How Long to Grow An Avocado Tree?

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If there’s one thing I can eat every waking day of my life, that would be an AVOCADO! Okay, this might get you thinking — If it’s a staple in the pantry, why not grow my own avocado tree instead? And how long will it take to grow an avocado tree?

The benefits of Avocado

This miracle fruit does not only taste divine, but it is also full-packed with nutrition. This magical fruit is popular for its abundance of “good” fats. When consumed in moderation, it can help lower the bad cholesterol level in your body. So, you are not simply enjoying a delectable meal with avocados. But, you are also helping to balance your health as well. No, wonder health-conscious individuals incorporate this fruit into their daily diets.

Furthermore, this fruit is also very versatile. For sure, you already know it is the main ingredient in the guacamole dip. Even more, you can also use this to prepare avocado toast for breakfast. Or, an avocado salad for lunch. What about stuffed avocados for dinner? Plus, let’s not forget the avocado ice cream pops for dessert.

All that and wayyyy more dishes you can do with a single avocado fruit!

This sounds exactly like a perfect idea! 

Then again, not all of us got the luxury of space. So in this article, we will tell you how tall and big an avocado tree could be. Moreover, we will also share with you some tips and tricks for the successful growth of an avocado tree. 

So, without further a-voca-do, let’s get this started!

How Tall Does An Avocado Tree Grow

Standard versus Dwarf

How Tall Does An Avocado Tree Grow

Avocado trees come in a wide range of variety. Sizes also differ depending on whether it’s a standard tree or a dwarfed crop. 

How big is the difference?

The standard avocado tree primarily includes the Mexican, Guatemalan, and West Indian varieties. These trees can grow an average height of 30 to 40 feet. However, there are also some that reached as high as 80 feet. Wow, that is likely equivalent to a 7-story building. 

In terms of width, a mature standard avocado tree can have a trunk size between 5 to 8 feet in diameter. Although, its canopy can reach as far wide as 15 to 20 feet.

On the other hand, a dwarf variety is pretty much similar to a standard tree. Except, of course, it’s obvious miniature sizing. Wurtz, also known as “Little Cado”, is a popular dwarfed type of avocado tree. In comparison to the normal size, Wurtz can only grow as tall as 8 to 10 feet at full maturity.

This shortened height makes it a perfect candidate for an indoor fruit tree. All you need is a sturdy pot and a brightly-lit spot. And voila! You can now have your very own avocado tree inside your home.

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How Long to Grow An Avocado Tree?

Generally, avocado trees are quite considered fast-growers. Depending on the prevailing conditions, it can grow 2 to 4 feet per season. Nevertheless, it will take about 20 years until the avocado tree can reach its full maturity and maximum height.

There are several factors though that can affect the growth of an avocado tree. Climate, for one, has a significant impact on its health. An area with moderately warm temperatures provides the most conducive temperature for growth. On the contrary, a freezing temp can badly damage and even kill your avocado tree.

Tips to Grow An Avocado Tree

Tip#1: When it’s cold, take it home

The avocado tree is best grown under the full sun like those in zone 9 to 10. However, there are certain conditions that make it rather suitable to be placed indoors. 

As mentioned, a cold climate is not the ideal environment for this fruit tree. But, that doesn’t mean it’s already impossible to grow it in colder zones. In such a case, planting the avocado in container pots is your best option.

Carlton Lane Terra Cotta Pot 

When choosing a container, it is best to use an unglazed terra cotta pot. The porosity of the clay material allows for the movement of air and moisture to and from the soil. Always make sure it has at least one drain hole to remove excess water. 

For seedlings, it is good to start with a 6 to 8-inch diameter pot. You can transplant it later on to a bigger and wider pot as the tree grows and matures.

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Tip #2: Root rot is not hot

As you may know by now, avocado trees have quite a sensitive root system. It does not like being cold, nor does it like to get soaking wet. Especially in potted avocados, leaving its roots to sit on cold and wet soil for some time predisposes it to root rooting

Kensizer Soil Tester

When this disease starts to set in, it can be challenging to restore the tree’s health back to life. If not addressed immediately, it can even lead to death. Thus, always bear in mind to keep avocado’s root system warm and just a tad bit moist. To be sure, you can use a soil moisture meter to always get accurate readings of the potting soil’s moisture levels.

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Tip #3: Feed it right

Most growers conveniently use fertilizer mixes specially formulated for citrus and fruit-bearing trees. This may either come in granules, spikes, concentrates, or ready-to-spray liquids. 

Regardless of the form, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommended preparation ratio. This will ensure that your avocado tree will get the desired amounts of nutrients. Too little and it won’t be effective. Too much and it might just damage your crop.

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Moreover, it is always a good idea to give your tree thorough watering after feeding. It should be enough to see water flow out from the drain holes. Flushing the excess fertilizer lessens the risk of overfeeding. 

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Wrapping Up about How Long to Grow An Avocado Tree

There you go, my  avocado-loving friend! We hope that this article will give you a clearer picture of how tall and big an avocado tree can grow. Having this knowledge provides you a better advantage in planning for the right spot and space for your avo tree to flourish. Remember, a happy fruit tree will always give you a happy tummy.

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