The Best Garden Hose Accessories Guide

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To be clear, the garden hose is great on its own. It can get its job done with or without the help of extra garden hose accessories. BUT…

Yes, there is a big BUT here – know that things will be wayyy easier and more efficient when equipped with these helpful tools.

Hose attachments are designed to improve the hose’s performance specifically. They enable you to do beyond just merely watering the garden. Not to mention, these devices are also giving you a better advantage at saving time, effort, and money too.

Now, who in the world wouldn’t want these upgrades and perks? Right? 

In this article, let us get to explore the best accessories for your garden hoses. Why do you need it? What are the benefits it can offer? And, which products out there are reliable and worth looking into?

Let’s begin, shall we?

Hose Nozzles – Garden Hose Accessories

The nozzle is probably the most popular accessory consumers often buy along with their garden hoses. This attachment comes in different styles. Each of which produces varying flow patterns and strength in water streams. 

Here are some of the common styles of garden hose nozzles:

Traditional Nozzle

This is as basic as you can get. It comes with a slim elongated barrel for which you can control the water flow by twisting the shaft. Simple as it may be, this nozzle is often made with solid brass that can well last you a lifetime.

Pistol Grip Nozzle

This hose nozzle stays very true to its name. You hold it like you would a pistol gun. It has a squeeze lever that releases water when pressed with your palm or fingers, depending on the design.

Dial Nozzle

The dial nozzle is the most versatile of all types. It is a multi-function nozzle that allows you to switch between flow patterns by rotating its dial. Usually, this tool offers five or more different designs. This can include either of the following: full, shower, mist, flat, center, cone, jet, soaker, and more.

Water Wand Nozzle

This type of nozzle is like your typical hose nozzle but longer. It comes with an extended length which enables you to use it on hard-to-reach areas. It is the ideal accessory for cleaning every nook and cranny.

Fan Nozzle

Fan nozzles rather have a horizontal structure similar to that of a fan. This nozzle is designed to have plenty of tiny holes. Hence, producing a finer stream that is just perfect for watering delicate plants

Fireman Nozzle

Fireman nozzle is the one you need when you want a full and strong water flow. It is called so because of its distinct lever design mimicking that of a fireman’s hose. Same with its reference, it is meant to handle high water pressures too.

Soaker Nozzle

Soakers are nozzles that are used to soak the soil. They pretty much look like mini microphone heads because of the numerous tiny holes it has. Water from here gradually drips, making the earth deeply hydrated while minimizing runoffs.

Quick Connectors – Garden Hose Accessories

If you are on the hunt for on-the-go convenience, then this accessory is for you! 

The garden hose quick connector is a simple attachment tool. This fitting enables you to easily connect and remove the hose to any other watering device. It can include attachment of the hose to the fixture, hose to a nozzle, or even hose to another hose for length extension.

So, how does a hose quick connector work?

Well, the goal here is to eliminate the hassle of screwing in the thread and replace it with a “quick” end-to-end hose connection. The device comes in as a pair, with a male plug on one end and a female socket on the receiving end. Within the socket is a spring mechanism. A simple retraction allows a tight and secure connection between the hose and the watering device.

The entire attachment can take place in just a second or two. That saves you a good amount of time and effort compared to trying to screw the threads in and out every time. What’s even better is that you can permanently leave the connectors in place. So, you can readily switch hose attachments any time you please. 

Check out top pick hose quick connectors:

Twinkle Star Garden Hose Quick Connector

HQMPC Solid Brass Garden Hose Quick Connector

Melnor Color-Coded Garden Hose Quick Connector

Hose Splitters – Garden Hose Accessories

If you are looking forward to using multiple garden hoses at once, then this accessory might be of excellent service to you.

The hose splitters are fittings that enable you to attach two or more garden hoses in one faucet. Yup, with only a single water source, you can simultaneously operate several hoses. And because of that, this also implies that you can freely multitask too. So, you can water your plants while your husband washes his car at the same time.

The hose splitter is commonly available in 2-way valves. Nevertheless, it also comes in 3 or 4-ways. Each of these lines often has its separate shut-off valves. Thus, you can fully control which line or lines you want to use at the moment. 

Check our top picks for garden hose splitters:

2Wayz All-Metal Body Garden Hose Splitter

Morvat Heavy-Duty Brass Garden Hose Splitter

At dawn, 4-Way Brass Garden Hose Splitter

Water Timers – Garden Hose Accessories

In this day and age, almost everything can be automated. Yes, that includes the garden hose system too. With the use of a water timer, you can now precisely regulate when and how you want your garden to be watered.

The water timer is designed to automate the operation of your garden hose system. By simply attaching the device to your central hose, you can duly program the release of water at a precise time, duration, interval, and even amount. This can either be set on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis.

The complete and accurate control over the hose’s activity is probably the most significant advantage of using water timers. With such, the likelihood of over and under-watering your garden is exceptionally kept at bay. 

