DIY: How to Build and Outdoor Home Gym

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Kids, teenagers, and adults of all ages need physical activity daily. Exercise boosts your health and your energy level so you can get more done and it improves your quality of life. Some people make excuses like they don’t have time to go to the gym. Sometimes not having enough space in their homes is one of their excuses as well. These are not valid excuses not to exercise. Have you ever thought of having a workout gym in your backyard or garden? Build your own outdoor home gym DIY now! That way you’ll never miss your regular workout and can remain fit and active.

Building an Outdoor Home Gym

Outdoor home gym set up

Planning your outdoor home gym DIY, your basic consideration is its size and floor plan. It should accommodate all the equipment you plan to put it in. Equipment will also determine the type of flooring required. When you’re going to use free weights, it’s important that you choose a specific rubber gym matting. A durable flat wood or laminate is an ideal floor material too as they are easy to clean.

When planning your outdoor home gym, one of the crucial considerations is its size and layout, which should align with the available space in your backyard or garden. I found that placing the gym equipment on the grass directly might not provide the stability and longevity you desire. Instead, opt for a well-constructed outside deck to expand your usable space while ensuring a solid foundation. Additionally, investing in a durable rubber gym matting or flat wood/laminate flooring guarantees easy maintenance and comfortable workouts.
how to Build an Outdoor Home GymYou can also use concrete for your floor. It is stable, sturdy, and can withstand plenty of loads. Having a concrete floor for your outdoor gym means you also need some kind of foundation.

Don’t forget the building’s height. You may get dismayed when you realize your gym is too tall or too short for your space.

Choose proper utilities

Understanding the final plan is very important. Deciding the location of sockets and the type of lighting and heating you want to use. You should allow air to circulate while you workout, by opening windows or leaving doors ajar. There’s no reason to limit your outdoor home gym accessibility to daytime hours. You don’t build it only for daylight use but during nighttime too.

Create a pleasant and functional space

It is great for many reasons if you have quality outdoor home gyms that last. You should understand how they can last in the long term and how their purpose will evolve over time.

Why have an outdoor Garden gym?

A garden is an ideal place for your workout routine. It allows you to get fresh air when you’re working out. This gym also saves you time, as you don’t have to carry a bag and go to a fitness gym. Moreover, it boosts the value of your house. You can have privacy and you will feel less strenuous than doing it indoors. It drives you to the limit and provides a mental health boost.

Outdoor Home Gym EquipmentsFresh outdoor air and natural light energize your mind and body. Sun is the best source of vitamin D. You can enjoy the sunshine vitamin while exercising. Flowers and plants around your home garden gym reduce a person’s stress and anxiety. They improve your mood and you will feel more relaxed, secure, and happy while working out.

Garden and Backyard Home Gym Ideas

Timber is the best material to build a stunning and durable garden home gym. It is cheaper and friendlier. Timber is an impressive insulator that creates a natural barrier to heat and cold.

If your backyard or garden is wide enough, it’s easier to find the appropriate space. How soothing it is if you build your own exercise area in your garden and grow some large trees outside.

Outdoor Home Gym IdeasYou can also build a home gym separated from your home living in your backyard or garden. If you want to spend your workout alone in such a comfortable and peaceful environment.

You can build your own jungle gym bars that you and your kids can enjoy.

Make a plan of what you want to put in your gym and think. Make a list of equipment that will blend and fit in, like free weights, barbells, and weight bench.

Best Home Outdoor Gym Equipment

1. Exercise BenchExercise Bench

Exercise Bench provides the strength required to lift weights that are heavy. It gives you more confidence to focus on your muscles without losing balance. It is also used for push-ups, step-ups, abdominal exercises, and basic cardio exercises.

2. Pull-up BarPull-up Bar

It is a perfect tool for carrying out intense upper body exercises at home using your own body weight. It is a piece of fitness equipment that is very useful and cheap. If you want to develop an aesthetic and attractive physique, you should own one for your outdoor home gym.

Dip Bar3. Dip Bar

Dip bars are one of the fitness equipment that helps you hit a variety of muscle groups. Dips can build you more muscles and improve your pushing strength. It can make your whole upper body stronger.

Punching Bag4. Punching Bag

It promotes muscle development. It also offers an extreme level of cardio and aerobic exercise. Hitting a punching bag helps you improve strength, speed, agility, and stamina at the same time.

Suspension Straps5. Suspension Straps

Suspension straps offer you a variety of exercise options. It provides you an engaging workout for your muscles. It also improves your cardiovascular endurance.

