How Long Does It Take To Grow Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the amazing crops everyone can grow. You may wonder how long does it take to grow potatoes? Well, the answer is it depends on the variety of seeds you plan on planting. This crop is one of the most inexpensive one. You can almost get it in any local stores where crop seeds are sold. Potatoes can grow in the conditions that are not expected. They will grow with ease.

Everybody loves having potatoes. You can cook it in any form you like. French fries are the most consumed item all over the world. You do not need a large size area for planting this amazing crop. You can do this in a small area.

How long does it take to grow potatoes?

Here, I am briefly discussing how long does take to grow potatoes. If planted and taken care in a proper way this plant will pay you off with high yield. The length of time depends on the variety of seeds you plant. It is important that you check the labels on the back of the seed packets. There you will find the needed information.

Learning about the seed type makes it easier for you to take care of them. There are 100 of species of potatoes available in the market. So, do research first before buying. There are 3 varieties of harvesting time length seeds which you may find in the market. They are discussed below.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Potatoes

Early season harvesting

This has the shortest maturation time. It is between 70 to 80 days. In another word 9 to 10 weeks. If you are planning to harvest your crop early, this seed is the right one. Also, if you live in a cool area, this seeds can withstand the weather condition. Since the length of time is less, it will not get damaged. Try to plant the seeds later in spring. This way you can harvest them in summer. Some of the seed varieties from these categories are:

  • Amandine- They are round. This is for all type of cooking purpose.
  • Annabelle- It is oval. You can use them for steam cooking. Also, you can incorporate them in salads.
  • Belle de Fontenay- It grows really fast. The potatoes have a standard shape.
  • Cherie- The potato has a pink skin. It looks like a long spud. And the taste is incredible.
  • Sirtema- It is also for all type of cooking purpose. But is best for frying or steaming.

Midseason harvesting

How long does it take to grow potatoes that have mid-season harvesting? It takes approximately 3 months. The maturation time for this type of seeds is 100 days. In other words around 12 weeks or more. It the weather in your locality is warm then this type is great. It is wise to plant the seeds later in spring. This way you can harvest the potatoes in early fall. Some of the seed varieties from these categories are:

  • Bernadette- The potatoes are medium sized. The look is very clean. You may use these potatoes for steaming. Also, it goes great with salads.
  • Charlotte- You may use these for all type of cooking. The shape is long and has a nice color.
  • Mona Lisa- These potatoes are big in size. They are used roasting, mashing, frying and many others. They are very reliable.
  • Rose of France- It is a long shaped potato that has pink skin. Great for steaming and salads.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Potatoes

Late season harvesting

If you are planning to store the potatoes you plant you must go with these type of seeds. Now, you must be wondering how long take to grow potatoes? The answer is simple 120 days or more. In other words 16 weeks. Try to plant the seeds in spring when it is warm but not hot. This way you can harvest them in fall. The time is before extreme winter starts.

  • Bleue d’Artois- The skin of the potato is purple in color. When cooked the color of the potatoes do not change. Great for mashing and steaming.
  • Caeser- The size of the potato is medium. This variety has a high yield. It is active in staying out of the diseases.
  • Corne de Gatte- The skin is pink in color. it looks a bit lumpy. Even the flesh is pale yellow. But the taste is amazing whether eaten cold or hot.
  • Desiree- The potato is large. It has a pink skin with yellow flesh inside. When the potatoes are fried or mashed the taste becomes amazing.
  • Vitelotte- Both the skin and flesh of the potato is purple.

These are the 14 most common variety of potato seeds. In northern side, the climate is cold. So, the seeds are sown in the winter season. And in southern side, the climate is warm. So, the seeds are sown in spring You can start to harvest as soon as you see a tuber big enough to consume. If you do not want to wait for the potatoes to reach its full size, then you can also harvest them early. They are going to taste tender.

Factors that postpone the growth of potatoes

You should not only worry about how long does take to grow potatoes. There are many factors that can influence the delay in growth. It is important that you have knowledge about this. Or else, when the time comes for harvesting you may not have the number of potatoes you have expected.


The soil of the plot must not be too cold, dry, or wet. It needs to be well-drained. Also, measure the temperature of the soil. It should at least be 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The soil may have problems if the potatoes are taking more than 150 days to grow. If the soil is not good enough, you can use organic matter before planting to rectify the soil condition. To measure the soil condition you can use soil testing kits. These are available in the market.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Potatoes

Freshly cut seed

It is best to avoid freshly cut seed. These tend to become dehydrated. Also, they do not heal quickly. Since the healing is very slow the growth of the potatoes become slow. These seeds need a lot of humidity and oxygen. You can always cure these type of seeds before planting them.


Potatoes may get affected by diseases caused by the pest. Such pests are known as potato beetles or bugs. You may prevent these bugs from destroying by using organic pesticides. Also, to avoid bugs you can use companion plants. They will help to distract and confuse the bugs.


Potential weed growth in the plot may hamper the growth of potatoes. You should remove the weed before planting the seeds. Also, to avoid further weed problems use mulch. This will distract the growth of weed and also keep the soil at the correct temperature.

Final words

At last, how long does it take to grow potatoes is discussed broadly in this article. It is important to go through the seed package for understanding the type of potatoes you are planting. Also, try to buy the seeds that are certified. This way you are able to avoid diseases. And growing potatoes are easy in your garden plants. You do not need much hard work.

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