5 Simple Indoor Gardening Activities for Seniors

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Yup, old folk can still do gardening! The body may grow old but the heart and passion for plants never will wilt. In fact, gardening activities are even more beneficial for the seniors.

Don’t you just love the utter joy and sense of joy that gardening brings? This is not just true for the young and healthy, but also for people of a more mature age. 

However, old age, of course, may come with certain physical restrictions. Thus, in this article, we have gathered a short list of gardening activities that are most suitable for the elderly. All of these are pretty simple to follow, easy on the body, and most importantly, very enjoyable.

Younger folk are welcome to join in on the fun!

Why Should Seniors Engage in Gardening Activities?Why should old people engage in gardening

  • Physical exercise

Exercise doesn’t literally have to be out in the gym or running in the park. Simply walking in the garden, digging in the soil, and moving your plants here and there is enough physical activity for older people. As long as there are active body movements and a bit of sweating, you are good to go. 

  • Gardening activities support mental and emotional health for seniors

Retirement may mean that you no longer work the way you used to when younger. Hence, it may leave old people feeling unproductive and even depressed. So, the activities related to gardening can help to keep their thoughts pre-occupied and focused on something positive. On that note, it allows them to channel their boredom and make wise use of their free time instead. Plus, they’ll have pretty surroundings in return!

A recent study shows that gardening activities can help to improve cognitive functioning.Furthermore, some studies also correlate gardening to lowering the risk of developing dementia. Both pieces of research are very promising. Although, it may take a lot more time and investigation to establish concrete results.

  • Gardening activities encourages healthier eating habits for seniors

The good thing about gardening is that you can grow your own food. When you cultivate fruits and veggies, you have full control to go green and organic. No risk of ingesting harmful chemicals whatsoever. Just fresh produce right off your own garden. Plus, it’ll save folks a trip to the grocery store. 

  • Gardening gives exposure to cleaner air

Most plants have the uncanny ability to purify the surrounding air. According to NASA’s Clean Air Study, certain types of plants can filter out toxins. This may well include benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, and ammonia. Thus, the more exposed we are to plants, the cleaner the air we breathe too.

5 Simple Indoor Gardening Activities for Seniors

1. Terrariums

Think of terrariums as a mini greenhouse. The beauty of this type of garden is that you can see through everything. Terrariums are particularly contained in 

Indoor Gardening Activities For Seniors

open or enclosed transparent glass planters. Hence, aesthetics play a very important role here. 

It can be as small as a hanging ornament. Or, much bigger than a fishbowl. You can arrange your fillers like rocks, soil, or pebbles in layers to make it look more appealing. As for the type of plants, there are plenty of species you can put in a terrarium. Most often, it includes succulents, air plants, ferns, peperomia, or even carnivorous plants.

Check out these terrariums:

Mini glass Geometric Terrarium Container

Geometric Terrarium Container

Large Glass Terrarium House Planter

2. Themed Miniature Landscape Garden

This project is super fun and brings out the kid in you. You can build a miniature garden with a specific concept in mind. For example, you can create a min

Fairy Garden Kit

i farmhouse, fairyland, gnome island, or any theme that you fancy. To recreate the best landscape, you can use figurines and accessories along with the plants that you like. 

Check out these themed garden accessories:

Fairy Garden Kit

Miniature Gardening Gnomes

Mini Animal Ornament Kit

3. Water Garden

The water garden is actually a 2-in-1 project. It’s like having a garden and an aquarium at the same time. The cool thing is that the environment creates a symbiotic relationship between the plants and the fishes. The roots provide food for the fishes. At the same time, the fish waste also nourishes the plant. Thus, a win-win for both creatures.

The key thing here is to use plants that can tolerate complete submersion to water. Moreover, they should be non-toxic to aquatic animals too. Great examples for these are golden pothos, ferns, and lucky bamboo. You can use any transparent glass jar big enough to fit your plants and provide space for the fishes to swim into. Glass Bowl Vase Gardening Activities For Seniors

Check out these glass jars:

Glass Bowl Vase

Cylinder Glass Vase

Rectangular Glass Vase

4. Succulent & Cactus Arrangement.

Succulents and cactuses are low maintenance types of plants. They have fleshy leaves that can store good amounts of water. So, they are pretty much drought-tolerant

Aside from that, these plants come in a wide array of species. Varying from smooth rosettes to thorny or spiny leaves. There are also varieties that come with vibrant colors. Thus, such are perfect for adding a fun pop of color to your arrangement.

This project is also very versatile. You can use any container you wish. From old teacups to ceramic bowls, terracotta pots, and even an old picture frame would be a perfect home for your succulents and cactuses. Be creative! Remember, nothing can limit you but your own imagination.Modern Round Ceramic Bowl

Check out these succulent and cactus planters:

Modern Round Ceramic Bowl

Rectangular Ceramic Planter

Faux Log Driftwood Multi-layer Planter

5. Indoor Herb Garden

Nothing can be more fulfilling than growing your own fresh ingredients. Hence, this project is perfect for those seniors who still love to cook. A herb garden is a great choice as most types can tolerate indoor living conditions. This includes commonly used herbs like basil, rosemary, oregano, parsley, chives, and mint.

Placement, of course, is the key to its success. Herb gardens are best placed next to a sunny window. They can be the perfect accent to any windowsill. Then again, it would be more fitting to put them next to your kitchen counter for easier access when cooking.Herb Pot Planter Set with Tray Gardening Activities For Seniors

Check out these herb garden planters:

Herb Pot Planter Set with Tray

Windowsill Herb Planter Box

Rustic Wood & Metal Compartment Planter

Wrapping Up about Gardening Activities for The Seniors

Growing older doesn’t mean you can’t still have heaps of fun and remain active. We’ve researched 5 tried and tested gardening activities for seniors looking to add a bit of spunk and physical activities to their lives. No garden? No problem. We’ve also mentioned the best indoor gardens to have, so seniors will soon be able to reap the fruit of their indoor labor. Happy gardening!

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