Another excellent benefit of water timers is independence. This time, you don’t have to worry about who will water your plants when you are away. Feel confident to go on a vacation, knowing that you can always rely on the timer to initiate the job for you. 

Furthermore, do you know that water timers can also help to deter unwanted visitors? This device can also work to trick burglars into thinking that someone is at home cleverly. Hence, making your place a least likely target for invasions. 

Check our top pick garden water timers:

Orbit Single Outlet Hose Water Timer

Rain Bird Professional Grade Digital Hose End Water Timer

Instapark Outdoor Waterproof Digital Programmable Hose Timer

Shut-Off Valve – Garden Hose Accessories

Turn the water off anytime, anywhere. The shut-off valve accessory got your flow covered. 

This simple hose attachment is designed to allow you to control the water flow on either of the ends of the garden hose. The first option is to connect it next to the spigot to provide added security against leaking. This is very helpful, especially if you happen to have a not-so-reliable main shut-off valve. 

It can also be placed on the farther end of the hose next to the nozzle. That way, you can turn on or off the flow right at your fingertips— no hassle for you to walk back and reach for the main switch of the faucet. 

Not only that, but the shut-off valves can also help you regulate the amount of water flow. Hence, using this will enable you to increase or decrease the outflow as you wish without access to the main valve. How convenient, right? 

Check our top pick shut-off valves:

Dramm Heavy-Duty Brass Shut-Off Valve

Gilmour Heavy-Duty Hose Connector Shut-Off Valve

2Wayz Garden Hose Shut-Off Valve

Hose Reels – Garden Hose Accessories

Proper storage is a must for garden hose systems. Not only does it tidy up that meters-length of messy hose laying on the ground, but it does have a lot of other benefits too. 

For one, it helps to keep the hose in good shape and condition. By having the tubing well wounded, it prevents it from forming kinks and twists. And so minimizes the chances of wear and tear. Plus, it does help to prolong the service life of the hose at the same time.

There is a varying range of hose reels available in the market. From a simple stand to a complex motor-driven rotation, there are plenty of choices to suit your needs. Here are the most common classifications of garden hose reels:

Freestanding Hose Reel

The freestanding hose reel refers to hose holders with stands. This type is fundamental yet equally does the job well. You can either opt to have them permanently attached to the flooring for more secure placement. Or, you can also have it transferable from one place to another as you wish.

Wall-Mounted Hose Reel

 This type of hose reel is meant to be affixed on a wall or any flat surface. This is an excellent solution for storing your garden hose during the winter season. It keeps it off of the cold ground and, at the same time, maximizes your vertical space too.

Hand-Crank Hose Reel

This type of reel allows you to wind up the hose using the hand-crank mechanism efficiently. By manually turning the lever, you are facilitating the winding of the hose around the drum. Because it calls for physical manipulation, this type is more convenient to use on shorter hoses.

Spring-Driven Hose Reel

This is a semi-automatic type of hose reel. It comes with a spring-loaded mechanism that enables you to wind up the hose effortlessly. By simply giving it a gentle tug, it prompts the release of the locking ratchet. This then initiates the rolling of the hose into the barrel as the internal spring retracts to its default and unstretched state. 

Motor-Driven Hose Reel

This type is full-on automatic. It is equipped with an electric motor that mechanically operates to reel in the hose. Because this calls for zero effort, it is best recommended for people with physical limitations. However, you should know that this reel also requires it to be plugged into a power source to function.

Reel Box

This type of reel is fantastic for keeping the garden hose out of sight. The reel itself here is enclosed within the box. Hence, giving it extra protection against various environmental elements. The mechanism can either come as hand-crank, spring-driven, or even motor-driven.

Reel Cart

This type is just like any other reel except that it comes with two pneumatic wheels or more. Because of that, it offers you better mobility. Thus, this reel is perfect to use on more extensive lawns where you can transport the garden hoses with much ease. Same with the reel box, the mechanism here can also either be hand-crank, spring-driven, or motor-driven.  

Hose Kink Protector – Garden Hose Accessories

One of the biggest obstacles any garden hose user would likely encounter is kinks. Having this at any part of the hose is NO fun at all. It can impede the water flow and eventually compromise the hose leading to cracks and leaks. 

The hose kink protector is the perfect solution to this problem. It is a hose adapter attached to the end of the fixture. It is designed to have maximum flexibility and durability at the same time. Thus, enabling you to freely maneuver the hose without worrying about its end from kinking.

Check our top picks for hose kink protector:

Hourly Garden Hose Kink Protector

Camco Flexible Hose Protector

Plaster ULink Hose Kink Protector

Wrapping Up about Garden Hose Accessories

Garden hoses are, without a shadow of a doubt, every gardener’s best buddy. From cleaning to watering, name it, the hose is always there to help you out with your chores. And, these accessories mentioned above can indeed take your hose business to a whole new level. By all means, it offers to improve efficiency and convenience, giving you a more productive user experience in the end.


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