3 Things You Should Know About Turning Your Deck Into a Sunroom

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You can consider turning your deck into a sunroom by installing floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, adding additional insulation, and utilizing the space to accommodate furniture for lounging. A sunroom can make a fine addition to your home and can be great for preserving your plants during the winter. This is also a great way to stay out of the house when it’s raining or snowing outside without actually being outside!

Gardening Deck turning a deck into a sunroom

1. The Cost Of Turning A Deck into A Sunroom

The first thing you should know about turning your deck into a sunroom is the cost. This may be out of your price range, even if your deck is ideal for it. You should always consider whether or not this will fit within your budget before committing to any renovations. For tips on turning your deck into a sunroom based on the type of deck you have, click here to read more. Essentially, your sunroom costs will depend on several factors.

Materials Used For Turning A Deck into A Sunroom

Several materials can be used for creating a sunroom. For instance, your choices include metal, wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. Fiberglass is typically the most expensive material on this list, while vinyl is the least expensive. It’s important to choose a material that will complement the style of your home. This is why many people choose vinyl when they are turning their deck into a sunroom. Vinyl is typically maintenance-free, so you won’t have to worry about painting or staining your new space to keep it looking great.

Prepping Your Deck

The second factor you should consider when turning your deck into a sunroom is the amount of prep work that goes into it. In addition to removing your existing deck boards, you’ll also need to remove the railing and stairs. The foundation will need to be leveled as well, which can usually be done with a rake or a shovel. You should hire a contractor for this part of the job because it’s very involved.

Size Of Deck For Turning into A Sunroom

The size of your deck is another important factor to consider when thinking about turning your deck into a sunroom. The larger your deck, the more expensive it will be to complete this project. If you have a very small deck, you can probably turn it into a sunroom without having to level the foundation or remove any stairs or railings. The size of your deck will greatly impact the price of materials, so keep this in mind! You also might want to consider making half of the deck into a sunroom and leaving half as a terrace. 

2. The Added Benefits Of Turning A Deck into A Sunroom

The second thing you should know about turning your deck into a sunroom is the added benefits. If you enjoy being outdoors but don’t want to be exposed to the elements, this could be the perfect solution for you. You can sit outside even when it’s windy or cold if you have floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. Another plus of building a sunroom is that you can grow plants year-round on the inside. This could be great for gardeners who enjoy tending to their plants but don’t have much space, or tend not to go outside in the winter months.

Building Your Sunroom

While preparing your deck may only take an afternoon, completing the rest of the project may require several days of work. If you hire contractors, they might need up to two weeks to complete this job for you depending on where you live and the availability of labor. You will also want to consider how much structural support your new sunroom requires because this can affect completion time. For example, if your sunroom requires a foundation and supports in addition to floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, it could take several days to complete.

3. The Sunroom Can Be Great For Entertaining Guests

The final thing you should know about turning your deck into a sunroom is that it can be great for entertaining guests! If you enjoy hosting parties or family gatherings but aren’t able to host them in your home due to lack of space, this may be the perfect solution for you. Turn your outdoor space into an indoor one by adding floor-to-ceiling windows and doors to create a light and airy room that’s perfect for hosting guests throughout the year without worrying about rain or snow ruining the fun.

New Garden Deck

You should know that turning your deck into a sunroom is an ideal way to enjoy the outdoors without getting wet or cold. It can also be great for entertaining guests, with some decoration and you will have a perfect place. Besides, who doesn’t love throwing parties? Make sure that you hire someone to help you level the foundation if needed and remove stairs or railings before beginning work on your new space. Also keep in mind the size of your deck, how long it will take to complete this project. And whether or not it requires structural support before moving forward with turning your deck into a sunroom!

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