How Thick of Branches Can a Pole Saw Cut?

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The pole saws can be used to cut branches between 3 and 12 inches, depending on the blade. The wider the blade, the thicker the branches it will be able to cut. But any thick branches above 12-inch, asks for a chainsaw.

What is the best type of pole saw to use for thick branches?What is the best type of pole saw to cut thick branches

Selecting a pole saw for a tough job is going to be absolutely dependent on the type of branch. The general rule is to pick a blade that is at least 2 inches wider in diameter than the branch. The bigger the blade, the heavier the pole will be. So, be sure you have the physical chops to handle the weight.

Electric pole saws are always better for thick branches. It’s just easier, but not everyone has electricity in their garden, nor the patience to take care of a gas-powered machine.

Manual pole saws can get the job done just as well. They tend to have a higher reach, and they’re not as heavy as the electrics. It just requires a bit of elbow grease to get the limb cut.

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How to cut off thick branches?Pole saw cut

  • Start with a notch cut

At around 2 – 3 feet away from the trunk, make a notch at the bottom of the limb. Slice about one-quarter of the way in. Don’t cut it off completely just yet!

  • Make a relief cut

About an inch or so away from the notch, cut the limb completely off and remove that excess weight. This will ensure the limb doesn’t break while you’re working, and you’ll have less branches to worry about when it comes down.

Safety when cutting thick branches

  • Safety first!

Wear your goggles! Eye injuries are some of the most common when sawing off branches, and thick branches take longer. So, there is a higher chance of twigs and bark hitting your eye.

  • Anything above 12 inches, asks for a chainsaw

If your branch is 12 inches in diameter, it is best to get out the chainsaw and make a quick job of it. The thicker the branch the more tiring it is to saw, and when we get tired, we make mistakes.

  • If the branch is very high up and thick, call in a professional

The higher the branch the better the chance for injury, especially if it’s thick. Rather ask your local arborist to come in and do it for you. If the branch is not too thick, and you think you can manage, check out our; how to cut a tree branch that sits too high.

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