How to Safely start a Zero Turn Mower

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To keep your garden in attractive shape, it is good to know how to start a zero turn mower safely. Zero turn lawn mowers are a specific type of lawn mowers. They are generally larger than the other regular lawn mowers or lawn tractors.  They are heavy too.

As zero turn lawn mowers are larger in size, you can have your work done in a short time. The wheels run freely on the left side. Make sure your lawn mower gets maintained well on a regular basis. You should check the fuel, oil and air filter, before using it. Besides, you can learn the operating process of a lawn mower in a couple of tries. It won’t take a long time.

How to Start a Zero Turn Mower

To run a zero turn mower, you need to learn driving it with precision. For this, have a seat on its seat. Make a preferable position for comfortable driving. Put the steps in the right position of the front end. Turn the zero turn mower engine on using its key. Control the movement using the bars given for motion control. Now, push the motion bar forward slowly.

how to start a zero turn mower

The wheels will move freely. The movement of the motion bars actually controls the movement of the mower. You need to move it using the right or left bar accurately to get the right motion and direction. See the direction given below to start your Zero Turn Mower for the first time.

  • At first, check the fuel sector and turn the value from off position to the left position or right position to enable the supply of the fuel. You will find the fuel sector near the seat or the gasoline tank.
  • Then lift the parking brake of your mower to upward and pull the brake to the vertical position. You will find the brake on the left side of the seat.
  • Now Push the switch called PTO. It is the round handle that locates on the side of the control panel.
  • Then steering into the Neutral on each side. Place the traction levers.
  • Now keep the throttle lever upward for high speed. You may find a picture of a rabbit at the upper side and a picture of a turtle on the lower side of the lever.
  • Then drag the choke button to the outward during steering a cold machine. If your engine is warm, you need not engage the choke.
  • Now insert your ignition key and start the engine. At first, slowly push the choke.
  • Then release the brake and pull the PTO witch upward so that the blades can engage. Then push the levers forward to go forward.
Controlling the Mower

The mower will turn left by forwarding the right motion bar. And, doing the opposite like forwarding the left motion bar will move the mower in the right direction. You can also make the zero turn mower to the reverse by pulling the control bars backward at a time. Besides, the mower can also move backward left if you pull the left bar to you or backward. In the same manner, the machine will move backward right if you pull back the right control bar. The zero mower also has the power to turn 180 degrees. For this, you need to move the left or right control bar forward and the other bar backward. You can do the reverse than before and the mower will turn to 180 degrees on the opposite side.

Controlling the Mowing Deck

To get a better result in cutting the ground extras, you can adjust the mowing deck according to your needs. Change the height adjustments to decide the cutting position. You can do this change simply by pressing the switch. After doing the work, you should clean the mower deck. Attach a hose with the port of the mower deck, start the water and switch the engine on. Also, clean the blades. Do this in the full force of the engine. Finishing that, slowly turn everything off.

how to start a zero turn mower

You can also move the mower in manual mode. For this pull out the bypass valve from every side of the mower. You might need to do this from the machine’s end also.

Tips and warning

It is better to practice the mower several times at a slow speed without engaging the blades. Then gradually raise the speed into your comfort. Practice turning it slowly. It is dangerous to carry someone on the Best Zero Turn Mower. It can cause imbalance and can cause injuries.

Final Words

Garden mowers are very useful for maintaining the beauty of the garden. But, a Zero Turn mower helps best in this aspect. As you know how to start a zero turn mower now, make the best use of it to keep your garden fit.

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