Outdoor fitness equipment Installation

Exercise Bench

When it comes to installing outdoor fitness equipment, like the exercise bench, precision and stability are key factors for an optimal workout experience. Having assembled my own exercise bench, I’ve learned the importance of starting from the ground up. Begin by placing the foot supports parallel to each other and securing the bench’s head on a sturdy rod base. Ensure that the seat is firmly attached to a stable and straight foundation. By carefully positioning the nuts, bolts, and other accessories, you can create a secure and reliable exercise bench that stays stable throughout your workouts. Double-checking all the connections guarantees added safety and peace of mind during your training sessions.

Exercise Bench - Outdoor Home Gym

Pull-up Bar

You can place pull-up bars on a wall, wall-mounted pull-up bars, as you can imagine, need to be on a strong wall. When installing the bar it must be with very strong anchor bolts for the fixings.

You can use flanges and pipes to make your own pull-up bars for your outdoor fitness gym too. Bring the flange into a lock, and push the pipe on the non-slip backward. Then, leave the flange on the pipe. Push the other flange backward, then remove it.

Dip Bar

Most dip bar equipment for a home gym doesn’t need installation. Dip bars are made with angled grips and adjustable widths to stimulate the right form of your muscles. You can also make your own dip bar using PVC. Take one of your two-foot-long PVC pipes and smother the ends with some PVC glue. Then placed a ninety-degree elbow on each end, screwing it into place. Repeat the same procedure with the second piece of two-foot-long PVC. These are the top dip bars you’ll grab when doing the exercise.

Punching Bag

There are a lot of ways to install a punching bag. You can use a mount by attaching it to the hardwood board. Be sure you do not screw it into drywall. Use a chain to hang the punching bag there. It reduces vibration, and protects your drywall. If you have a support beam in your backyard, you can use it to hang the heavy punching bag. If you have a stand that can hold a punching bag, then you can use it too.

Punching bag- Outdoor Home Gym

Suspension Straps

You can hang your suspension traps in different places. Safety first, you should always check if the straps are able to support your body weight. You can set them up over the door frame, around pull-up bars, beam suspension. Or, even around a railing suspension.

How to Protect Outdoor Home Gym Equipment

Nothing beats the feeling of freedom in an outdoor home gym with fresh air and sunlight. There are possible ways to keep your equipment in good condition, even outdoors. You should protect them to avoid damage and keep the rust off.

Sweep your equipment using a whisk broom before using them, to prevent dirt and dust.

Repaint them as most of your equipment is metal. Fitness equipment is well painted when made or bought. We cannot avoid fading of the paint after a few sessions, thus raising the chances of rust. 

Protectant spray helps to protect the vinyl of your exercise bench, punching bag. You can also use it for rubber surfaces too. It provides superior protection, repels dust, dirt, and lint.

Equipment for Outdoor Home GymMineral oil or any light machine oil is also used for lubricating pull-up bars. It protects your bars or even the metal part on other fitness equipment. It protects them from moisture. Give the oil time to penetrate into the surface to avoid making it oily or slippery.

Your outdoor home gym equipment may last for many years. There are times that we cannot predict the weather. If it rains, it will affect the condition of your equipment and it will get a bit of rust. There are covers you can get for your fitness equipment, like a weatherproof cover.

Outdoor Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Staying in shape and healthy after sixty is hard. Whatever the reasons, it’s clear that many seniors need a little extra support when it comes to getting in shape. They want to be able to exercise for short periods at a time. So, equipment that is simple, safe, effective, and easy to use helps a lot.

  1. Yoga MatYoga Mat

A yoga mat is a perfect piece of fitness equipment for seniors. It helps them to do a variety of low-impact physical activities. Besides, this helps stabilize their heart and improve their balance. It is an excellent workout option for them.

Free Weights

  1. Free WeightsFree Weights

Free weights are most used to promote more activity of the joint stabilizer muscles. It is also used for building and maintaining muscle strength.

  1. Mini Pedal ExerciserMini Pedal Exerciser

It’s a mini stationary bike that makes it a great tool to take with you all over the house and use it all day. It’s perfect as a piece of equipment for seniors. The lightweight style makes it simple to switch to move around to where you want to sit. It is great for cardiovascular exercise.

  1. Stability BallStability Ball

It is an all-around piece of equipment to increase balance and stability. This ball is great for relaxation, strength, and good resistance workouts. A stability ball is a unique way of getting their regular flexibility exercises.

Stability Ball

  1. TreadmillTreadmill

A treadmill is one of the easy pieces of exercise equipment to use. It is a great option for seniors to get high-quality aerobic workouts in the comfort of their own homes. Treadmills put less strain on joints and can help increase bone density.

Wrapping Up

As someone who has personally built an outdoor home gym and experienced its benefits, I can assure you that creating your fitness haven in your backyard is a game-changer. I’ve researched various equipment options and tested different setups to design a space that maximizes workout efficiency and enjoyment. Let me share my insights and practical tips to help you build your own outdoor gym with confidence and convenience.

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