Gorilla Grow Tent Review: The Best Tent for Indoor Plants

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There are many grow tents for indoor plants, but Gorilla Grow Tent is one of the best tents. It can give you a perfect environment for plant growing. It’s designed for keeping the plants in their all stages. That means you can start with seeding, growing (vegetable/flower/fruit), and yielding. Using grow tents are very reliable where the temperature can fluctuate. If you have a small space for your plants. You can place it in closets, garage, basement or even a corner space.

Gorilla Tents has lots of features to make your life easier to have plantation inside your home. Those who want to save their rear plants for temperature fluctuation, try growing marijuana for research. If you want to grow herbs and vegetables which are tough in the outdoor garden, you can definitely use this tent. It’s a hassle-free solution for your gardening and also simple to set up. It has flood-proof floors, door with zipper thick canvas wall with airtight stitching. It’s good for keeping the odors and pests in and air out. Besides, every tent from Gorilla Grow Tent comes with a year of warranty.

What is the grow tent?

A grow tent is a place where the plant can be grown in an ideal environment. Like the grow boxes, a grow tent is useful for herbs and other plants to grow. But grow boxes come with stronger components to use it for many years. But, the best grow tents get made with canvas or other fabric with powder-coated aluminum. That makes it lightweight, easy to move by parting the parts.

Gorilla Grow Tent review

About gorilla grow tent

Gorilla Grow Tent is one of the well recognizable grow tent brands available in the market. They not only have the name of Gorilla, but they also built some Gorilla size of the tent with the same performance. This tent is right for everyone who wants to grow a plant inside the home, laboratory shops, or anywhere. This tent comes in several sizes but with their distinct line.

  1. Original grow tent
  2. Shortly grow tent
  3. LITE Line grow tent.
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Why needs gorilla grow tent?

Gorilla Tents are one of the quality tents that’s not only useful for growing plants It’s also perfect for using for an extended period without the need for high maintenance. Here we mentioned some points to know better why you need Gorilla Grow Tent.

Strong, durable materials. This tent’s made of sturdy, sustainable and reliable canvas with reflective inside. It keeps light from escaping. In fact, it’s good to capture infrared rays so that your plant can get all the goodness of the light spectrum. Besides, it has unique features like blocking roof insertion.

Plenty of space. This grows tent has quite a space for growing plants. Also, it has room to work on your plants without spoiling them or their arrangement.

Easy to clean and maintain. You can feed your plants with ease and wash the pots or the tent anytime you need it. Its canvas fabric is flexible in cleaning too.

Well- built the metal frame. This grow tent’s frame includes a solid metal interlocking structure. The structure is corrosion-proof and lasts for a long time.

Quick access. For the opening, closing and remove or add the plants easier it has the biggest zippers. It’s great to keep moisture well from the inside. It reduces unnecessary access to insects or any type of bugs.

Safe to use. It’s good for preventing disease that often cases with plants. In the cold weather, it keeps the plant warm and safe for as long as you need it. Furthermore, it has a convenient access tool pouch to arrange the scuffs that come with the tent.

Some Features and Benefits of Gorilla Grow Tent

Her we discuss some essential features about the Gorilla Tent including the benefits. Have a look below.


Most of the indoor grow tents available in the market are 6 feet high. But the Gorilla has the option to choose the exact right height of the tent for indoor plantation. The three product line of Gorilla has different size of tents to have. If you have a tight place to keep a tent the Shortly Line is wise to consider. You will get from 2×4 to 4x 4 ft tents in this product line. For mid-size they offer 2×5.7 to 8×6.7 ft in LITE grow tents. And those who want larger grow tents, they can go for Original Grow Tents which started to form 2×5.11 to 10x 6.11.

Furthermore, these tents include adjustable extension poles too. So, you can extend the height as your need in the future. So, you can spread your 8′ grow tent to 12′ tall which will give you more room for plants while the plant is growing taller.

Gorilla Grow Tent review


Grow plants grow on different types of materials. There is plastic, fabric, rubber, etc. or a combination of all. But, the grow tents are plastic and rubber free. It’s made of quality canvas with metal frame and strong zippers. They have double settling ducting ports, floor pool, diamond reflection technology, and more. There are some other features that make it more unique. The bug resistant pre-filter and the added tool pouch. These tow stuff are very useful while working on the tent and pest control.

Also, diamond reflector technology gives the assurance of uniform lumen distribution. If you are new with grow tents then you might never hear of this type of technology. In fact, many new/old growers don’t realize the necessity of the diamond reflection technology at all. For more elaboration, this thing reflects the light to your plants. It’s very efficient on the plants’ growth and also in conservation. The surface of the tent gets covered with this reflective layer. It can reflect more than 30 lumens back to your plants and help to increase the growth as well.


Depth is crucial for any grow tents. All three lines use different thickness of the fabric. Also included is the diamond fabric interior. LITE Line uses 210D thinner fabric, Original and Shortly Lines use 1680D thickness. All two dimensions can beat up any other brand without any doubt. These fabrics outlast compare to any other fabric or materials. All these product lines use the same technique in the bonding of fabric to its interior surface. That is the reason all the grow tents from Gorilla are much denser and extremity durable. Even with the high thickness and all, they are very lightweight and also lightproof.

