Why Do You Need a Carbon Filter in your Grow Tent or Room?

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If you have a personal Grow Room or Tent that you’re using, then you will need a carbon filter. It can play a vital role in improving the quality of your crop. They remove impurities from the air and enhance the air quality for the crops. They help them grow better without any contamination and other harmful factors. There are carbon filters for grow tents and grow rooms that you can use for the better growth of your plants.

You’ll get to know the different options available and how to determine the best type for your grow room. Let your plants get a growth booster so that they can remain forever young with a carbon filter for growing tents. You’ll also learn how to install it and keep it in check for a better outcome with these magical growth tents.

The need for Carbon Filters in Grow Room

The use of carbon filters is to remove any pathogens, pollution, and impurities from the air. It enhances the quality of air and makes it suitable for crops. Thus, it eliminates any chance of crops going bad due to any harmful factor. Your crop will have a lesser chance of catching pests or rotting away. As your crop is getting a higher quality of purified air, it also means they will bear healthier crops and a favorable result. If you travel or own a grow tent that you carry around, then it becomes indispensable to own a carbon filter for grow tents. They will keep the air quality intact, regardless of the location you’re in.

What are Carbon Filters

An innovation that utilizes the power of carbon to purify things. There are various modules of carbon filters available. Today, the use of carbon filters prevails in every medium. You can find carbon filters for water, air, and even in cosmetics and skincare items like a face wash. The carbon’s ability to absorb impurities makes it beneficial to use everywhere. The most common form of carbon used in filters is anthracite carbon and activated carbon. Anthracite carbon is stronger and costlier, it’s used on industrial sites. They remove toxic fumes, gases, and combustibles, from the atmosphere. Activated carbon is found on the commercial or domestic side of the spectrum.

What are Activated Carbon Filters for Grow Tent

Activated carbon is a form of purifying carbon suited for air and water purification. It is more dominant in air purification. Scientifically treated, activated carbon is turned highly porous. It can cover a large surface area with minimal quantity. Activated carbon is designed specifically to act fast and absorb impurities with efficiency. Hence, it is precise and capable of absorbing any form of air pollutant or impurity. It becomes paramount for the enhanced growth of your crops. If you read further, you’ll learn the necessity of carbon filter for grow room or grow tent.

Different types of Carbon Filters

There are four different types of carbon filters. Two of them are classified on the basis of the module and design of the activated carbon they come with. The other two types are more related to their functionality than the type of carbon used in them. Hence, these four can further get divided into two sub-categories.

According to the Carbon Design:

1. Block Carbon Filters

A compressed block of a carbon filter is most likely preferred by everyone. It is robust, it covers more surface area, and it is easy to use. There is no reason to consider any other carbon filter options. Especially, when you think about carbon filter for grow tents. But, block carbon filters take lesser time to process and purify denser material. While they are ideal for air purification, they might take time to purify water. That is the reason why water purifier companies use granulated carbon filters. Some companies still use block carbon filters regardless of its purifier’s slow performance.

2. Granulated Carbon Filters

Granulated carbon filters consist of several tiny and finely assorted granules. These filters are great for water purifiers. They can absorb the impurities fast without affecting the flow of the water. Compared to a block, these are sandy and in the loosened state. Thus, they are great for shower filtration and other processes. Yet, they lack the precision of block filters. Due to its varying size of the opening, a carbon block is capable of removing any impurity thoroughly. Granulated Carbon Filters are the best choice for quick work.

According to the module design:

1. Basic Carbon Filters

A basic carbon filter does not have anything special. It only comes with a body and the activated carbon stored inside it. In other words, there is no machinery at work here. There isn’t a pump or fan integrated into the design. It is simple and does not offer any movement. Hence, it may not completely purify the air as it won’t promote any molecular movement in the atmosphere. So it might be less effective compared to the compound carbon filters for grow tents.

2. Compound Carbon Filters

Compound carbon filtersCompound carbon filters always come with some form of machinery. They work either with electricity or batteries. There is a fan or pump attached to them that will promote the circulation of air (or water, in other applications). In general, they offer complete purification of the area they’re installed into. Hence, they are highly preferred. You can use these carbon filters for grow tents or rooms fast. It is also easy to install and maintain them.

How Activated Carbon Works (Benefits)

Activated carbon is one of the best purifying agents that has been discovered until now. It is capable of performing tasks that would need different innovations and agents. The benefits of activated carbon are:

  • It maintains a fantastic air quality by absorbing extra moisture and vapors from the atmosphere.
  • It can offer fresh, odor-less ambiance as it absorbs any type of odor.
  • As ozone can be a very harmful agent, activated carbon easily absorbs it.
  • When it absorbs harmful chemicals, pollutants, and fumes, it will release moisture. It purifies the water molecules present in the atmosphere.
  • It is not toxic, combustible, or delicate. You can handle it in an easy way and it is the safest form of purifying agent available.
  • It saves energy consumption. Even the compound ones would need less power to regulate the motor. Yet, the filters would not consume any energy. That what makes it great in doing its job.

