp
  • Lifespan: 100,000 hours
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 3-year local warranty


5. Wakyme 600 Watt Full Spectrum Grow Light | Best 600 Watt LED Grow Light

Wakyme 600 Watt Full Spectrum Grow Light

The Wakyme LED grow light is a full-spectrum lamp perfect for any type of plant in an indoor setting. These LED bulbs come with diodes that help to protect its dual-chip. Thus, making it last longer than other LEDs without diodes.  

This grow kit contains 60 units of 10-watt LED bulb. Making it a total of 600 watts all together. The good thing about these bulbs is that is they are surface-mount devices or SMD LEDs. That means every bulb is already integrated with three colors in one system. These 3 light includes the red, blue, and green spectrums which are essential for plant growth.

Other advantageous features of  Wakyme 600 Watt Full Spectrum Grow Light

Aside from that, the LED also consists of infrared, ultraviolet, and white lights. These provide your plants the additional support it needs to promote healthier growth. Moreover, the lamp also features a double switch function. This will help you shift the light settings to either conform to a vegetative or blooming stage. 

The 600-watt can deliver a PAR value of 436 µmol/m2s at a height of 24 inches from the plant canopy. At this distance, it is perfect enough to cover a good light footprint in a 2×2 grow space. Although, you can further optimize it up to 3×4 by adjusting the height.

Heat accumulation is also least likely an issue with Wakyme LEDs. The lamp comes with built-in aluminum heat sinks with multiple vents for ventilation. To further dissipate heat, they also have high-speed cooling fans. They create very low-noise emitting only 35 up to 40 decibels of sounds. That is practically as quiet as when you are inside a library!

This 600-watt Wakyme LED grow light uses only 110 to 115 watts of actual power. That is far lower than any conventional bulb consumes So, you can expect to save more money in the long run of using this grow light.

Things to concern:

Several customers complained that Wakyme LED grow lights don’t seem to last long. Its bulb burns out pretty quick against its claim of 100,000 hours lifetime. 

Magic Line:

Competitive features for a very cheap price point.


  • Full-spectrum
  • 60pcs 10-watt SMD LEDs
  • Dual-chip with diode
  • Double-switch
  • Actual power: 110-115 watts
  • Coverage: 2×2 up to 3×4 feet
  • Low-noise fan
  • Aluminum heat sink
  • Daisy-chain function
  • Replaces 600-watt MH/HPS lamp
  • Lifespan: 100,000 hours
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 3-year warranty


Things to consider when buying Best 600 Watt LED Grow Light

By this time, I am pretty sure you have already decided to use a 600 watts LED lamp. But, not all 600-watt LED bulbs are alike. So before checking out your carts, make sure you have considered these three factors:

  • Power consumption

Of course, the lower the power consumption, the better it is for your plants and your pocket!

A good-quality 600-watt LED would have an actual power draw somewhere between a wattage of 120 to 180

Energy-efficient lamps tend to produce much lower heat than high-consuming bulbs. Thus, it is least likely to cause burn and damage to your plants as well.

  • Cost to operate

It is good to foresee how much would the possible cost be when you use a specific 600-watt LED lamp in your grow room. As a grower, this will let you thoroughly budget your monthly allocation of expenses. Thus, preventing unexpected surprises from ridiculously high electricity billings. 

Now, let’s do some basic mathematics here.

Let’s say for example your LED has an actual power draw of 120 to 180 watts. Take the higher figure, which is 180, and multiply is with the number of hours of usage per day. So, when you run your light cycle for 18 hours in a day, that would compute as:

180 watts X 18 hours = 3,240 watts/day

To convert it to kilowatts, divide your answer to 1,000 (1 kilowatt = 1,000 watts).

3,240 watts / 1,000 = 3.24 kwh/day

The 3.24 kWh/day would be your average daily power consumption. To know how much this cost, you have to multiply this to the electricity rate at your locality. Take, for instance, your energy provider charges 15 cents per kWh.

3.24 kWh x 0.15 = $0.49/kWh

Multiply to 30 days.

0.49 x 30 days = $14.58 per month 

So, more likely you would expect to pay approximately $15 per month for using a 600-watt LED.

  • Comparison to other bulbs

Manufacturers often provide a comparison of LED to MH or HPS lamps of the same capacity. This will help show consumers how energy-efficient the LED lamps are

For example, a 600-watt LED with a power draw of 180 watts is tantamount to that of a 250-watt HPS.

This means the LED can provide 600 watts of brightness compared to only 250 watts of what HPS can offer at a rate of 180 watts energy consumption.

That will tell you that your LED lamp can give you 60% more light while consuming the same 180 watts of energy.

Wrapping Up:

A 600 watt LED grow light is a perfect size to work with. This is enough to give you a good amount of coverage without expending too much electricity. It is just the right size for growing five or fewer cannabis plants in a grow room.

The top 5 products we presented herein are among the best selling products in Amazon. They are well-loved by many growers as you can evidently see from their high ratings. 

Furthermore, let the guideline we provided be your basis in choosing the best 600 watts LED for you. 

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