The Eco Garden Systems: Soil Platform, Air Gap & Water Reservoir

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Having your own Eco Garden Systems is fun and easy. Within as little as an hour, you can take your raised garden bed out of the box and start growing plants and vegetables of your own. You simply start filling the water reservoir and inserting the soil platform. Then, you fill the garden with soil and plant your seeds. Regardless of being in an urban or rural setting, your outdoor space is now not just a secluded place.

Having eco gardens are wonderful for the environment and for you, plus it’s an easy way to pretty up any space.

 Eco Garden provides you with the most flexibility. It will be easier for you to control everything:

  1. Soil. Check the level, the mixture, and the nutrients
  2. Water. Water whenever you want with our integrated watering system. Attach it to a water source (like a hose or our optional Pumping Station) and you are ready to grow.
  3. No pollution. You can enjoy a natural, safe, and sustainable lifestyle with an elevated bed garden. Only the nutrients you want to reach the soil
  4. Expandability. You can put another garden unit in the chain and you can increase your productivity.

Regardless of the size, gardens contribute to the area’s natural functions and processes. Such as:

  •       Controlling water runoff
  •       Buffering the damaging effects of strong winds
  •       And providing native wildlife with food and shelter.

Eco Gardening has four core principles. When you apply it all in your garden, this begins to attract more wildlife:

Sustainable Gardening

What is an ecosystem?


An ecosystem is a community of different living organisms. They live and interact with each other with their physical environment. Tropical forests are large ecosystems. It consists of huge trees and a variety of plants and animals. Tropical forests do have micro-organisms as well. It is being influenced by different physical and chemical components. Such as the sun, temperature, oxygen, and nutrients. Marine ecosystems are offshore systems. This consists of the ocean surface, the deep sea, pelagic oceans, and the seafloor. There are also nearshore systems such as coral reefs, mangroves, or seagrass meadows.

An ecosystem has two inseparable components according to the discipline. These are:

Biotope (abiotic):

Biotope is a specific geological environment with physical characteristics. This includes the atmosphere, temperature, humidity, nutrient concentration. This also pertains to the nature of the soils, climate, and water.

Biocenosis (biotic):

Biocenosis is a group of living beings inside a biotope. It consists of animals, plants, and micro-organisms. They are interacting with their environment and thus interdependent.

With exchanges of energy and trophic relationships, life maintains itself inside the ecosystem.

The Importance of Soil Platform and its Effects

Soils in good condition mediate processes that underpin essential ecosystem services. It includes plant growth, water quality, and greenhouse gas mitigation. It is the interaction between biological, physical, and chemical components of the soil.

We need to understand that these interactions have a big impact on the environment. The soil’s ability to provide ecosystem services allows us to identify indicators. It paves the way for plant growth of all kinds. Soil absorbs, holds, releases, alter, and purify most of the water in terrestrial systems. It process recycle nutrients including carbon dioxide. So, living beings can use them over and over again.

 Soils serve as a living filter for water purification before moving into an aquifer.

What is a Water Reservoir?


A reservoir helps keep water in the garden at all times. It is also like Aqueducts that can supply a river, a lake, or a city.

According to Eco Garden Systems, the reservoir lets the tap root get all the moisture it needs to help the plant thrive. It helps in soil temperature modulation, especially in warmer areas. Thus, allowing a plant-friendly environment.

The main parameters of the reservoir are:

– The volume

– The area inundated and the range that the water level can fluctuate. The basic function of an artificial reservoir is to change the rate… to store water for more expedient use.

Reservoirs are among the most effective ways of regulating water flows’ natural character… rather than relying on nature. There is significant interaction between the reservoirs and the environment. The reservoirs affect the environment and vice versa. This is true for both the quantitative and the qualitative aspects of water

Most water reservoirs found in the outdoor garden is usually man-made… fit to supply the needs of your plants. It can also serve to catch raindrops to store water to use at a later date. We can also use it to establish an aquatic environment, like an ideal pond perfect for your garden.

Plant More Natives Plants in Your Eco Garden Systems

This country’s native insects, birds, and other animals… co-evolved with the indigenous plants of that region.

 Most tropical insects are specialists… whose survival depends on one or quite a few native plant species.

A landscape without native plants would also be deprived of native insects and therefore also birds and other animals… If you want to invite wildlife into your garden you must start adding native plants.

Benefits of the Eco Garden Systems:


Eco Garden Systems aims to acknowledge the importance of our environment in our lifestyle. It is not a short-term diversion but a long-term commitment to interacting with family, friends, communities, etc… All while spending some time away from electronics and “in the wild”.

The health benefits of gardening are well proven – with many benefits that can be yours:

  1. Reduced stress and anxiety
  2. Enhanced physical well-being
  3. Enhancing mental health
  4. Forming deeper connections with your “community members”
  5. Creating a sense of “larger purpose” that can enhance your overall life both individually…

Tips & Guide:

Warmer weather encourages quicker plant growth. The Eco Garden Systems can actually increase ‘warm’ development. It grows through the presence of air, moisture, and soil in a confined environment. It will help further expand production.

Cold weather is going to decelerate plant nutrient absorption. The presence of air, water, and dirt can help to maintain nutrient absorption longer. It is to greater production potential for each plan.

Wrapping things up

In this article, we’ve discussed the ins and outs of an echo garden; from what it is and how to make your own, to the plenty of benefits of having your very own eco garden at home. We’ve done all the research so that you can get to work to creating a beautiful echo garden that you and your loved ones (and all the happy animals and insects sure to benefit from the echo system too) can enjoy.

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