Use of carbon filter in a Grow Room

While we have highlighted the vital benefits of the carbon filters, the debate still remains about what makes them so great for a grow room. Well, carbon filters for grow tents are beneficial in various manners. To further elaborate on their effect on the growth of your crop, read below:

  • Odor Control

When we talk about odor, we are also talking about fragrance present in the air. If you are carrying a grow tent, animals, birds, insects or bugs may get allured by the fragrance of your crops. But, if you have a crop that releases odor, then it can be highly uncomfortable for everyone involved. Hence, it is a great idea to have an activated carbon filter that will get rid of any form of odor from the atmosphere.

  • Pathogen Elimination

If you follow the air quality index, then you know that pollution is present almost everywhere. There are many harmful agents, pathogens, and chemicals present in the air. They somehow affect the quality of your crops. But, if you use fertilizers, they can prove to be harmful to the environment. Yes, fertilizers with fast releasing or a high quantity of nitrogen tend to harm the environment more than benefiting them. So to prevent any harm, a carbon filter is a great investment.

  • Ventilation

A compound activated carbon filter is a great addition for your grow room or tent. It will offer a circulation of air. It ensures a healthy flow of fresh carbon dioxide and oxygen that will keep the place refreshed. An entire ventilation system can have a great effect on performance with carbon filters.

  • Ozone removal

Ozone is the primary cause of effects like smog build-up. It can be the most poisonous agent for your plants and crops. It’s because it kills the crops, and there is only one way to deal with it, a carbon filter. It absorbs and eliminates ozone from the atmosphere. It also prevents any harmful effects on your plants or to your well being. Some other uses of carbon may be simple and achieved by other methods. This one can only be done proficiently by an activated carbon filter.

Factors to consider for a Carbon filter for grow room and tent

By now, you might have been already decided on the type of carbon filter you would prefer, right? A compound activated carbon filter with a block in it is perfect for your grow room or tents. But, there are some other factors that you should consider before speeding to buy the said filter. Below are some examples:

  • Pay attention to the size of the filter. The bigger, the better, but also consider the size of your grow room and tent.
  • See if the filter has a warranty. While activated carbon may not need a warranty, its other components like a fan, a motor, or a pump would need it.
  • Carbon material and the filters body material both matter especially if you’re buying a carbon filter for grow tent. It requires a sturdy build to survive wear and tear.
  • Make sure that it is a versatile filter that can be installed in any way you deem fit. Whether it be hanging or installing in the ventilation that suits your preference.

Carbon Filter Installation Procedure for Grow Tent

It is easy to install any carbon filter, whether it is a basic one or a compound one.

For a basic carbon filter:

It is not the most efficient method, but you will need an extra fan or work with the ventilation of the room/tent.

  • Place the carbon filter near the ventilator or fan.
  • An exhaust is also fine as it will be sucking the air out of the tent or room.
  • Make sure to tightly pack the carbon filter with the said exhaust. Duct tapes can be a great addition to reinforce the sealing. It will also ensure that air passes through your carbon filter.
  • Make sure that there is an apt space available for air to pass.

For compound carbon filter:

Compound filters are easier as you do not have to assign it to a fan or ventilator.

  • Use the space that is usually available for the exhaust in the room or tent.
  • If there is no exhaust space, then dig a hole the same as the size of your carbon filter.
  • Place the carbon filter in the given space. You might need extra boltings like screwing against the wall, or the tent.
  • Add duct tapes to the edges to prevent any leakage and better ventilation through the filter.

How to maintain Carbon Filter for Grow Tent

Maintaining a carbon filter is very easy and affordable. You can remove it from the filter holder and clean it with water and use soap to rinse it and then clean it. Leave it out in the sun to dry out or place it back in the tent room. It is that easy.

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If you do not want to wash it, then vacuum it is also a great alternative. But, keep in mind that the life of an average activated carbon filter is one to one and a half years. If taken good care, they can last up to two years. You need to make sure to replace them after a fixed time.


The carbon filters for grow tents and rooms become paramount if you’re looking to grow a crop without any issues. These problems would include odors, pollution, and other factors. They will ensure that your production is of high quality. They restrict the entry of the outside aggressors that can restrict the growth of your plant. While you can grow your crops without a carbon filter, you will see a difference when you use a carbon filter. We hope we’ve covered enough about the necessity of carbon filter for grow room. To read more tips and guides for anything about gardening, click here, mygardenplant.com.

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