All You Need to Know About How to Use a Pole Saw

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Do you need to cut tree branches or limbs that you can’t reach from the ground? If so, then a pole saw is the best tool for the job. We’ve rounded up all the top tips and advice you need to know on the best way of how to use a pole saw.


How To Use A Pole Saw

Purchase the Best Pole Saw

  1. Select the best pole saws out of all the pole saws available in a local store. Although this will require reading customer reviews online, in magazines, and through recommendations, it will guarantee you the quality of the pole saw. Prices vary for the pole saws but the best pole saw will have a quality brand, amazing features and an affordable price. Remove the Remaining Tree Limbs and Branches.
  1. Remove the remaining tree limbs and branches from the base of the tree using a chainsaw or an axe to clean it up. It will make cutting the tree limbs and branches using a pole saw a lot easier, especially if you need to make a lot of cuts. Unpack and Assemble the Pole Saws.
  1. Unpack and assemble the pole saws and ensure that all the screws are tightened before usage. You need to tie the saw to the pole. If you are getting one with a twist in and locking nuts, you will need to adjust these before usage.
  1. Now that the pole saw is ready for usage, you need to research the type of branches or shrubs you wish to cut for you to understand how to use pole saws. The saw can be used to cut dead branches, living trees, hedges and shrubs.



The saws can be made from steel or aluminum with either a curved or squared blade. Buy one that suits your needs and will fit your budget.

  1. The smaller poles are for people that have experience with pole saws. The bigger poles are heavier and may be unmanageable for a beginner.
  2. Heavy materials will enable a user to cut through thicker branches and limbs easily. The thickness varies from 10mm (0.39inch) to 30mm (1.18inch).
  3. The length of the pole saws varies from 1.2m (3.9ft) to 3.8m (12.5ft ). Choose a size that is convenient to use and one that will fit your needs and your physical condition.

How To Use A Pole Saw Right

  1. Clear and examine the procedures on how to use pole saws carefully. You will need to know how to operate the saw and the right way to use it safely to prevent injuries.
  2. These steps to use pole saws will help you to choose the right size of pole saw based on the size of the branches or limbs you need to cut. It may be difficult to use a pole saws if theirs weight are too heavy for you to lift. You will need to cut thick branches or plywood using a saw with a thicker blade.
  3. Ensure that the pole saw comes with safety features like a chain brake and a safety guard.
  4. Choose to make cutting the stumps using the pole saw easy and fast by using a high-quality pulley saw. Ensure to practice using a pulley saw before you actually start using it. Moreover, ensure that the pulley does not have any glitches or a dull blade.
  5. If you want to save time and money, you can use a pole saw to trim hedges.
  6. Use this device for shrubs and tall hedges too. It will help you in reducing the labor time and allow you to save money.
  7. Pole saws are the best for pruning any kind of tree, shrub, and hedge but they do have their limits. You need to perform normal tree pruning on the smaller shrubs. For thicker branches, you will need a chainsaw or a reciprocating saw for a more professional result.


Pole saws can help you make smoother cuts through thick branches and thick logs.


  1. Make sure that the pole saws are set up at the correct height. Ensure that its pull cord is accessible from the handles so you can use both hands to hold the pole while operating the saw smoothly.
  2. Hold the pole firmly using both hands and climb a ladder to cut branches from a tall tree. It is best to apply for the services of arborists if you are not experienced enough to use a pole saw. It will help you in maintaining and preserving the health and safety of your tree.
  3. Perform the trunk cutting by positioning the branch to remove the cut section. You will need to have the saw at an angle of 90 degrees from the sawn end when cutting.
  4. Orient the branches or trunks of a tree so you can easily cut it in a straight line. You can cut it diagonally if you want to make the cut branches a little shorter.
  5. Choose to cut the branches in a straight line having an angle of 45 degrees. The position of the pole saw will tailor-cut each limb for a cleaner, smoother surface.
  6. Ensure that you are not wearing loose clothing when using a pole saw. Loose clothing can create hindrances and can lead to accidental injuries.
  7. While trimming the shrubs and hedges, make sure that the length of the branches does not reach the ground. Ensure to trim them to a safe length.


Never let kids operate pole saws.

  1. Pole saws are a perfect choice to make cutting off trees and bushes easy and fast. Before you start using it, it is best to read through the instructions of the user manual or check online for recommended safety tips and how-to videos.
  2. If a branch is moderately thick, you can ensure reliable cutting by working from the top of the branch down to the bottom. This will help prevent getting trapped by the branch as well.
  3. When using a pole saw, ensure that you do not over-extend your arms to prevent injury.
  4. Inspect the furniture, bushes and machinery around the tree to ensure that no one could accidentally get hit by any branches or cause the pole saw to get stuck.
  5. Never interrupt or stop an electric motor when it is running.
  6. Check that the power of the pole saw reaches 4800 rpm. You can use the pole saw if it has the power of between 4500 to 5500 rpm.
  7. Ensure to wear protective clothing and accessories while cutting sticks and branches.
  8. Wear protective clothes that are right for the job.
  9. Don’t forget the safety goggles even if you wear prescription glasses.
  10. Wear gloves that are right for the job, especially while using sticks or bushes.
  11. And also remember the protective gloves while using sticks or bushes.


Done already? In this article we’ve gathered all the top tips of how you can best use a pole saw in your garden. As your trusty source on all things gardening, we’ve of course also included how to best choose a pole saw for your gardening needs. Also some safety tips to always keep in mind while using this handy tool. Lastly, you can find our guide on how to maintain the pole saws!

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