Strength & Longevity

Not with the fabric, Gorilla uses heavy-duty metal poles for the tent. For the security of the whole structure, it also uses interlocking tools made of steel. For the zippers, they also use the highest quality zippers. These zippers are durable but less flexible on quick accessing. But, to secure the tent the company makes sure the reinforcement of the steel is tight.

best Gorilla Grow Tent


A good tent needs to be safe enough to survive in a different adverse situation. Sometimes accidental flood or temperature fluctuation may occur. To prevent the flood, it has a durable flood pool that prevents the water from coming inside. Also, its high dense fabric prevents the access of outside water. It’s even helpful on light leakage and odors too. So, once the tent has proper closing, no insect of the even micro biotic object can enter the tent to harm your garden. Here is another bonus features for safety, the inferred blocking system. Its patent-pending insulated roof block understood and helped to keep the temperature low. Its bigger interior space keeps the temperature cool for plants to grow healthy.

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Full automation

The traditional growing and yielding processes are tough. To work on the field or garden, most of the day under sun rain and the air is quite difficult to do. Even if you have a small garden in the yard, it still takes extra time and extra care until the welding is complete. What if, you don’t need to do much work like this but the yields will more than enough? It sounds confusing, right? But, it could be possible if you have a grow tent like Gorilla. It has the option to set a time so you can enjoy stress-free working but get 100% outcome that you want for.

When using the grow tent, you don’t need any knowledge of the operation. Anyone can operate it like a professional. Infect it requires less supervision to maintain the whole thing. Its technology is for getting the best. So, get one of the Grow Tents, sit on the side and watch how all the things get done in a very easy way. It’s a great solution for most yields without so much laboring.

Carbon filters

Carbon filters are critical to growing plants with natural air circulation inside the tent. For another brand of the grow tent, you have to add this separately. Gorilla Grow will save you from this hazard. Their tents consist of Carbone coal which ensures optimal air circulation. So, it doesn’t make or passes odors so quickly. Its sophisticated fiber technology added this carbon coal in the fiber. It makes the entire tent as a filter. But if you think to add more filters for plantation purpose you have that option too.

Cooling system

The temperature control is also important for a good environment on your plants. That’s why all grow tents more or less has this option to keep the tent cool. This tent also has a high-performance fan. It keeps out the extra moister and air outside to stable the environment inside. It also helps to balance ph control of the tent’s environment. These fans are of steel materials and powder coated. They are quite, active and maintain the temperature very well.

Best Gorilla Grow Tents

Why should you buy Gorilla grow tents?

There are many things that we could say about its features, quality, and performance. Still, it’s a choice of the user of what type or brand he actually wants to use. If you compare, you would not its one of the best grow tent available in the market. It’s not like some other cheap grow tent which only lasts for years. Starts to give your trouble after using a few days. This particular grow tent is not only used for a few days, but it will also last for many years. A cheap rated tent can give the performance that can Gorilla do. This tent is high in all quality and performance but yes, it’s a bit expensive than others. But it’s important to think that you get a fair share when buying a product like this.

This tent offers various options; small, medium, and large. Also, it has an extended option that makes it more useful. After purchasing, you can also ask for the extension whenever you want. But yes you have to buy it separately.

It’s not a simple habitat for your plants. This tent provides a place and atmosphere where the plants grow bigger, taller, and filled with flowers and fruits. So, the company made this tent as gentle to the plants as it can. It could be an investment for your plantation or gardening, fair enough.

So, the decision to buy products from Gorilla is better by determining affordability. In other words, if the cost of the tent is something you could afford, and then, by all means, get yourself one.

  • A good quality tent by a large plantation environment.
  • It’s well built and easy to set up.
  • Good for keeping light out very well.
  • 100% light and air-tight.
  • Durable for a long time.
  • Different size options to choose from.
  • The instruction manual is not so helpful.
  • The zipper is difficult to use sometimes.
  • High in price.

What customers say about this grow tent? (FAQs)

Question: Do these grow tents come with any warranty?
Answer: Yes, they come with one year of full warranty.

Question: Do they include any carrying bags?
Answer: No, but they are full-packed in a shipping box which also useful for future storage of the bag. But they have tool pouches and spill tray liner for the bottom.

Question: Is there an access panel on the sides or rear pruning for a plant near the back of the tent?
Answer: No, there is an access panel on the tent.

Question: Is the height-adjustable extension kit switch every tent?
Answer: No, you have to buy them separately.

Final Verdict

For growing plants, people always want something useful and reliable tents. This gorilla tent is amazing in quality and flexible to use for a very long time. It’s simple to install and not more than 15 minutes. The Gorilla Grow Tents are for all types of gardeners and their needs. It’s giving them a chance to grow greenery in their house. If you want to grow vegetables or fruits in your indoor plants, this is the best grow tent for you. From usual to rear, not all kinds of plants can grow here.

Some say the instruction manual is unclear for a beginner. But, if you are feeling uncomfortable to set up, you can ask for help who have experienced it. They will assist you in the process and the whole usage /maintenance of the tent. Once you figure out all it will be easy to use and maintain the process of the grow tent.

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