6 Amazing Outdoor Living Design Ideas In 2024

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When the sun is shining and the skies are a clear blue, the outdoor space of your home can provide the perfect setting to relax and enjoy yourself. No matter what the size of the space is, you can make the most out of it. Even a small space can be turned into an entertaining area as an extension to your house. Below are 6 amazing and creative Outdoor Living Design Ideas for outdoor decor, you can use in 2022 that are sure to make your summer a fabulous one even from the comfort of your own house.

Outdoor Space

A Water Element | Outdoor Living Design Ideas

There is nothing more soothing than to relax on your lawn with the gentle swishing sound of water. By hiring Landscaping Colorado Springs, you can add a beautiful swimming pool along with an outdoor shower on your lawn. It will provide an excellent opportunity to spend sunny afternoons lazing by the pool. This can be a fun activity for all age groups. You can ditch the stuffy pool parties in the city and have one of your own at your house. Other water elements like water fountains can eliminate the sound of the neighborhood. It can also help you release stress as you read a book or take a nap on your lawn. 

A Beautiful Garden

tomatoes garden for Outdoor Living Design Ideas

If your lawn even gets as much as 6 to 8 hours of sun, you can transform the space into a beautiful garden and even grow your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. If the layout of your lawn is not wide but vertical, you can add trees and plants along the side of the house or the fence. This will give you a chance to have more planting areas and optimize the space in your lawn. If you are worried that your garden may not last for long as it doesn’t get much sun you can consider planting a container garden as they can be easily moved into the sun and their colorful appearance can make the area more lively. 

A Hobby Area | Outdoor Living Design Ideas

If you have a hobby that helps you to destress but you need a quiet place for it, you can make use of your lawn. You can create a great area for work or for your hobby even in small side yards. You can use small outdoor furniture like benches, tea tables and create a secluded area where you can work, partake in your hobby or talk to a friend in peace and privacy.

An Outdoor Kitchen

There is nothing more fun than having a lunch BBQ party on your lawn with your family and friends. A cozy outdoor kitchen can make your tedious and daily cooking job a pleasant experience. You can also add a covered kitchen space with lights in your yard. This is so you can cook and enjoy a meal with your loved ones outdoors, regardless of the weather or the time of the day. With an outdoor kitchen, you can plan instant picnics within a span of minutes.

A Garden Shed

Extra storage space is always a good option to have. You can use it to keep the garbage out of sight from the curb area. It can be used to keep all the necessary tools and equipment for gardening or house repair work. This way it is out of reach of the children in the house. Moreover, there are no unexpected accidents that can take place. You can free up space in the garage. Or, you can use it to store long-term storage items which are used rarely. Building a garden shed is a less expensive investment and can be easily landscaped into a small yard.

An Outdoor Gym | Outdoor Living Design Ideas

outdoor gym in Outdoor Living Design Ideas

You can use your yard to create an outdoor gym where you can work out at the end of the day or in fact anytime that you feel up to it. You can meditate, practice yoga, or partake in other fitness activities by yourself or with your friends. Besides, you can even use it to work out by adding sports elements like basketball net, tennis net, etc to it. This can be used by all age groups as they can have fun outdoors without actually leaving the house. A soft play area or bouncing castle can be added to the area. So, younger children can play by themselves while they are still in your sight as you work out. It will be a great opportunity for the family to get together and work on their fitness activities. 

The above-mentioned ideas can be easily incorporated and are not a very expensive investment. By researching more on how you can use them during different seasons, you will be able to enjoy the benefits all year long. After all, who said you cannot soak in and relax in a temperature-controlled swimming pool in the winter.

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