Best Ozone Generator(s) for Grow Rooms Reviews

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The air, water, humidity, and the temperature goes hand in hand in creating a conducive grow room. But, if these elements are not well regulated, they can cause more harm than good. A scenario every indoor grower dreads for. Too much or too little of any can rather promote an unpleasant environment for plant life. It makes your cultivars more susceptible to molds, pests, and other pathogens. Placing their health and growth at risk to get compromised. That is the reason why regular sanitation is fundamental for the indoor grow space. Here is where the best ozone generator(s) come into play. In this article, we will tackle everything you need to know about this machine. From benefits to buying guides, we got you covered.

What is an ozone generator?

An ozone generator is a device that converts regular air into ozone. Ozone is an inorganic molecule also known as trioxygen or O3. This element is well-known for its ability to purify and sterilize the environment.  This powerful oxidant is being used in a wide range of applications. From disinfecting homes and commercial industries, this machine was quick to become a popular choice. Experts believe that O3 is stronger than chlorine bleach. Thus, it is much efficient at eliminating harmful elements in the immediate surroundings.

How does the ozone machine works?

The machine works by turning oxygen or O2 into trioxygen or O3. The compromised air in the environment often has negative charge cations. By introducing O3, its extra positive ion attaches to this negative cation.  The binding of molecules neutralizes the odor properties of the said compromised air. Thereby, eliminating the unpleasant smell within the atmosphere. As the extra ion from O3 is being released, it then becomes a conventional two oxygen atom or O2. Oxygen is one of the most potent oxidation agents in the world. It is very effective at destroying molds, pests, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. So, as it sterilizes the space from free-floating molecules, the air becomes purified.

How does choosing the best ozone generator benefit grow rooms?

  • Disinfection

Ozone is 2.5 times more effective than chlorine in eradicating organisms. This includes molds, fungi, and disease-causing pathogens. The regular use of the ozone machine disinfects the soil medium. Thus, protecting your cultivars from untoward infestations. Moreover, ozonating the space also helps to keep your grow equipment sterilized. This spares you hours and hours of cleaning the instruments down to every nooks and cranny of the room. The complete disinfection resets the grow area between cultivation. Thus, kickstarting the next cycle fresh and sanitized.

  • Odor Elimination

Truth be told, not all areas consider cannabis growing as legal. Thus, some growers compel to keep their grow room as inconspicuous as possible. Eliminating the odor then prevents unwanted attention from nosy neighbors and law enforcement.  By nature, the cannabis plant produces a compound called terpene. This is what gives marijuana its distinct taste and aroma. The O3 produced by the machine binds to the terpene molecules that evaporated in the air. Thus, neutralizing the odor before it gets released out of the grow room. 

  • Water Sterilization

The ozone generator not only purifies the air, but it can also sterilize the water you use in your grow room too. This technique is much safer to use and it also promotes healthier growth of the root system. When used for a hydroponic garden, the device often comes with airstones and tubing. The principles of how ozone works to clean the air are almost the same as in water. The ozonated water attaches to the unstable molecules to destroy the microorganisms. The newly-converted oxygen then gets absorbed in the water. Thus, further nourishing the roots of your cultivars.

How to use an ozone generator in the grow room?

To kill pathogens

  1. Remove any used or infected instrument out of the grow room as soon as you see the first signs of infection. 
  2. Shut off the extractor fans but leave the circulating fans still on. 
  3. For a small grow room, you can use a 400mg/hr generator and run it for a few minutes.
  4. If your ozone machine has a tube outlet, you may attach it to the circulating fan for better dispersion. 
  5. After the cycle, turn on the extractor fan back and let it run for a few minutes. 
  6. Reassess the areas that were showing signs of infection before the treatment. If effective, these certain spots should turn brown and crusted. 
  7. Despite killing the pathogens, disposal of the infected items is still advisable.

To sterilize growing equipment

  1. Pre-wash instruments to remove the debris. Let it dry.
  2. Place the items in such a position that the air can circulate on all sides.
  3. Shut off the extractor fans but leave the circulating fans still on.
  4. For a small grow room, you can use a 400mg/hr generator and place it at the center of the area.
  5. Set-up the timer to run for an average of 45 minutes.
  6. Once the machine starts, leave the room while trying not to breathe in the ozone.
  7. After the cycle gets finished, you may open the windows or vents to let out the excess ozone.

How to ozonate the water

  1. Connect one end of the generator tubing to the air stones. Place it inside the water tank.
  2. Let the machine run for a few minutes to ozonate the water.
  3. You can use the ozonated water as a direct spray or as a dip for plant cuttings to sterilize and boost oxygen.
  4. It is best to use ozonated water right away. Prolonged exposure can breakdown the molecule and revert it to regular oxygen.

How safe is the ozone for plants and humans?

The safety of ozone on plants, animals, and human beings is quite controversial. Effective as it may be in sanitizing the air and water, too much exposure though can be deleterious. Like in any treatment, always proceed with extreme caution. According to studies, you need 25ppm of O3 combined with low humidity to kill pathogens. The device should run at least 20 minutes to be effective. But as per health organizations, it is advisable for human exposures not to exceed 0.1ppm. 

Inhalation of ozone can be very dangerous for your lungs. High doses can cause coughing, shortness of breath, and even chest pains. This also triggers pre-existing conditions like asthma which can then lead to infection. Excessive levels of O3 can also affect the health of cannabis plants. It can inhibit the production of chlorophyll which is necessary for its photosynthesis.  Moreover, it can also damage the plant cells thus leading to its eventual death.

What to consider when wanting to buy the best ozone generator?

  • Size

Determining the right size of the machine is very important. A capacity that is too small may not be enough to deliver effective results. Likewise, a capacity that is too big can be hazardous as well. Thus, it is fundamental to base the size according to what your grow space only needs.  A small grow room would likely need a generator that can produce 200-400mg/hour of ozone air. For large commercial spaces, though, it may need 1 gram/hour or more of output. So, the difference between the two is very significant.

  • Versatility

A good-quality ozone generator is not a cheap piece of equipment. Thus, it is ideal to make the most out of what you can get from the device. Having a multi-function machine is one way to maximize your investment.  This means that you can use your generator to ozonate both the air and water. Often, this machine comes with silicon tubings for attachment to airstones. It is also good to have a feature that enables you to switch between levels of output. Thus, giving you better control in the amount of O3 to deliver depending on room size.

  • Timer

Because of the potential dangers from exposure to ozone, a timer can give you more safety. It can be set up depending on your preferred time of operation. In that way, it lessens your risk of exposure to O3 before and after the treatment.

  • Cost

There are several factors that can add to the value of the machine. It may include features like the power rating, plate quality, and timer, among many others. On average, the price would often range from almost $100 up to as expensive as $5,000.

Our best picks for ozone generator in the market

1. Enerzen 6,000mg/hr Commercial Ozone Generator

Best Ozone Generator Enerzen Commercial O3 Air Purifier

Why do we like this product?

You can consider Enerzen Commercial O3 Air Purifier a small but terrible device. Terrible though in a pretty good way. This compact machine can deliver a powerful 6,000mg/hour of ozone. This can cover up to 4,000 square footage. 

Moreover, it is being designed with efficiency in mind. It comes with ceramic ozone plates that ensure optimal output for a longer period of time. Its fans are also built 40% larger


  • Energy-efficient.
  • Eco-friendly design. 
  • CE and RoHS certified.
  • Compact and portable design.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Includes a timer with hold function. 
  • 1-year warranty.


  • The strong ozone production tends to leave the smell of ozone in the room. 

2. Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Generator

Best Ozone Generator Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Generator

Why do we like this product? 

Airthereal MA5000 is one of the most energy-efficient ozone generators. It only consumes 50 watts of power for operating 20 hours straight. Thus, saving you money from electricity bills.

This device may seem small and lightweight but it can deliver a decent amount of 5,000mg/hr of output. This is good to use for areas up to 1,000 square feet. Its ceramic ozone plate also has a service life of up to 5,000 hours. That is long enough considering its affordable price point.


  • Energy-efficient.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy maintenance. 
  • Comes with timer control.
  • Affordable. 
  • 3 years warranty.


  • Unable to remove dust and other particles. 


3. Mammoth 5000 mg Ozone Generator

Mammoth 5000 mg

Why do we like this product?

The Mammoth 5000mg is an energy-efficient device that can deliver up to 5,000 mg/hr of ozone. This can well cover small to large areas with 300 up to 1,000 square footage. This makes it versatile as you can use it both for household or industrial purposes.

Mammoth 5,000 mg is also a very practical choice for air purifiers. The ozone plate has a service life of up to 6,000 hours.  Moreover, its module is also replaceable. Thus, you do need to buy an entire generator unit when the time comes. It is also a bonus that they made the replacement parts very affordable for consumers.


  • Durable construction.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Replaceable ozone plate.
  • Comes with a built-in timer.
  • Affordable price point.


  • Short warranty period.


4. Alpine Air Commercial Ozone Generator

Alpine Air Commercial ozone generator

Why do we like this product?

The Alpine Air ozone generator has a capacity to produce up to 10,000 mg/hr of ozone. This device, though, is of the few machines that offer you the option to switch ozone outputs. Thus, it enables users to choose between using 5,000 or 10,000mg/hr. This flexibility makes it a perfect choice for both domestic and industrial uses. 

We also like that this machine is very easy to clean. It has a quick access slot that allows you to take out the ozone plate, give it a thorough rinse, then dry. And voila! Your device is already clean and ready for the next use.


  • Adjustable ozone output.
  • Replaceable ozone plate.
  • Comes with a built-in timer.
  • Lightweight.
  • It does not need to use filters.
  • Made with quick access holders. 
  • Easy to clean.


  • Short warranty period.


5. OdorStop OS2500 Ozone Generator

OdorStop OS2500

Why do we like this product?

OdorStop OS2500 is one of the popular choices because of its versatility. This device allows the users to have variable ozone output. Thus, you can choose to set it up from 100mg/hr up to 1,200mg/hr. So, you can use it to sterilize different room sizes. 

The ozone plate of this machine is also easy to take out. So, you can give it a good clean every after use. Moreover, its antibacterial filter is also washable. This allows you then to remove the trapped debris and other particles from previous use.

It is without a doubt important for our indoor grow room to get regular sterilizations. Not only will it disinfect the space from pathogens, but it also promotes better plant health. Thus, giving us quality harvests and better yields in the end. 

Like any treatment, there are also potential hazards that go with the use of the ozone generators. As always, remember to proceed with much caution. As long as you adhere to the guidelines, you and your plants are sure to be fine using the device.


  • Lightweight aluminum housing.
  • Built-in timer with hold option.
  • Variable ozone output.
  • Washable antibacterial filter.
  • Equipped with UV light.
  • 5 years warranty.


  • It cannot operate in an occupied space.

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